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Gaslit Episode 2 Ending Explained

The humor in ‘Gaslit,’ a Starz series about the women whose lives were directly touched by the Watergate Scandal, is so in sync with the story’s narrative that it brilliantly captures the absurdity and surreality of the incident itself. The famed bungled burglary takes place in episode 2, dubbed ‘California.’

Meanwhile, in various fundraisers, John N. Mitchell (Sean Penn) and Martha Mitchell (Julia Roberts) woo fellow Conservatives on behalf of Richard Nixon. After the arrests, everyone involved’s lives are unwittingly altered. Some of them simply aren’t aware of it yet. Here’s all you need to know about the episode 2 finale of ‘Gaslit.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of Episode 2 of Gaslit

The episode starts with Martha preparing for one of the fundraisers. At the same period, Frank Wills (Patrick Walker) is hired as a security guard at the Watergate complex in Washington. He runs into G. Gordon Liddy after making a phone call (Shea Whigham). Neither guy recognizes the importance of the other in moulding their fate. The intruders have set up camp across Virginia Avenue from the facility, at a Howard Johnson’s.

Howard Hunt (J.C. Mackenzie), the group’s co-leader alongside Liddy, makes his debut appearance, and you can see why the two get along so well. They are both on the outskirts of the Conservative movement and appear to believe that it is their God-given mission to keep Nixon as President of the United States.

In California, John and Martha meet with Michael Deaver, an advisor to Ronald Reagan, the state’s governor at the time. Obtaining his support for Nixon’s re-election campaign is so critical. John and Martha demonstrate their teamwork by using the best of their characteristics — her depthless charm and his gruff attitude — to earn Reagan’s support for Nixon.

Image Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/Starz Entertainment

Willis makes history on his first night at his new job. This night, for better or worse, will define him for the rest of his life and beyond. He discovers tapes attached to the parking door’s lock. He simply removes the recordings the first time and then pays no attention to them again. However, after the second time he discovers them in the same location, he recognizes something is clearly wrong and phones the police.

Officers John Barrett and Carl Shoffler, as well as Sergeant Paul Leeper, arrive. They all look like hippies since they were on vice detail when they got the call. Al Baldwin, who has been tasked with spotting by Hunt and Liddy, notices them entering the compound but ignores them. When the hippies go up to the same floor as the robbers and pull their firearms, Baldwin starts shouting, “Mayday!” As other police officers arrive at the property, he, Howard, and Liddy pack their belongings and depart. Meanwhile, the burglars give up without a fight.

Who Are the Watergate Burglars? Gaslit Episode 2 Ending: Who Are the Watergate Burglars? What Concerns John Dean and John Mitchell?

Virgilio Gonzalez, Bernard Barker, Eugenio Martnez, Frank Sturgis, and James McCord are the five burglars. The first four have varying degrees of Cuban ties, and they appear to feel that re-election of Nixon is required to remove Fidel Castro from office. That is why they agreed to spy on the DNC. They were chosen for the position because they cannot be linked to the re-election campaign. However, McCord, the fifth employee, has worked at the Mitchell residence as part of their security routine. And if this link is exposed, the campaign may suffer as a result.

Image Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/Starz Entertainment

The fundraisers are only pretexts. John has relocated his family to California in order to claim that he was not in Washington at the time of the break-in. Dean has traveled to the Philippines for the same reason. However, with McCord’s arrest, things may be able to be linked back to them. As a result, they agree to return to Washington to reorganize. In the episode’s last scene, Liddy and Howard burn evidence.

Why does John abandon Martha?

Image Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/Starz Entertainment

The next morning, Martha awakens to find that John has returned to Washington, leaving her behind with Peter, a new member of their security detail. When Martha attempts to phone her husband, Peter physically assaults her before returning her to her room. John Mitchell seemed to be concerned about his wife’s reaction to McCord’s arrest. She has several press contacts and could contact one of them to uncover McCord’s relationship with her family. As a result, John appears to believe that isolating his wife is preferable. This entire episode is a staged reenactment of the supposed kidnapping of Marth Mitchell.

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Gaslit Episode 2 Ending Explained


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