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Child of Kamiari Month Ending Explained

Takana Shirai’s ‘Child of Kamiari Month,’ also known as ‘Kamiarizuki no Kodomo,’ is a Japanese animated film on loss and self-discovery. Kanna, a 12-year-old girl, is suffering with her mother’s tragic death in the film. As a great athlete who used to enjoy jogging, all she wants to do now is give up. However, when Kanna discovers that she can reunite with her mother, she embarks on a long journey that proves to be a life-changing experience for the little girl. But, in the end, does she achieve her goal? To find out, consider the heartbreaking finale of ‘Child of Kamiari Month.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Plot Synopsis for Child of Kamiari Month

Kanna is a gifted runner whose athletic ability is well-known among her peers. However, the 12-year-old has had a difficult few months after the death of her mother, Yayoi Hayama, an extraordinary runner herself. Kanna is overcome with a weird sense of melancholy and grief as a result of her training with Yayoi. However, she attempts to overcome her emotional anguish by running a marathon, only to collapse just before the finish line. When her father arrives and reminds Kanna of what her mother would have said, she becomes enraged and flees, only to come to a halt before a shrine.

Child of Kamiari Month Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

When Kanna wears her bracelet and wishes to see her mother one final time, time slows down and a deity and a descendant of demons (Yasha) appear right in front of her. Shiro, a talking rabbit, appears shortly later to defend Kanna. He tells the protagonist that her mother was a God’s descendant, and that after wearing the Idaten amulet, Kanna is now her heir. Every October, Gods from all across Japan gather in Izumo for a matchmaking ceremony.

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The caretaking gods, on the other hand, who stick behind to keep order, deliver their offerings for the event. It is the descendants of Gods like Yayoi’s responsibility to collect it by visiting every temple in Japan and then delivering it to Izumo in time. The Idaten amulet has the ability to bend spacetime, allowing the descent of Gods ample time to complete the difficult mission. Kanna assumes that because she will be there at the Gods’ assembly, she will be able to see her mother as well.

When she questions Shiro about it, the rabbit tells her about the tale that says the two worlds meet in God’s kingdom. He himself appears suspicious of his words, but assures Kanna that if it is her fate, she will meet her mother. With Yasha, the team embarks on an exciting adventure around Japan, meeting various Gods and collecting their offerings along the way.

Child of Kamiari Month Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

Kanna, though, can hear her mother shouting for her when they decide to take a break just short of their target. She decides to follow the voice and is duped by a God imposter into abandoning her lofty goal. When Shiro and Yasha continue on their way to Izumo, her inner voice convinces her to rejoin them. She then takes the sacrifices and brings them just in time to the gathering of the Gods.

Kanna’s Child of Kamiari Month Comes to an End: Will She Reunite With Her Mother? Why Did Shiro Lie to Kanna About Izumo’s Afterlife Connection?

Kanna does not re-unite with her mother. When they arrive at the Gods’ gathering, Shiro requests that Ookuninushi use his matchmaking talents to bring Kanna and Yayoi together one last time. However, the deity expresses his disappointment – he lacks such strength. Ookuninushi explains that he cannot change someone’s fate but can only help them connect. As a result, no matter how much he want to assist Kanna, he is unable to do it.

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Child of Kamiari Month Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

When Shiro and Kanna first met, when the latter wondered if she would ever meet her mother, the talking rabbit avoided the subject by claiming that it is only conceivable if her fate is written in stone. While Shiro’s statement was not wholly incorrect, he did tell a half-truth because he was aware that the hypothesis of the two worlds connecting in the kingdom of Gods is only a mythology with no tangible evidence.

While Kanna’s realization was not pleasant, she handled the bad news admirably. It demonstrated her development in recent days, as she had finally recognized that there were many things to look forward to rather than obsessing on the past. Kanna even brightened Shiro’s mood, who was naturally downcast, by expressing how grateful she is to have made friends like him and Yasha. So, although though Kanna never saw her mother again, she had finally come to terms with her mother’s terrible death.

What Exactly Is a God Imposter? What’s the deal with it following Kanna around?

God Imposters are modern-day entities eager to go to any length to become the Gods. The relationship between people and nature resulted in the creation of true deities. However, as the world got increasingly apathetic and individuals succumbed to negative emotions, hazardous beings arose and thrived.

Child of Kamiari Month Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

Kanna, who had lost her mother, was consumed with grief and eventually became an ideal victim for a God Imposter. Kanna, on the other hand, was an even more appealing target since the dark spirit may simply wait for the proper occasion to collect the sacrifices blessed by many Gods from Japan and utilize them to achieve its twisted purposes.

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This is why the God Imposter followed Kanna from the beginning. Kanna’s developing self-sabotaging negative feelings, as previously stated, caused the entity to become stronger. In the end, the protagonist triumphs over her dark emotions, demonstrating her personal progress and maturation. It also represents Kanna’s acceptance of her mother’s passing and her readiness for everything that life has to offer.


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