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Bulgasal: Immortal Souls

The epic fantasy Kdrama series ‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ – alternatively ‘Immortality’ – created by Kim Je-Hyeon and Kim Young-kyu for tvN and Netflix centres around the premise that time is cyclical. However, if the titular Bulgasal’s curse is on you, you will live indefinitely. This is the situation with the cursed boy, aka Dan Hwal, and his opponent, Ok Eul Tae.

Following the first two of episodes, which tell us what happened six hundred years ago, the current plot places us in the midst of simmering tension. After all these years, Hwal runs into people from his past life, including the enigmatic savior angel from his youth. The ending may raise some doubts while also providing some solutions. Let us go deeper into the intergenerational drama if you are keen to remember. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Recap of Bulgasal Immortal Souls Season 1

The series establishes the tale of Bulgasal while shifting between timelines. A cursed boy was born in the kingdom of Goryeo six hundred years ago. After his mother dies during childbirth, the boy is subjected to abuse and neglect by the locals, only to be saved by Kim Hwa-Yeon. He meets General Dan Geuk, who adopts him and gives him the alias Dan Hwal. Hwal becomes a legendary monster slayer, but the curse of Bulgasal remains. A-chan, his son, is born blind, and another child dies. Hwal decides to go after Bulgasal on his own, but the monster attacks the kingdom while Hwal is away, killing his wife and kid.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls - ThiruttuVCD

As the assumed Bulgasal, Kim Hwa-Yeon, swallows Hwal’s soul, Hwal transforms into Bulgasal, fulfilling the shaman’s prophecy. Dan Geuk also dies in the arms of Hwal as a result of the tragedy. Hwal, on the other hand, lives into the current day, looking for the woman who murdered his wife and child. On the other side of the tale, siblings Min Sang-Yeon, Min Sang-un, and Min Si-ho live with their mother, Sang Un-mo. Min Sang-Yeon recalls her previous existence as Kim Hwa-Yeon and fears Bulgasal. When her twin sister Min Sang-automobile un’s follows her home, Sang-Yeon brings her to Kim Bo-Yun, Kim Hwa-sister. Yeon’s

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The townspeople believe Kim Bo-house Yun’s is cursed because of a previous event. Min Sang-un misses his family and distrusts Sang-Yeon. However, Sang Yeon’s forebodings are realized when a hooded intruder breaks into their home and murders her and her mother. Min Sang-un and her younger sister flee the incident, and Sang-un assumes a new identity in order to shed Bulgasal’s tail. Hwal learns the location of Min Sang-un thanks to his private detective. Hwal seeks down Sang-un with the help of butcher Lee Hye-suk, the shaman’s reincarnation, but he is not the only one participating.

Ok Eul-tae, another Bulgasal, is also pursuing Sang-life un’s in order to exact revenge on his behalf, locking him in eternity. Hwal saves Sang-un while out of his mind, confining her to his humble home. Nam Do-Yun, an adolescent boy, appears after being saved by Hwal from the monster Teoreokson. He follows Hwal about, eventually determining that Hwal is Bulgasal. Hwal, on the other side, encounters Min Si-ho, Min Sang-sister un’s and a reincarnation of Hwal’s wife. Meanwhile, we meet Kwon Ho Yeol, a detective who worked on the Min Sang-Yeon murder investigation. Detective Kwon, on the other hand, has a personal purpose for tracking down Hwal: Hwal is the Bulgasal who murdered his terrible father.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls - ThiruttuVCD

In the present, Hwal returns from his hiatus to save Min Sang-Un, and Min Sang-Un becomes a close colleague of Hwal. Meanwhile, Hwal suspects Nam Do-Yun was A-Chan in a previous life. His life path is similar to A- chan’s, only he regained his sight thanks to a procedure paid for by Ok Eul-tae. Do-Yun, on the other hand, cannot betray his new family when Eul-tae begs him to bring Sang-un. While Hwal and Kwon flee, Eul-aide, Tae’s the monster Dueoksini, kidnaps Do-Yun. Eul-tae shoots Do-Yun to hide his tracks after assailing Dueoksini, but Do-Yun recovers. The secret is that Ok Eul-tae murdered Hwal’s wife and son, not Kim Hw-Yeon, as Hwal believed.

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Min Si-ho can still read the past, but Ms. Lee predicts that exposing the past will kill everyone. More crucial, the one who cannot recall the past would awaken and murder everyone. Okay, Eul-tae tells Hwal that the myth stretches back a thousand years, not six hundred. Hwal had previously sided with Sang-un, resulting in their deaths. Min-Sang Yeon mentioned a sword Sang-un would discover to save her from Bulgasal before her death. They eventually understand that Ok Eul-tae and Dan Hwal are the only swords capable of killing each other — in other words, they are fated to a death combat.

Season 1 of Bulgasal Immortal Souls: What Happened a Thousand Years Ago?

Dan Hwal and Min Sang-un were the first Bulgasal couple a thousand years ago, and Hwal is the one who started the cycle, despite his best efforts. The couple, dressed as Bulgasals, rescued two children from a masked intruder. Min Sang-un escorted the children to Lee Hye-hut suk’s in her previous life. She raised them while Sang-un left Hwal with the family. The children grow up to look just like Nam Do-Yun and Min Si-ho. Following the killing of his stepson, allegedly at the hands of his other son [Ok Eul-previous Tae’s incarnation], a tyrant king [Dan Geuk/Detective Kwon’s previous incarnation] dispatched people to the mountains in pursuit of Bulgasal. Bulgasal was the source of the problem, according to Ok Eul-tae. The king uncovered Lee Hye-residence suk’s and learned that the ageless woman [Min Sang-Un] was Bulgasal.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls - ThiruttuVCD

When the monarch tormented the woman, her hideous companion [Hwal] exacted lethal vengeance on the king’s warriors. While the king and the two youngsters attempted to assail him, the woman dissuaded her companion. The original Bulgasal then cursed all three, causing Dan Geuk to lose his hand, Dan Sol to be unable to bear able children, and A-chan to be blind from birth. He went ahead and murdered them, while Min Sang-un committed suicide to end his atrocities. When the king’s eldest son fled with Hwal, the latter devoured the former’s soul. Ok Eul Tae became Bulgasal while Hwal died and assumed a human form. Six hundred years ago, Eul Tae murdered Hwal’s wife and child, turning Hwal into another Bulgasal. Back in the present, everything comes down to the last few minutes, when Hwal makes a life-changing decision.

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Are Hwal and Sang-Un alive or dead?

The climax gives Hwal the opportunity to put an end to his 600-year retribution cycle. In the second to final episode, Hwal arrives at Ok Eul-tae for a predetermined duel. Hwal vows to return to Min Sang-un, but the war does not go as to plan. Eul-tae tosses Hwal into his well, covering the top, and he takes a hit. Min Sang-un administers the animal poison obtained from Dueoksini to Ok Eul-Tae. Meanwhile, Detective Kwon persuades Hwal to sip his blood, and the taste of blood brings back memories for Hwal. He begins to see the past vividly and thus learns of his Bulgasal ancestors. Ok Eul Tae steps in to fill in for Hwal, and a fight follows.

Ok Eul Tae finally admits defeat and begs Hwal to sip his blood. Hwal consumes all of the blood and chooses death to erase his curses. Moments afterwards, Sang-un dies in Min Si-embrace, ho’s although she is relieved to see the siblings from their former life reunited. However, it is unclear if they are dead or alive because Hwal reappears in the final moments before Min Sang-rebirth. un’s The cycle, it appears, will continue. However, because Min Si-ho gives birth to a mediocre child, HwaHwal’srse comes to an end, and we conclude that Dan Hwal and Min Sung-un have both dead. As a result, even though they meet again 50 years later, we can deduce that they do not identify with their original names.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls
Bulgasal: Immortal Souls
Bulgasal: Immortal Souls


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