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Baby Fever Ending Explained: Who Is the Father of Nana’s Baby?

Netflix’s Danish-original medical drama series ‘Baby Fever’ (‘Skruk’), created by Nikolaj Feifer and Amalie Naesby Fick, strikes a delicate balance between powerful comedy and dark ironies of life. Nana, a fertility specialist and nomad in her forties, is the protagonist of the novel. A sequence of blunders put Nana into a tailspin, while she searches for a suitable father for the kid in her womb. Life’s bittersweet supposition makes for a drama rich in subtle character portrayals and the temptation of romance. However, following the season finale, you must be scratching your brow because several things remain unsolved. Let us now handle all of the outstanding issues. SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Recap of Baby Fever Season 1

Nana, a fertility specialist and hospital union president, inseminates herself in the early stages while having second thoughts. The pilot retells the story from the beginning. Nana, a busy hospital doctor, hardly has time for herself. She accepts her new coworker Soren’s invitation to mushroom soup. Nana has a particular bond with Simone in the hospital, with whom she shares everything. Simone, a single mother, works in the same hospital as a receptionist and administrative clerk. Bastian, Simone’s kid, is mostly by her side and enjoys playing ball with the medical staff.

The day begins at the hospital with a heated discussion in which Nana proposes raising the upper limit of artificial insemination to forty-six. However, as Niels-Anders points out, after the age of forty-four, the chances of becoming pregnant are slim. Following the meeting, board chairperson Helle requests that Nana supervise Marie’s insemination process. Nana’s ex, the “one who flew away” after a six-month stint with her, appears. Mathias waited at the airport for Nana, but she never arrived.

While meeting Mathias is a pleasant surprise after all these years, it is also unsettling for Nana. Her late-night partying with Simone spirals out of control, and Nana destroys the sperm bank. Jannick, the owner of the sperm bank, arrives the next morning. Nana implies that they are making a mistake. However, after a thorough examination, Jannick’s sidekick Carsten discovers that numerous sperm canisters have been damaged. One of the situations is ethically complicated because the donor had cancer.

While Soren remains in the picture since Nana imagines him to be the father of her kid, Mathias occupies a large part of Nana’s mind. Nana asks Mathias if he wants to have a child right before kissing him on an evening date. Nana meets Soren because Mathias isn’t always available. However, in a cruel twist of fate, Nana meets Mathias on her way back from Soren’s apartment, and it appears that he has not yet visited Guatemala. However, he leaves after a week, and Nana considers sleeping with him on occasion during that time.

Soren joins the team full-time, while Nana experiences the first symptoms of pregnancy sickness. She uses a pregnancy test kit, which results in a positive result. Meanwhile, as a result of Nana’s error, the hospital inseminates someone with the incorrect sperm. Helle appears to have the matter under control after the physicians prescribe her a morning-after pill. However, after the whistleblower goes public, the hospital must take action. Meanwhile, Nana informs Simone of the pregnancy, implying that Soren is the father — albeit the situation is more nuanced than that. Simone is struggling to keep it in her bag. Nana considers giving Soren a chance because of his ability with children (Bastian).

However, it does not take long for the issue to become even more complicated. Simone hints that Nana is pregnant, while Soren is thrilled to be the father of a dog. Simone, who is in the process of losing her job, cannot be concerned about the minor detail, especially since Nana has been holding a painful secret from her. Nana is outside with Mathias, who says he has cancer and wants to settle down in life. Nana’s plan falls apart when Soren appears on the scene and asks if she is pregnant. She admits to being pregnant, albeit she claims it is not Soren’s child. Nana’s estranged mother, Lise Lacour, arrives in town and steals the show as Nana is in difficulty.

Baby Fever Season 1 Finale: Who Is Nana’s Father?

Mathias Dahl appears to be the father of Nana’s child. Although Nana never reveals her true thoughts for Mathias, we know she has tremendous affections for him. Nana never met Mathias after the six-month relationship because he moved to the “forest.” Mathias unexpectedly returns to Copenhagen from Guatemala, rekindling old flames for Nana. Nana realizes Mathias is there to give his sperm during their first meeting outside the hospital. However, Nana’s reconnection with Mathias is insignificant in the end, but she appears to be interested in seeing the sperm.

Nana is isolated from her surroundings and searching for significance in her exhausting schedule at the hospital. Nana desires a kid to alleviate her loneliness, and Mathias appears to be one of the most qualified possibilities. As a result, she walks out of the drinking party with Simone, where she discovers Mathias’ sperm. Following the break-in, the authorities informed Mathias that part of his sperm was missing. In the end, though, it is Simone who raises the veil on the enigma. Probing through Nana’s possessions, Simone discovers a vial containing M. Dahl’s sperm, which is none other than Mathias. As a result, we can be certain that Mathias is the father of Nana’s child.

What happens to Nana?

In the end, it appears that Nana is on her own, albeit with her mother’s wonderful song to guide her. Following the fallout between Nana and Mathias outside the hospital, things become tense. And, given that Mathias is leaving for Guatemala in a few days, we doubt Nana’s relationship with Mathias will end happily ever after. They do, however, make peace in the end, and Mathias departs. Soren, on the other hand, is still in the hospital, and there may be future possibilities between Nana and Soren.

However, we believe the tracks are not smooth enough for Nana after she tells Simone that Soren is the father of her child and then denies it in front of Soren. As a result, Nana achieves her goal, even if she is unsure if it is what she wants. They sneak into the hospital late at night after making apologies with Simone, and Simone examines Nana’s health. Nana is terrified at the prospect of raising a kid on her own, yet she observes how well Simone has raised Bastian.

Is Simone able to reclaim her job?

It is unclear whether Simone will be able to reclaim her work. However, Nana believes that everything is in order. When Nana confronts Helle about the mishap being her fault, Helle believes Nana is an essential member of the team. Simone, on the other hand, appears to be completely expendable, though she is receiving a lucrative settlement. Nana muffles her desire to leave the work, but Marie enters the room on cue with the wonderful news. Marie is pregnant as a result of Nana’s skillful handling of the operation, and Helle is overjoyed.

However, Nana makes even more mistakes on the job before collapsing. Nana is admitted to a room, where she spends some alone time with her mother. She then goes to Simone’s room and begs forgiveness. Simone opens the door after learning that Nana has quit the job and that the hospital administration is considering reinstating Simone in her prior position. Simone is more efficient than Mille-Emilie, the new girl. If they return her to the squad, the hospital will face the consequences. Furthermore, Nana has not formally resigned, leaving us in the realm of conjecture. Simone can reclaim her role if Nana departs the company.

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 35 min


TMDb: 8


Baby Fever Ending Explained: Who Is the Father of Nana’s Baby?
Baby Fever Ending Explained: Who Is the Father of Nana’s Baby?


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