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Room 203 Ending Explained: Who Is Morrigu?

In Ben Jagger’s horror-thriller film ‘Room 203,’ there is a hole in the wall through which mythical ghosts can peer into your soul. If you seek hard enough, you might even come across a possessed necklace. Kim and Izzy, two lifetime friends, are important to the plot. They find low-cost antique lodging in Quincy, Massachusetts, to pursue their various career objectives. They had no idea, however, that the room has a tragic history. Although the film contains certain well-crafted horror cliches, it avoids cheap jump scares in favor of constructive and fascinating character studies. The whole thing feels more like a J-horror film where the ghost never appears than a conventional (graphic) demon-infested haunted house adventure. However, the last parts feel rushed, and you may want to go over them again in greater detail. If so, please allow us to assist you. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Plot Synopsis for Room 203

Chad is rebuilding an apartment house where he hopes to settle, but there is a hole in the wall that he can’t fix. Chad discovers a necklace while probing the hole. His girlfriend arrives to “Room 203” late at night with a couple of beer bottles. Chad gives her the chain, but she chokes on it and dies instantly. Kim and Izzy, best friends, later move into the same flat. Ronan, the weird and suffocated landlord, gives them a tour of the mansion. They like the retro vibes, especially the glass murals that give the room a high-end feel. While Kim is a journalism student with a strained connection with her parents, Izzy is an aspiring actress dealing with the overdose death of her mother. They arrive two days before the start of college and spend their leisure time partying.

As a result, Kim is late for orientation, but fellow senior Ian offers to give her an exclusive tour in exchange for an extra hot non-fat, sugar-free latte. When Kim tells Ian of Izzy’s mother’s death, Ian suggests she write an assignment about it for Dr. Phillip’s class. They also go on a date while Izzy and Sandy meet in a pub. Izzy’s affair with Sandy, which was meant to win her a part on television, fails to materialize. However, as Izzy probes into the hole in the wall, she discovers the same jewelry that Chad discovered before. At night, the defective music box plays, and Izzy goes down to the forbidden basement, cradling it. While Izzy’s reality spins out of control, Kim joins forces with her new boyfriend Ian to delve further into the home’s history.

Is Sandy a Demon at the End of Room 203? Morrigu: Who Is She?

Izzy and Sandy exchange glances in a bar. Despite her reservations, Izzy decides to give it a shot. Kim invites Ian to her apartment at the same time to unravel the mystery of Izzy’s sleepwalking. Ian discovers a presumably Celtic sign, ‘triskele,’ grafted into the tinted glass mural. It is a pre-Christian Celtic symbol that was frequently associated with White Supremacy groups in the post-World War II decades (since it looks like a three-armed version of the swastika). However, as Ian walks to a local church, the sight grows clearer. The artwork depicts a monster, and Ian’s research points to a figure in Irish mythology known as Morrigu.

Morrigu is the goddess of war and fate, and she is depicted as a crow in ancient art (Kim also sees a crow going into the wall as if pulled into it). Some mythology texts regard her as King Arthur’s magical sister. She is frequently represented in mythology as a seductress and harbinger of terror. Shortly after meeting Sandy, Izzy’s persona becomes increasingly unstable. Sandy also seduces Izzy to some level, and may Sandy be a manifestation of an otherworldly being rather than a human? The triskele symbol appears to be the film’s most terrifying emblem.

In modern parlance, it represents white supremacy, and Sandy is the only non-white character in the film, other from janitor Milton Briggs. As a result, perhaps the film points us in that way. Finally, we can confidently state that the fear in the film is as gendered as it is ethnic – in the early scenes, two minor individuals compare the hole to a Gloryhole. Furthermore, all of the male characters perish in the finale, while the ostensibly outcast female characters (the housekeeper accepts cash upfront from ‘people like them’) survive the tragedy. Then it takes two females to vanquish Morrigu’s ‘feminine’ monster, who plays prominently in patriarchal depictions of the feminine as unstable, violent, and lover abductor.

Where Is L.M. and Karen’s Son? Is Kim still alive or dead?

Kim discovers the initials L.M. in the allegedly haunted music box — it was a gift from L.M. to Karen, his wife. Kim investigates the house’s history on the internet. Liam McNally and his wife Karen appear to be the property’s initial occupants. It was a commercial property during the time, specifically a bank. Ian discovers more devastating information about the ill-fated marriage while searching through old newspaper archives on the internet. Liam McNally was the bank manager in charge of the property where the apartment is located. He murdered his pregnant wife, Karen, and then committed suicide.

Following the tragedy, the structure was converted into an apartment complex. All of the people that stayed in the doomed room 203 died, except for a witness to Karen’s death. Kim goes to Milton Briggs with the information, and he gives her a vivid description of Karen’s demise. The most crucial conclusion from the talk, though, is that Karen and Liam’s son may still be alive. Still, we’re in for a surprise because we know Ronan, the housekeeper, is the missing son. In the end, Ronan seizes Kim and proceeds to sacrifice her to Morrigu.

However, history will have the final say when a possessed Izzy seduces Ian. Ronan, on the other side, blows his own head in front of a stunned and terrified Kim, in a manner identical to his father. She is still alive, sprinting over to Izzy and yanking the necklace from her neck. As a result, Izzy is liberated from demonic possession, and they smash the window to break Morrigu’s curse. Finally, Izzy hurries Kim to the hospital, remembering the importance of family and friendship.

Is Ian still alive or dead?

Ian is one of the film’s endearing male characters, whose curiosity in Kim’s rental unit reveals a lot of unpleasant truth. Ian contacts Kim after learning of the fatalities in the house, but his call goes straight to voicemail. Ian tells Kim to stay away from the house, but Kim is in Ronan’s custody at the moment. So Ian decides to pay Kim a visit in her apartment. However, Ian is kidnapped by a possessed Izzy before he can meet Kim. Kim is finally able to let go after Ronan’s death. She returns to her bedroom to find Ian dead, but she realizes that some nefarious otherworldly forces have seized Izzy. Izzy and Kim work together to overcome the haunting house chapter, while Ian becomes a sacrifice in their quest for survival.

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Room 203 Ending Explained: Who Is Morrigu?
Room 203 Ending Explained: Who Is Morrigu?
Room 203 Ending Explained: Who Is Morrigu?
Room 203 Ending Explained: Who Is Morrigu?


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