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Photocopier Ending Explained

‘Photocopier’ is an engrossing watch. While the plot takes its time to develop, the crime mystery thriller does an excellent job of putting the audience in the protagonist’s shoes. After all, Suryani, a bright and hardworking student, must rely on a scholarship to finish her education. The enterprising student is also involved in the theatre team’s website creation, but as one thing leads to another at Mata Hari’s party, she loses the grant.

Sur, as she is affectionately known, then starts on a journey to put together what happened that fateful night with Amin, her buddy who works as a photocopier on campus, because she is unable to afford tuition without the money from the alumni. As the Pandora’s box is opened, various secrets are revealed. So, does the perpetrator get their just desserts? WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Synopsis of the Photocopier Plot

Suryani is a bright college student studying computer technology, which is why she is helping to create Mata Hari’s website. Sur is invited to the theatre department’s celebration of their play’s success at Rama’s residence. There’s also a job chance that Rama’s father wants to discuss with her that night. Her conservative Muslim father warns her not to drink alcohol before she leaves for the party.

Sur has a review meeting with the scholarship committee the following day. However, things do not go her way because of some derogatory photographs she uploaded on social media. Sur solves the riddle with the help of Amin, despite the fact that she has no memory of the night in question. Sur finds that Rama was the one who sedated her after initially suspecting Tariq of drugging her.

Rama stripped Sur and photographed her body for use in his set designs with the help of the NetCar driver. But Sur is not his only victim; Farah and Tariq have also been victims in the past. Previously, Sur attempted to approach the ethics committee, but given Rama’s social standing, it is difficult to hold him accountable. The three grab the cabbie’s phone and find videographic evidence that supports their story. However, Rama discovers the plot and destroys the phone in a very lyrically threatening scene. So, will the three be successful in bringing him to justice?

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Is Sur’s Scholarship Returned Because of the End of the Photocopier?

Rama is able to get away with his ruse for the most part, and everybody, including her own father, do not trust her. After all, he has an innocent face and a charming demeanor, and it is impossible to conceive that someone like Rama would engage in unethical behavior. Sur has Tariq and Farah, two more Rama victims, to back up her claims. Sur’s mother believes her and tries to assist him. Despite this, Rama is able to foil their intentions and, once again, escape responsibility for his deeds.

Photocopier Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

The women are at their wits’ end at the climax, and with nothing else to lose, Farah and Sur bring the Xerox machine to the roof and photocopy their stories and the remaining evidence. The papers are then thrown in front of the entire institution. Tariq soon joins them, as do a slew of other ladies. With everyone on campus now witnessing the breadth of the exploitation, Sur and Farah may have earned some credibility, especially as Rama skilfully forced Sur to issue a public apology for her previous “false charges” against him.

The entire school is made aware of the situation, but the survivors still have a long journey ahead of them. After all, the entire incident began when members of the scholarship committee yanked the rug out from under Sur due to her “immoral” habit of indulging in parties and alcohol. And she goes out on a limb to find out what happened that night, only to discover that Rama would sedate people and then photograph them naked as “inspiration” for his own creations.

Rama has also been one step ahead of his survivors the entire time, and with him destroying the phone containing the video footage, Sur’s credibility suffers even further. Finally, as the victims photocopy their stories, scars, and other proof, it becomes more difficult to deny the facts. People will most likely believe Sur because there is strength in numbers. However, in terms of the scholarship, it appears like the board will take their time investigating the problem. Furthermore, given that Sur has hacked into the devices of numerous students on campus, her moral compass is anything than clean.

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Photocopier Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

Although the hacking can be justified as a necessary evil in order to unearth the truth, Sur’s activities are colored with ethical uncertainty throughout, and the board can thus argue that she should not receive the scholarship. Sur claims in the movie that she did not meet the “moral clause” of the scholarship criterion, and this is true throughout the film; even Amin has noted this out. As a result, it is reasonable to predict that Sur will not be receiving university grants, yet her mother will now proudly assist her daughter in achieving her goals.

Will Sur go to court against Rama? Do they believe her?

Although Sur, Farah, and Tariq appear to retake the narrative and expose Rama for what he truly is by photocopying the evidence and dumping it off the roof, it appears that they will be unable to bring Rama to court. After all, the cab driver’s phone was their most powerful piece of evidence, but Rama destroys it. As a result, they must return to their preliminary results and tell their story.

Photocopier Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

While they may have finally been able to get the truth out there, matters must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. Rama maintains he only photographed the Milky Way — not Sur’s birthmark — and that the institution will most likely back him up because of his father’s connections. Despite the fact that many individuals have supported Sur’s assertions, it appears that Rama would escape retribution, especially since Sur herself had to engage in certain questionable tactics to obtain this information.

Miss Siti, who are you?

Sur’s mother understands her daughter’s struggle, even though Sur’s father does not believe her. After all, Sur’s birthmark is visible in images of the set designs, which the mother recognizes. Sur’s mother realizes something is wrong after she is forced to record a public apology for Rama, and she brings Sur to Siti’s house. The three discuss a urine test and how they might have been able to track down the chemical used to sedate her if it hadn’t been too late.

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Photocopier Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

As a result, Siti appears to be a doctor as well as Sur’s mother’s friend. Siti recognizes the sensitivity of the situation and is a valuable resource for the college student. In actuality, Rama ambushes the group at Siti’s house after they successfully capture devastating evidence against him. The residence serves as a gathering place for Tariq, Farah, and Sur, which is greatly needed for the trio.

Rama has photographed how many people? Sur was sexually assaulted?

There are eight movies found on the cabbie’s phone, implying that Rama has only been able to target eight students thus far. We do know, however, that Amin previously exchanged personal information about several pupils with Rama. Rama appears to scout his prey using the data he receives from Amin, and then, with the assistance of the NetCar driver, he pictures the unique qualities of a person, which subsequently serve as his “inspiration.”

Although Rama’s acts are questionable, it appears that he simply photographed his victims and did not sexually abuse them. Rama’s activities appear to be psychopathic in nature, especially as he shows no remorse or sorrow for his actions. When things seem to be going south for him, he walks into Siti’s house and delivers a frightening monologue in which he compares himself to Perseus, the slayer of Medusa.

Photocopier Ending Explained - ThiruttuVCD

Finally, more than eight individuals climb onto the roof to join Farah and Sur in telling their stories. As a result, it is evident that Rama may have traumatized more people on campus, but their videos were simply not on the phone. Furthermore, they may have chosen to remain silent for a variety of reasons, including his powerful history and concern for their own safety, but now that there is a good likelihood that people will believe them, they decide to finally come forward.

Duration: 130 min


IMDb: 6.9

Photocopier Ending Explained
Photocopier Ending Explained
Photocopier Ending Explained


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