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Pathrosinte Padappukal (2022) Movie Review, Cast, Trailer, Release Date & Rating

Pathrosinte Padappukal (2022) malayalam movie which is released in Malayalam language in theatre near you. Watch Thiruttuvcd Pathrosinte Padappukal Malayalam Movie Review, Trailer Online, Teaser, First Look, Poster, Audio Songs, Movie Updates and Details, Wiki & IMDB, Pathrosinte Padappukal Movie Release Date, lead Star cast and crew like Hero, Heroine, Movie director, photos & video gallery.

Pathrosinte Padappukal Movie Details

Pathrosinte Padappukal is a 2022 Indian Malayalam-language comedy-drama film directed by Afsal Abdul Latheef. The screenplay of the film is written by Dinoy Paulose. The film features Sharaf U Dheen, Grace Antony, Naslen K. Gafoor, Dinoy Paulose and Ranjita Menon.

Pathrosinte Padappukal Movie Release Date

The film was released on 18 March 2022.

Pathrosinte Padappukal Movie Cast

Sharaf U Dheen as Sony Pathrose
Dinoy Paulose as Tony Pathrose
Naslen K. Gafoor as Boney Pathrose
Grace Antony as Christeena
Ranjita Menon as Ammu
James Eliya as Pathrose
Shiny Zara as Jolly
Suresh Krishna
Johny Antony
Rahul Reghu
Shyam Mohan as Arun

Pathrosinte Padappukal Movie Review

What actually works against Afsal Abdul Latheef’s ‘Pathrosinte Padappukal’ is its wacky trailer, which has skyrocketed expectations for the film. However, the picture fails to live up to the anticipation, and instead turns out to be a long sequence of gags and one-liners — some of which work, some of which don’t – without a good story to sprinkle them in.

Pathrose (James Eliya) is unconcerned about the direction his three boys are taking, with two of them – Sony (Sharaf U Dheen) and Boney (Naslen Gafoor) – having already ambled past the stop signs to doom and the third, Tony (Dinoy Paulose) slowly but steadily making his way there. When Tony comes to the painful reality that he needs to work to survive, he tries his hand at a few jobs, with mixed outcomes.

Sony provides the best moments in ‘Pathrosinte Padappukal,’ and the levity he injects is what makes the picture look to be a breezy affair, if only periodically. Sony appears to be a satire on Charlie, but in a good-natured way, and has (nearly) freed himself from the chains that had bound him at Cochin.

When he is not touring the length and breadth of the country, plucking wild flowers and performing healing music, he sets up camp in the front yard or is seen on the beach arranging a Ghazal night with a few fellow Hippie musicians. He is not the kind to live in the past and meets a life-long travel companion in Christeena (Grace Antony), a bohemian who takes an instant liking to him.

Aside from these two, the remainder of the characters in ‘Pathrosinte Padappukal’ just add to the insanity of the work, including Tony, the protagonist. There is a lot going on in his life, including his falling in love with Ammu (Ranjita Menon), with whom his closest friend Arun is also in love, but nothing that would make you laugh out loud.

There is a boring sub track that runs parallel and tries your nerves, involving a don named Sathya (Suresh Krishna). It’s downright unwitty, with little in the way of laughs or profundity. These are occasions that, on the contrary, make you believe that this picture should have been much better than it is, if not for the boring track that runs throughout.

Dinoy’s writing in ‘Pathrosinte Padappukal’ lacks the clarity that made ‘Thanneer Mathan Dinangal’ so approachable, and instead feels all over the place. As a writer, he plays it fair again, giving the meatiest role to Sharaf U Dheen, while he himself dabbles with playing Tony – the lover boy with no life.

The love track in ‘Pathrosinte Padappukal,’ which is essentially the foundation for the remainder of the film, is shaky. This is also what spoils the film, because the rest of it is really filler for this crucial section. With the film’s epicenter tilting this way and that, it doesn’t take long for it to come crashing down.

It also fails badly at the end, and the climax is a letdown that surpasses all of the non-happenings that came before it. The finale, which is stretched beyond belief, is the ultimate nail in the picture’s coffin, and it makes you realize how much comedy ability was wasted in the film.

‘Pathrosinte Padappukal’ makes you want something – a few more films from Sharaf U Deen, who is becoming better with each film. Sony, the instantly appealing wanderer, is who ‘Pathrosinte Padappukal’ would be remembered for. He has an incredible sense of comic timing, tremendous flexibility, and an instinctive sense of comedy that transmits effectively through his slack body language.


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