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Ouija Origin of Evil Ending Explained

The 2016 horror-thriller ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil,’ directed by Mike Flanagan of ‘Oculus’ and ‘Gerald’s Game’ renown, is a sensory overload. The plot, based on the Hasbro game, transports us to the home of Alice Zander, a single mother and spiritual communicator. Alice is a con artist who uses theatrics and sleighs of hand to bring people closure.

Alice and her daughters begin to encounter real spirits after discovering a Ouija board. The film gradually delves into the horrific past of Alice’s family home. You might be wondering what happens in the frantic final moments. Allow us to go deeper if the conclusion bothers you. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Plot Synopsis for Ouija: Origin of Evil

In the opening sequence, the camera moves to the home of psychic medium Alice Zander. Mr. Browning and his daughter Jenny have come to Alice in the hopes of making contact with Mary Browning, the family’s deceased matriarch. Mary suggests that she has been renewed in the afterlife and that she has forgiven her husband. She does not, however, agree to mortgage the house to celebrate Jenny’s marriage to Don. Instead, we get a good old-fashioned jump scare, with the apparition behind the curtains subsequently revealed to be Lina.

Lina leaves her room late at night to see a wealthy friend, who introduces her to the Ouija board. Lina suggests that Alice use the Ouija board to up the ante, so Alice goes to a toy store to get one. Alice uses magnetic belts on her thighs to execute a fake session after receiving the board. Doris mysteriously reacts to Alice’s questions, giving us the impression that she is possessed.

Lina contacts her high school crush Mikey when Alice goes on a date with Father Tom to chat about the girls and the house. Mikey and Lina kiss, but on his way out, Mikey learns from Doris what it’s like to be strangled to death. Doris, convinced of speaking with Roger (the deceased father), pulls a wad of cash from the basement walls after Alice receives a foreclosure notice. However, Alice soon understands that the spirit who possesses Doris is not entirely benign.

Ending: Who Is Marcus? Ouija: Origin of Evil

Doris reveals herself as Marcus in the first moment where she gets possessed. We understand Marcus is one of the spirits who occupy the mansion, and the spirit use Doris as a vessel. Lina then notices Doris, who appears to be in a trance, penning a letter. Lina sneakily delivers the pages to Father Tom at school. Sister Hannah discovers the harsh truth about Marcus through reading Doris’s letter in Polish.

Marcus was a Polish soldier who had been imprisoned in a German detention camp. He escaped from prison and immigrated to the United States. Marcus ended up in a mental institution after living on the streets for a while. Marcus’ past is intertwined with that of the German doctor, known as the Devil’s Doctor due to his involvement with the occult. Following the war, the doctor relocated to the United States, establishing a base in the same house where the Zanders currently reside. He kidnapped Marcus and several others and continued his experiments on them from the safety of the basement (where Doris had found the money earlier).

The doctor removed the victims’ tongues, destroyed their vocal cords, and shut their mouths. As a result, while people socialized and mingled upstairs, the victims couldn’t even make a sound. According to Father Tom, the letter graphically depicts Marcus’s death and then reflects on the horrible afterlife of the cellar residents.

Are Doris and Alice still alive?

The closing scenes contain very unpleasant imagery, and if you have closed your eyes by the time, you may have missed one or two of them. Alice employs Doris in the seances after discovering her skill as a vessel. Father Tom pays a visit in the hopes of speaking with his wife, Gloria. Doris provides an engrossing planchette session, even speaking in female tones on one occasion. Father Tom, on the other hand, understands that while Doris can read his mind, she is unable to converse with spirits beyond the house. While Gloria’s middle name was Catherine, Father Tom considers his mother’s middle name, Lynn. Doris misreads the piece because she is influenced by the thought of Father Tom.

Doris then welcomes Mikey into the house while Father Tom is discussing with Alice and Lina. She drags Mike to the basement and strangles and kills him. When the party arrives downstairs, Mike is hanging from the ceiling. Doris and Father Tom meet in the basement, and Father Tom returns possessed with word that Doris has become a part of the walls. Doris appears to die in the cellar, but Father Tom murders Alice with a knife. He does, however, come to his senses just before performing the crime, but this does not rescue him. Doris’ ghost approaches him, and he falls to his death from the stairwell.

Meanwhile, Doris employs Lina as a vessel, and Alice offers to help. Lina remains in the in-between realm in the following moments, seeing a vision of her deceased father, who sealed off the doll’s mouth to silence the voices. Doris, on the other hand, is possessed and proceeds to bind Alice with chains. She claims she wants to hear their voices. Lina, in the meantime, returns to the mortal realm, closing Doris’ lips. Lina encounters some opposition from the other ghosts inside the home, as history repeats itself. Lina appears to be possessed by the spirits despite her accomplishment in her attempt. Lina, who has white eyes, then stabs Alice with a knife, killing her.

Lina’s Final Destination Is she still in possession?

Lina appears to wind up in a mental institution as a result of the sinister night. Lina, according to the doctor, has been there for two months. Lina is in a coma, and the doctor gently reminds her of how she murdered her mother. Doris’ body has gone missing. Lina responds cryptically, stating that Alice needed to know that the family was not alone after Roger’s death, and concludes that Alice knows the solution in her afterlife. In actuality, the Zanders were constantly encircled by spirits in the basement. As a result, Lina knows what she’s talking about, but the doctor has no idea.

Lina then returns to her room and creates an impromptu Ouija board out of blood. Lina, who appears to be in possession, talks with Doris. The doctor notices Lina seated with Doris in the room during his nocturnal visit. As he returns to confirm what he saw, we get another jump fright, which is possibly the most terrifying in the entire film. Doris’ ghost crawls through the roof upside down, and we get the impression that the doctor’s story will not end happily. On another topic, we are convinced that Doris is still there in spirit with Lina.

Is a Post-Credits Sequence Included? Who Is the Intruder?

You could have assumed that the film ended with the credits (innovatively stylized as if seen through the Ouija lens). If that’s the case, you’ll be surprised to learn that the last moments contain a post-credits sequence for genre fans. Lina is considerably older in the post-credits scene, which begins in 2014. Lina receives news that someone claiming to be her niece is visiting her at the mental institution (or perhaps not the same one).

While the film ends here without resolution, the post-credits scene immediately connects it to the 2014 film ‘Ouija,’ to which this film is a predecessor. If you’ve seen the first film, you’ll recognize the guest as Laine Morris. Furthermore, she is not Lina’s niece, but rather a member of the family that purchases the house after the Zanders leave.

Ouija Origin of Evil Ending Explained
Ouija Origin of Evil Ending Explained
Ouija Origin of Evil Ending Explained
Ouija Origin of Evil Ending Explained
Ouija Origin of Evil Ending Explained
Ouija Origin of Evil Ending Explained
Ouija Origin of Evil Ending Explained
Ouija Origin of Evil Ending Explained


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