Movies Like Kimi You Must See

7 Movies Like Kimi You Must See – Steven Soderbergh directed the psychological thriller ‘Kimi.’ It centers on Angela, an agoraphobic software worker who discovers evidence of a brutal crime. As Angela attempts to report the crime, she must confront her greatest fear, communicate with humans, and traverse a complex web of bureaucracy, all as a pandemic rages around her.

The film combines Angela’s inner paranoia with that caused by technology and the pandemic to create an exciting thriller. If you enjoyed the film and are looking for more suspenseful and taut thrillers with complex multi-layered plots, we have collected a list of similar films for you. The majority of these films, such as ‘Kimi,’ are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu!

7. The Last Days (2013)

‘The Last Days,’ also known as ‘Los Ultimos Dias,’ is a science-fiction film directed by David Pastor and Alex Pastor. It is set in the aftermath of a catastrophic incident and focuses on one man’s search for his girlfriend. Technology and epidemic are the two basic aspects of ‘Kimi.’ ‘The Last Days’ expands on the notion by fusing the elements and pitting its characters against “the Panic,” a pandemic caused by increasing agoraphobia. As a result, the film provides spectators with a new experience based on the same basics as ‘Kimi.’

  6. Contagion (2011)

‘Contagion’ is a medical thriller about a fast spreading virus that is conveyed via respiratory droplets. It uses a tense and unpleasant concept to emphasize the impact of a pandemic on society. The epidemic is in the background in ‘Kimi,’ but it is front and center in ‘Contagion.’ If the tense atmosphere generated by Soderbergh in the previous film intrigued you, ‘Contagion,’ the director’s first attempt at confronting a pandemic on the big screen, would undoubtedly thrill you!

5. Phobia (2016)

Pavan Kirpalani directed the Hindi-language film ‘Phobia.’ It follows Mahek, a gifted artist who fears she has been possessed after moving into a new apartment. The protagonist of ‘Phobia,’ like ‘Kimi,’ suffers from agoraphobia as a result of an assault. However, the film blurs the lines between supernatural and psychological mind tricks to create a captivating story that ‘Kimi’ fans must see!

4. The Woman in the Window (2021)

‘The Woman in the Window,’ directed by Joe Wright, is a psychological thriller film based on A. J. Finn’s novel of the same name. It follows Anna Fox, a child psychologist whose habit of eavesdropping on her neighbors leads her to uncover some nasty secrets. Anna, like Angela from ‘Kimi,’ suffers from agoraphobia. Both films take an unorthodox approach to overcoming the protagonists’ phobias and are anchored by brilliant performances by the lead women.

3. Intruders (2015)

‘Invaders,’ directed by Adam Schindler, is a slasher horror film about Anna Rook, an agoraphobic lady who is imprisoned inside her own house with three intruders. However, when the intruders discover the truth about Anna, things take an unexpected turn. Anna’s house is her strength, similar to Angela from ‘Kimi,’ and both ladies prove they are powerful when faced with adversity by taking on the bad guys.

2. Copycat (1995)

‘Copycat’ follows Dr. Helen Hudson, a skilled criminal psychologist who gets acute agoraphobia after meeting a past suspect. The film, directed by Jon Amiel, combines aspects of crime and technology in a manner comparable to ‘Kimi.’ The cat and mouse plot of ‘Copycat’ will have viewers on the edge of their seats. As a result, if you prefer fast-paced and crime-driven thrillers to the more character-driven approach of ‘Kimi,’ ‘Copycat’ is for you!

1. Rear Window (1954)

‘Rear Window,’ directed by Alfred Hitchcock, is a mystery thriller film based on Cornell Woolrich’s short tale ‘It Had to Be Murder.’ It’s about Jeff, an injured professional photographer who starts spying on his neighbors while he’s recuperating. The film, like ‘Kimi,’ is motivated by dark secrets, and its protagonist unintentionally becomes involved in a murder inquiry. The makers of ‘Kimi’ have credited ‘Rear Window’ as an influence. Furthermore, it is largely recognized as one of Hitchcock’s best films, making it our top choice for our list!