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Mother/Android Ending Explained

‘Mother/Android’ is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama about a pregnant mother and her boyfriend on their survival adventure. The film recounts a couple’s stressful trip through the A.I. humanoids’ stronghold that stands between them and a vast human colony in a planet overtaken by bloodthirsty androids. The trip is as emotional as it is visceral, with situations shifting in the blink of an eye, made all the more challenging by the late pregnancy.

A seemingly impossible voyage begins to become feasible, only for things to deteriorate and become dismal once more. In keeping with the tone, the climax contains a slew of surprises that emphasise the terrifyingly uncertain aspect of the protagonists’ existence. If you were left wondering about the climax’s finer points, we’ve got you covered. Let’s go through the ending of ‘Mother/Android’ once more. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Synopsis of the Mother/Android Plot

Georgia and her boyfriend Sam are out to a party on Christmas Eve, when the film begins. We learn that she is pregnant, but she is hesitant how much of a role Sam should play in her life. Georgia tells a friend at the party that she isn’t sure if she wants Sam to be her boyfriend. After a weird sound wails across the house, polite humanoid androids attack their human masters.

The young couples at the party manage to control the savage robot, and we are then transported nine months into the future to discover Georgia and Sam camping in the woods. They’re on their way to Boston, hoping to uncover a human settlement that has successfully rejected the androids. On the way, they come across a military camp and seek sanctuary there. Sam is provoked into a fight that night and injures a sentinel, resulting in the young couple being kicked out of the shelter the next day.

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Georgia and Sam seek refuge in an abandoned house, alone and with the baby due at any moment. When they weigh their alternatives, they determine that they could either walk around the Android stronghold, which would take at least 20 days, or they could cut through the risky area and arrive in two days. They eventually opt for the latter, but Sam is kidnapped by the Androids while Georgia is saved by a mystery man named Arthur.

Is Arthur Human or Android at the end of Mother/Android? Is Arthur going to die?

Arthur leads Georgia to his extensive and well-equipped bunker, where he begs her to forget about Sam and go to safety. He even offers to drive her to the human colony, but the pregnant young protagonist is determined to save her lover from the androids. She eventually succeeds, and Sam and Georgia arrive in Boston, where the latter’s son is born, thanks to Arthur’s assistance. However, it is later discovered that Arthur is on the Androids’ side and has exploited Georgia to infiltrate the human camp.

Image Credit: Seacia Pavao/Hulu

As swarms of androids attack the human bastion in Boston, the new mother is forced to flee with her child. She fires an electromagnetic pulse, temporarily incapacitating the A.I. humanoids, allowing her and Sam to flee to the docks. As the film comes to a close, they come across a Korean ship that agrees to take their child but is unable to take Georgia or Sam. Georgia finally agrees, crying as she sees her son being hauled away aboard the ship.

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In the end, the main twist is shown to be Arthur’s loyalty to the androids. The secret is revealed when the man interrogating Georgia informs her that the cloaking technology Arthur claimed to have does not exist, implying that he was most likely working with the androids to make it appear as if his armour renders him invisible to the A.I. humanoids. The fact that Arthur can connect with and presumably control Androids indicates that he is an android.

We also learn that the mystery character is an android. He specifically explains how androids have overcome humans’ emotional frailty, and his own detached personality provides an obvious indicator that he is an android. Arthur claims, just before Georgia shoots him, that androids are programmed to relate emotionally to people, which explains how he fooled the young woman with his emotional outburst. The last we see of Arthur, he is peppered with bullets and rendered immobile by Georgia. He is most likely utterly destroyed when combined with the effects of the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) that she initiates.

Is Sam still alive or dead?

Sam confronts a bleak fate after being severely assaulted by the androids and losing both of his legs. For the time being, though, things appear to be quiet, and it appears that he will survive and spend the rest of his days with Georgia and their newborn baby. However, as Arthur and his horde of androids attack Boston, the young mother is forced to abandon Sam in the hospital and flee with her son. This is the only time we see the young man.

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Given that Georgia burns a picture of him in the final scenes, Sam appears to be dead. His injuries from the battle with the androids are severe, and he is unlikely to receive the medical attention he requires to recuperate after Arthur’s attack.

What Will Happen to Georgia’s Child?

A Korean officer takes Georgia’s newborn boy on a rescue attempt at the Boston ports. Georgia tries to get Sam and herself on the boat as part of the “Family Initiative,” which appears to be a programme allowing families to leave the US for other (safer) countries. The officer, however, warns her that they can only accept the baby because caring for them (the adults) would be too “complex.”

Korea is clearly facing the impacts of the worldwide android invasion, but appears to be in a better position than the US. As a result, the film ends on a heartbreaking note, with Georgia frantically writing a message for her newborn boy and handing him over to the Korean officer. She and Sam agree that sending their son to Korea will give him the best chance of survival, and the film concludes with scenes of the small child growing up with a foster Korean family.

Mother/Android Ending Explained
Mother/Android Ending Explained
Mother/Android Ending Explained
Mother/Android Ending Explained
Mother/Android Ending Explained
Mother/Android Ending Explained
Mother/Android Ending Explained
Mother/Android Ending Explained


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