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Love and Leashes Summary & Ending, Explained

Based on Gyeoul’s webtoon ‘Moral Sense,’ Netflix’s South Korean film ‘Love and Leashes’ centers around the Dominant/submissive relationship of Ji-woo and Ji-hoo, who work in a company’s public relations department. They love film, starring Seohyun and Lee Jun-young, follows the changes in dynamics that occur in Ji-woo and Ji-difficult hoo’s relationship, as well as the unforeseen occurrences that turn their lives around. We examined the film in depth because it concludes with encouraging developments regarding the future of the two colleagues. Let us delve into the details of the conclusion if you’re interested! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Plot Synopsis for Love and Leashes

‘Love and Leashes’ begins with Jung Ji-shift hoo’s from his company’s business team to the PR team. Jung Ji-woo, a reserved coworker, becomes acquainted with him. Ji-woo receives a courier brought to Ji-hoo as a result of an error. When she opens the box, she discovers a neck collar Ji-hoo had ordered for himself. Despite Ji-best hoo’s efforts to fool Ji-woo by claiming it is for his dog, the latter knows her colleague is submissive and into BDSM. Ji-hoo begins to act awkwardly in front of Ji-woo, who tells him that his submissiveness is absolutely good and none of her concern.

Ji-hoo begs Ji-woo to be his master due to a misperception that Ji-woo is into BDSM. Even though Ji-woo is initially hesitant, she begins to read and learn about the subject and eventually accepts. They each sign a contract outlining the terms of their new Dominant/submissive relationship. In a non-sexual setting, they experiment with a variety of BDSM activities ranging from whipping to wax play. When Ji-hoo and Ji-woo become closer through their D/s connection, the former reveals how his ex-girlfriend broke up with him when he confessed that he is a sub.

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The intimacy of Ji-hoo and Ji-woo arouses feelings in Ji-woo. She begins to seriously contemplate dating her submissive partner in order to advance their relationship. Ji-woo shows her interest in dating Ji-hoo during an outing, but he declines.

Why Does Ji-hoo Reject Ji-Woo at the End of Love and Leashes? Why does he cancel the contract?

Ji-woo begins to feel understood when he accepts Ji-desire hoo’s to be his master. He is overjoyed that his emotions are finally being embraced by a master who values him and his submissive character. Ji-woo creates a new world in which he can be himself in his purest form. Mutual respect and acceptance underpin their friendship and the closeness they foster. However, due to the tragic break-up with his ex-girlfriend Hana, Ji-hoo is forced to confine such friendship to a non-romantic connection.

Hana was devastated when Ji-hoo disclosed that he is submissive and interested in BDSM. She asked him to see a therapist and failed to recognize that being subservient is completely normal. Hana misinterpreted Ji-desire hoo’s for a D/s relationship as a mental disorder and caused him much pain by breaking up with him. Hana’s reaction left a scar on Ji-hoo and made him fearful of committing to another lady. When Ji-woo suggests dating, Hana’s trauma comes to him, and he declines Ji-interest woos in a relationship.

Ji-hoo panics and informs Ji-woo that he wishes to dissolve their contract, therefore ending their dom-sub relationship. He is afraid that if romance enters the picture, Ji-woo will reject him and his actual personality. He declines Ji-woo out of fear of being wounded or rejected.

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Will Ji-hoo and Ji-woo get together?

Yes, Ji-hoo and Ji-woo eventually get together. Ji-hoo enters Ji-life woo’s when she is misunderstood by her friends and colleagues. Her restrained demeanor, roughness, and directness are viewed negatively in her workplace. Ji-hoo, on the other hand, thoroughly comprehends her. She finally feels welcomed in someone else’s life as he comments how she is ideal for him as a master. The mutual understanding and connection that develops between the two lead her to consider Ji-hoo as a love partner. But she is taken aback when Ji-hoo rejects her.

Ji-hoo, on the other hand, is having trouble processing Ji-interest woo’s in him. When Hana visits him, she reactivates his trauma and leaves him in pain. Ji-hoo and Ji-final woo’s meeting before the contract’s termination did not go well due to Ji-hurt hoo’s and Ji-conflicted woo’s sentiments over the rejection. However, a conversation with Hyemi forces Ji-hoo to face his concerns. He knows that he cannot surrender to his fear of being harmed simply because Hana has injured him. Ji-hoo recognizes that Ji-woo has nothing but admiration for him and that she is the ideal partner for a romantic relationship. He decides to date Ji-woo to give himself a chance to recover from the pain and trauma created by his ex-girlfriend.

Ji-hoo ultimately admits his affections for Ji-woo during the disciplinary committee hearing held to probe Ji-hoo and Ji-workplace woo’s relationship. Ji-disclosure hoo’s astounds Ji-woo, who is relieved to hear that her feelings are shared. They decide to renew their contract as amorous partners this time.

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Duration: 117 min



Love and Leashes Summary & Ending, Explained
Love and Leashes Summary & Ending, Explained
Love and Leashes Summary & Ending, Explained
Love and Leashes Summary & Ending, Explained
Love and Leashes Summary & Ending, Explained
Love and Leashes Summary & Ending, Explained
Love and Leashes Summary & Ending, Explained
Love and Leashes Summary & Ending, Explained


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