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Kallan D’Souza (2022) Movie Review, Cast, Trailer, Release Date & Rating

Kallan D’Souza (2022) tamil movie which is released in Tamil language in theatre near you. Watch Thiruttuvcd Kallan D’Souza Tamil Movie Review, Trailer Online, Teaser, Kallan D’Souzast Look, Poster, Audio Songs, Movie Updates and Details, Wiki & IMDB, Kallan D’Souza Movie Release Date, lead Star cast and crew like Hero, Heroine, Movie director, photos & video gallery.

Kallan D’Souza Movie Details

Kallan is a 2022 Indian Tamil-language drama film written and directed by Chandra Thangaraj. Karu Pazhaniappan and Nikita appear in the lead roles.

Based in the 1980s, the film narrates the tale of people who had taken up hunting as their profession and how they change their paths and move into a criminal lane after the government bans hunting.Produced by Madhiazhagan, it was released on 21 January 2022.

Kallan D’Souza Movie Cast

  • Karu Pazhaniappan¬†as Velu
  • Nikita
  • Maya Chandran as Selvi
  • Namo Narayana¬†as Maari
  • Soundararaja

Kallan D’Souza Movie Review

Kallan D’Souza takes a fresh look at the cop-thief scenario, raising concerns about who is the evil guy. Kallan D’Souza (Soubin Shahir) and his companion, Harish Kanaran, make ends meet by committing little robberies. CI Manoj (Dilesh Pothen) is a crooked police officer who confiscates a large amount of hawala money with the intention of pocketing a large chunk of it with his squad rather than giving it in. This is the story’s main thread.

Meanwhile, D’Souza flees the police and ends up hiding in the home of Asha (Surabhi Lakshmi), who refuses to turn him in to the authorities. They then keep running into one other in unexpected places. Their frequent contacts form a close bond, although Asha is the wife of Manoj, who is also an abusive spouse. Asha and her deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deaf The rest of the storey is around whether the corrupt cops get the money and what happens when Manoj realises his wife has befriended D’Souza.

While the notion of blurring the borders between classic good and evil roles is intriguing, the film is not well developed, with a weak storey and a sloppy screenplay. Beautiful performances are given by Dileesh Pothen, Soubin Shahir, and Surabhi Lakshmi, but they are insufficient to redeem the film. Smaller roles are played well by Vijayaraghavan, Sreejith Ravi, and Santosh Keezhattoor.

Harish Kanaran’s snappy one-liners, as well as Soubin’s amusing faces and funny moments, provide good comic relief. There are several tense times, such as when Asha and D’Souza are at a park and are subjected to moral policing, and CI Manoj and his squad arrive soon after.

The ghazal singer Shahabaz Aman’s excellent performance of Tanichakume Veyilpathayil lingers with you, supported by the exquisite camera work and the ghazal singer’s wonderful interpretation. Though refreshing on the screen, Premkumar and Aparna Nair’s appearance has nothing to do with anything.

While filmmaker Jithu K Jayan makes a serious effort, the picture falls short of expectations and should be avoided.



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