Is Green Arrow in Peacemaker? [Spoilers]

‘Peacemaker’ follows Christopher Smith/Peacemaker as he embarks on a daring new expedition dubbed Project Butterfly. In the series, the anti-hero collaborates with a team of ARGUS Agents to stop aliens planning a hostile takeover of Earth. In the season finale, the main characters face overwhelming odds and ponder calling in reinforcements. As Peacemaker mentions the hooded vigilante figure Green Arrow, the circumstance paves the way for the appearance of a fan-favorite DC Comics character. If you’re wondering if the Emerald Archer will appear in the season finale of ‘Peacemaker,’ here’s all you need to know! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Is Green Arrow a part of Peacemaker?

The heroes must stop the Butterflies from teleporting the Cow, an alien that is their main food supply on Earth, in the season 1 finale of ‘Peacemaker.’ As a result, by murdering the Cow, the group wants to prevent the Butterflies from taking over the world. Adebayo phones her mother, Amanda Waller, and asks her to provide backup. Harcourt, on the other hand, insists that they must move quickly. As a result, Peacemaker, Vigilante, and the ARGUS Agents devise a strategy for murdering the Cow. They must place Peacemaker’s sonic boom helmet at the invaders’ base for their plot to succeed.

Image Credit: DC Comics

Adebayo recommends using a zipline like Green Arrow to perform this endeavour. Peacemaker, on the other hand, has mixed feelings about the hero and the approach. The previous call for help, the show’s street-level look, and the name-dropping all point to Green Arrow showing up to save the group. Unfortunately, the reference was only a joke, and the Emerald Archer does not appear on screen in the episode. Regardless, the remark is one of the first direct confirmations of the hero’s existence in the ‘DCEU.’

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow is a fictional character created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp that originally appeared in More Fun Comics #73 (formerly known as DC Comics) in 1941. With the blockbuster series ‘Arrow,’ which launched the ‘Arrowverse’ franchise of television shows, Green Arrow has been a prominent character for DC’s television side. In the series, actor Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.

Similarly, in ‘Smallville,’ which aired from 2001 to 2011, actor Justin Hartley plays a different version of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. Despite the character’s enormous popularity, Green Arrow has been conspicuously absent from the wider ‘DCEU,’ and this tendency appears set to continue.

Green Arrow had only been vaguely mentioned in promotional marketing material for ‘Batman v Superman,’ when Oliver Queen’s Queen Industries is mentioned in an article, prior to the name drop on ‘Peacemaker.’ In comparison to that allusion, the one in ‘Peacemaker’ is far more direct and verifies the existence of the Emerald Archer in the ‘DCEU’ continuity. With many DC Comics projects in the works, it’s difficult to see Green Arrow remaining out of action for much longer. As a result, even though the Green Arrow does not feature in ‘Peacemaker,’ fans should not give up hope of seeing him in future ‘DCEU’ ventures.