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Hustle Ending Explained: Does Bo Cruz Play for the Philadelphia 76ers?

Adam Sandler has recently moved away from his usual comedic fare and into more serious, dramatic roles. One of his projects is Netflix’s ‘Hustle.’ In this film, he plays a talent scout who finds his redemption arc in a teenage basketball player who is homeless. Both Bo and Stan must go through hell and high water in order to achieve their goals. With each new obstacle in their path, their odds of victory appear to be dwindling. The finale, on the other hand, alters everything. Here’s what that final twist means for Stan and his Spanish protege.

Summary of the Hustle Plot

Stanley Sugerman spends the most of his time away from his family in 5-star hotels. He travels the world hunting for new basketball talent to bring back to Philadelphia. But he’s had enough of this routine. When his boss, Rex Merrick, offers him the position of assistant coach for the club, he gladly accepts. However, Rex’s untimely death returns him to square one. The new boss wants Stan back as a scout, but when he displays a desire to be AC, he is offered the position. He can look forward to working as a coach if he goes scouting and brings back a great player for the squad.

It appears to be an impossible undertaking at first, but Stan’s luck changes when he meets Bo Cruz, a young and raw prodigy with immense potential. His bosses, on the other hand, disagree with his decision to bring Bo home. Stan vows to devote his all to teach Bo and get him into the NBA, knowing that this is the last opportunity he and Bo have.

End of the hustle: Does Bo Cruz play for the Philadelphia 76ers?

Bo Cruz had been living in poverty before Stan discovered him. Despite his obvious talent for the game, he had been working in construction to support his family. He only comes to the United States because Stan promises him the riches that come with being drafted into the NBA. In the end, his desire comes true, but in a somewhat different way than Stan had envisioned.

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Stan wanted Bo for the Philadelphia 76ers the moment he saw him. He realizes Bo’s skill and is willing to go to any length to get him noticed by the major leagues and a chance to live the life he deserves. This ambition causes him to leave the 76ers after his boss, Vince Merrick, states unequivocally that he will not have Bo on his squad. Still, he is optimistic. He puts Bo through tough training round after round until the world recognizes him as the promising player that he is.

A scout becomes interested in Bo during his final opportunity to demonstrate his talent. He speaks briefly with Stan, who is distracted when Kat Merrick approaches him. She tells him that Vince made a mess and that she is taking a more active position in the firm to clean it up. This causes Stan and the audience to believe that Bo will now undoubtedly become a member of the squad. The scout Stan was speaking with, however, turns out to be from the Celtics.

A few months later, we see Bo wearing a Celtics jersey. This confirms that the Celtics must have won the auction against the 76ers to get the exciting new talent. Or, it’s possible that Kat merely wanted to support Vince’s decision by adding another player to the team. So, while Stan did not succeed in getting Bo on his team, he did accomplish in his original goal of getting Bo into the NBA.

Is Stan going to be the 76ers’ assistant coach?

While Bo’s career takes a little different path than Stan had anticipated, his own life returns to the path he had planned for himself. Rex Merrick informs Stan at the start of the film that he’s done enough traveling to bring talents from all over the world to their squad. It caused him a lot of troubles because he couldn’t be with his family because he had missed his daughter’s birthday for numerous years in a row. Stan accepts the post as assistant coach when Rex offers it to him. When Rex dies, Vince takes over the corporation.

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Vince recognizes Stan’s potential as a valuable scout. His most recent decision, to acquire Haas, a player Stan had counseled against, proves disastrous. He wants to make amends, and he believes Stan is the only one who can conjure up a miracle for them. However, that is not the only reason. During their talk over Haas, it becomes evident that Vince is not a great admirer of Stan. Rex appears to prefer Stan over his own kid, which must cause Vince some jealously. So, when Vince sees that Stan has gotten what he wanted by becoming the AC, he wants to throw his life back into disarray, expecting that the firm will still gain from it.

Whatever his motivations, Vince’s decision benefits the 76ers when Stan arrives with Bo. Vince, on the other hand, does not want Stan to succeed. He certainly doesn’t want him to take credit for introducing the world to a terrific player with All-Star potential. Being linked with such a player would be extremely beneficial to Stan’s career. As a result, Vince cherishes each opportunity to obstruct Bo’s road to success.

However, Bo’s talent eventually shines through, and, just as Leon prophesied, people forget about his prior offenses and focus entirely on his game. Stan’s major obstacles to attaining what he wants have been removed with Bo’s future guaranteed and Kate taking over from Vince. Kate fulfills Rex’s promise, and he gets hired as an assistant coach for the Philadelphia 76ers.

In the final scene, we see his squad and the Celtics competing. While Stan is pleased for Bo, he is also mindful of his responsibilities to his squad and counsels one of his players on how to play against Bo. This shows that Bo and Stan get along well, but they are also committed to their own teams. Most importantly, they remain committed to the goals for which they have worked so hard.

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Duration: 117 min


IMDb: 7.3

Hustle Ending Explained: Does Bo Cruz Play for the Philadelphia 76ers?
Hustle Ending Explained: Does Bo Cruz Play for the Philadelphia 76ers?
Hustle Ending Explained: Does Bo Cruz Play for the Philadelphia 76ers?
Hustle Ending Explained: Does Bo Cruz Play for the Philadelphia 76ers?
Hustle Ending Explained: Does Bo Cruz Play for the Philadelphia 76ers?
Hustle Ending Explained: Does Bo Cruz Play for the Philadelphia 76ers?
Hustle Ending Explained: Does Bo Cruz Play for the Philadelphia 76ers?


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