Holly Strickland Murder: How Did She Die? Who Killed Her?

Holly Strickland, a lovely mother, was murdered in a bizarre manner that has long tormented her family. Her tragic demise resulted from what appeared to be a simple stroll in the backyard. ‘Secrets, Lies, and Private Eyes: The Bullet and the Bounty’ on Investigation Discovery focuses on private investigators digging into Holly’s death seven years later to see if they can unearth enough evidence to convince authorities to reopen the case. So, shall we investigate what transpired?

How Did Holly Strickland Pass Away?

Holly Fox Strickland was a native of Georgia and the mother of two little children. Her loved ones regarded her as a sweet person who adored her children. She went on to work as a manager at Kroger, a local grocery store, after graduating from high school. She was divorced from her husband at the time of the incident, but she was living with her ex-in-laws in Gainesville, Georgia.

Image Credit: 11 Alive/WXIA-TV

The 32-year-old was last seen between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m. on February 3, 2014. Holly went out into the backyard to talk on the phone after she had put her kid to bed. She was not spotted at home the next day, however. Holly’s car, pocketbook, and other belongings were still at home when she went missing on February 5th. A family member discovered Holly’s body in the backyard along a tree line three days later. She was fully clothed, but she was shot in the face from afar. Holly’s phone was discovered to be missing by the authorities.

Who assassinated Holly Strickland?

On the show, private investigators John and Alex Dalman re-examined the case for any new leads. Despite her estrangement from Dusty, she remained with his mother and stepfather at their home while Dusty was away. However, Holly’s sister, Angela, stated that she was intending to leave the house around that time. The autopsy eventually revealed that there were no traces of sexual assault or defensive wounds, and that the shooting was not close-range.

While Holly’s phone was never located, records reveal she received three phone calls that night, two from a best friend and one from Dusty. Dusty and his parents were ruled out after a thorough examination, returning the investigators to where they began. Later, the investigators were given information on someone who had knowledge of the murder.

A tipster told investigators that a friend confessed to him about knowing who perpetrated the murder and named a woman. Dusty’s friend later mentioned the same name. Dusty met this woman while he was in jail, and she was a former bondsman. Dusty’s friend mentioned on the episode that this woman once threatened Holly. While there was no hard evidence, the fact that two persons were talking about the same person sparked John and Alex’s interest.

Furthermore, a pen discovered at the crime scene was sent for DNA testing, and while the results were inconclusive, it did include both male and female DNA. When John and Alex presented the evidence to the police, they decided to resume the case. Authorities said in September 2021 that they will devote more time and resources to investigating Holly’s murder and have requested anyone with information to come forward.