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Heropanti 2 (2022) Movie Review, Cast, Trailer, OTT, Release Date & Rating

Heropanti 2 (2022) bollywood movie which is released in Hindi language in theatre near you. Watch Thiruttuvcd Heropanti 2 Bollywood Movie Review, Trailer Online, Teaser, OTT Release Date, First Look, Poster, Audio Songs, Movie Updates and Details, Wiki & IMDB, Heropanti 2 Movie Release Date, lead Star cast and crew like Hero, Heroine, Movie director, photos & video gallery.


Heropanti 2 Movie Details

Heropanti 2 is a 2022 Indian Hindi-language romantic action film that is a sequel to Heropanti. Ahmed Khan directed the film, which was written by Rajat Arora and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala’s Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment. Tiger Shroff, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and Tara Sutaria star.


Heropanti 2 Release Date

The Film was released on 29 April 2022


Heropanti 2 OTT Release Date

OTT Partner Amazon Prime Video
OTT Release Date 17th June 2022
Tv Partner Zee Cinema
Tv Release Date July 2022

Heropanti 2 Movie Cast

  • Tiger Shroff as Babloo Ranawat
  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Laila
  • Tara Sutaria as Inaaya
  • Zakir Hussain
  • Amrita Singh as Babloo’s mother
  • Kriti Sanon Special appearance


Heropanti 2 Movie Synopsis

Babloo Ranawat (Tiger Shroff), a brilliant hacker, is assigned the duty of tracking down Laila (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), the mastermind behind the world’s largest cybercrime yet to occur. Will Babloo be able to put a stop to him?


Heropanti 2 Movie Review

Babloo is back with his Heropanti, complete with ripped muscles, six-pack abs, high-octane action, and double dhamaka. To be honest, the idea is predictable: Babloo is an invincible one-man army on a quest to find the bad guys and kick their a**es off in order to safeguard the globe from cyber-crime. Aside from this basic narrative, Sajid Nadiadwala’s series Heropanti 2 has a lot more in store for action-movie fans.

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Ahmed Khan reunites with Tiger Shroff after directing the Baaghi franchise. And, as with his other flicks, the plot is secondary to the promise of watching a hot hunk participate in a high-octane action duel. The first half is a touch off-kilter and takes a while to settle in, but after the intermission, there will be plenty of stunts, thrills, turns, and just enough masala and explosions to keep you engaged.

The film excels in action set pieces performed by Ram Chella-Lakshman Chella, Parvez Shaikh, and Kecha Khamphakdee, but it also delivers some incredible action choreography in which the hero and even his phone survive a massive explosion. Rajat Arora’s writing eventually falls flat and assumes the audience’s sensibility. The story attempts to be larger than life, but in the process loses coherence and becomes absurd.
Laila, an amateur magician and cybercrime kingpin, is about to defraud the Indian government.

Babloo has been employed by CBI to prevent this disastrous catastrophe from occurring. Will Babloo ever catch up to Laila, who constantly seems to be 10 steps ahead of everyone? Will his love, self-made billionaire Inaaya Saran (Tara Sutaria), Laila’s sister, lead him into deeper difficulties and become an obstacle for him? Is it a honey trap for Babloo, or vice versa? As the story progresses, things reveal themselves in layers, keeping the listener interested.

To make it a Hollywood-style picture, Ahmed Khan and his action crew created the stunts to reproduce thrills seen in films like Mission Impossible and Fast and Furious. And, while the action is nonstop and the dialoguebaazi is entertaining, the film’s predictable plot leaves a lot to be desired.

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Tiger’s on-screen smoldering intensity, as well as the high-flying action, are both captivating. His seeti-maar dialogue,’sabko aati nahi, meri jaati nahi,’ fits his personality and stunts perfectly. Tara’s part is primarily limited to increasing the film’s glamorous factor. She is seen racing around in high heels with Babloo, which would be impossible to pull off in real life.

Tiger and Tara appear beautiful together on TV, but they don’t have any searing chemistry to speak of. Nawazuddin Siddiqui excels in his negative performance as Laila. He truly hypnotizes the characters in the film and astounds the viewer with his outstanding performance. Amrita Singh brings a touch of fun to the story.

AR Rahman’s score adds to the drama’s atmosphere, although each song appears at random. Among the other songs, ‘Whistle Baja 2.0’ is the most energetic, but you won’t hear it until the end of the film. Tiger makes his singing debut with the song ‘Miss Hairan,’ which comes as a surprise.

Heropanti 2 is a typical entertainer in that it has a little bit of everything: action, drama, music, romance, and exotic settings. The narrative allows for a variety of commercial movie aspects, but where the picture excels is in its action area, which provides Tiger’s fans with much to dive into. If you’re looking for something more, like a tale, this isn’t the one for you.

Duration: 145 min


IMDb: 2.3

Heropanti 2 (2022) Movie Review, Cast, Trailer, OTT, Release Date & Rating
Heropanti 2 (2022) Movie Review, Cast, Trailer, OTT, Release Date & Rating


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