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Borrego Ending Explained: Does Elly Escape?

Jesse Harris wrote and directed the thriller ‘Borrego.’ It follows Elly, a teenage botanist working in a desert near the border between California and Mexico. After witnessing a plane crash, Elly is kidnapped by the pilot, a drug smuggler attempting to transport a package across the border. To survive the torture and escape from the smuggler named Tomas, Elly must rely on her wits. Naturally, fans will want to know if Elly makes it to safety and what happens to Tomas. In that case, here’s all you need to know about ‘Borrego’s’ ending. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Synopsis of the Borrego Plot

‘Borrego’ follows Elly (Lucy Hale), a troubled young botanist working on a project on the outskirts of San Diego. She is surveying the adjacent desert in search of flora that should not be growing there. She is focusing on employment to avoid coping with past trauma. Elly meets Alex, a little girl who has skipped school that day. Elly begs Alex to assist her with her assignment, and the two become friends over the course of the day. Alex returns home in the evening, while Elly finishes her work. On her way to her motel, Elly observes a plane crash in the distance.

Elly rushes to the scene to investigate the crash and assist any survivors. She discovers an injured man and a narcotics cache on the ground. Elly attempts to flee after realizing the man is a smuggler, but is swiftly apprehended by the man at gunpoint. Before killing Elly, a man named Tomas enlists her assistance in collecting his drug parcels. She persuades Tomas to let her guide him over the dangerous terrain in exchange for saving her life. As a result, Tomas kidnaps Elly and leads her through the desert.

Elly’s absence is discovered by Sheriff Jose. His daughter, Alex, informs him that she was with Elly the day before and offers to assist him in the search for the missing botanist. Meanwhile, Tomas’ supervisor, Guillermo, finds that the medicine cargo did not arrive on time. As a result, he goes in quest of Tomas and the stolen drugs. During the process, he and Jose collide, culminating in a shootout that traps Jose inside a pit. Elly must find a way to survive and flee the awful circumstance with few resources, no hope for aid, and a violent drug lord on their tail.

Borrego’s Ending: Does Elly Escape? What Will Happen to Tomas?

Elly knows as the story progresses that she must meticulously organize her escape attempt. She eventually unites with Tomas, and the two end up at Borrego Springs, where they hope to get aid. The two, however, must first climb a mountain. Elly proposes camping near the mountain’s foot before ascending in the morning, as it is nearly sundown.

During the night, Tomas discusses his tragic past and explains that he was a teacher before his father’s pharmaceutical expenditures forced him into crime. He ended up smuggling drugs by accident and continues to do so to support his family. Elly, on the other hand, admits to killing her younger sister while driving her to school. Elly was traumatized as a result of the accident. Tomas, on the other hand, gives Elly words of wisdom that help her to overcome the catastrophe. Elly uses a pocket knife secreted in her socks to liberate herself later that night, when Tomas has fallen asleep. She then flees, only to run into Guillermo again.

Elly turns around to see Tomas closing in on her. Instead of recapturing Elly, Tomas permits her to flee. Tomas then hands the pills to Guillermo, who is upset since a large portion of the shipment is missing. He then instructs Tomas to look for Elly because he does not want to leave any witnesses. When Tomas refuses, the two guys draw their firearms on each other. Guillermo murders Tomas and steals the cocaine while searching for Elly. Elly’s escape is ultimately ensured by the link she establishes with Tomas based on a terrible background. Tomas, on the other hand, recognizes that there is no way out of a life of crime and sacrifices himself to save Elly.

Is Guillermo still alive? What Is the Meaning of the Buttercup?

Guillermo eventually catches up with Elly, who has reunited with Alex. Guillermo pursues the two girls as they flee for their life. He knocks Elly out and attempts to kill Alex with gasoline. Elly, on the other hand, musters the courage to burn down Guillermo’s narcotics, ultimately saving Alex’s life. Guillermo catches fire while attempting to salvage his narcotics, while Elly and Alex escape to safety. Jose reunites with Alex, and the nice moment assures that Elly and Alex are safe now that Guillermo is no longer a threat. Guillermo’s fate is unknown, however considering that he catches fire, he is most likely dead.

Elly notices a blooming buttercup flower in the desert at the end of the film. Elly and her sister have a deep bond, as revealed earlier in the film. Elly was dubbed Buttercup by her sister, who also gave her a magnifying glass with a buttercup flower on it. Elly deals with her sister’s death throughout the film. Elly also blames herself for driving while high on drugs and triggering the accident that killed her sister.

During the climax, however, Elly gains the confidence and strength to defeat Guillermo by remembering her sister. Elly recognizes her sister in Alex in some ways, and the sight of Guillermo attempting to murder Alex is enough for Elly to snap back into action and rescue her life. Elly’s quest comes full circle when she burns the pills, ensuring that fewer individuals are influenced by them and damage their loved ones. Elly’s peace with her past is symbolized by the blossoming of the buttercup. She is preparing to go on with her life while keeping her sister’s memories close to her heart.

Duration: 102 min


IMDb: 6.6

Borrego Ending Explained: Does Elly Escape?


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