Best Vampire Shows on Netflix Right Now

11 Best Vampire Shows on Netflix Right Now – Bloodsuckers have been featured on the big screen for a long time. All of these vampire characters shared some similarities but also had their own distinct personalities. Vampire movies were a popular genre back when they were released one after the other. However, they gradually achieved saturation and slowed down. The only vampire movies we see these days are those with gleaming skin and noble intentions. God only knows what happened to old-school horror. No one takes vampires seriously now, just as no one takes zombies seriously after ‘Warm Bodies.’

Vampires, on the other hand, are far from extinct. Of course, they don’t exist at all, but I’m not referring to them being dead in real life. I’m referring to them still appearing on the big screen. You may read it again if you want, but I’m telling you there’s still hope because there are some really excellent TV shows out there that are currently experiencing a Vampire Renaissance. The best part is that many of these TV series are available on Netflix. Below is a list of some of the best vampire shows on Netflix. They may not be precisely like the traditional vampires, but they’re still better than shiny tiny snowflakes. Here’s a selection of really good vampire shows on Netflix that you can watch right now.

11. Legacies (2018 -)

‘Legacies,’ a supernatural fantasy drama television series developed by Julie Plec, stars Danielle Rose Russell, Aria Shahghasemi, Kaylee Bryant, and Jenny Boyd. The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted in Mystic Falls provides young werewolves, witches, and vampires with the opportunity to control their wicked inclinations and become a better version of themselves. Because they are aware that their opponents can strike at any time, these mythological animals rely solely on stories and ancient mythology to train one-on-one combat so that they have a fighting chance when they face their foes.

10. V Wars (2019)

‘V Wars,’ a science fiction horror streaming television series starring Ian Somerhalder, Adrian Holmes, and Laura Vandervoort, is based on Jonathan Maberry’s comic book and anthology series of the same name. The drama, produced by William Laurin and Glenn Davis, centres around a vampire pandemic that threatens to pit humans against the undead in a full-fledged war. The dramatic occurrences are caused by an ancient biological infectious pathogen that has been liberated from ice by climate change and is now transforming people into vampires. As the situation worsens by the day, Dr. Luther Swann joins forces with his friend Michael Fayne to prevent the war from developing further.

9. Sirius the Jaeger (2018)

‘Sirius the Jaeger,’ produced by P.A.Works, is a supernatural thriller anime scripted by Keigo Koyanagi. It follows Yuliy “Yuriychka” Jirov, a teenage werewolf who has lost his home and loved ones to bloodthirsty vampires, and he now feels compelled to hunt them down and exact retribution. When the undead flee to Japan from China in the 1930s, Yuliy joins the Yaegers, vampire hunters. When they arrive in the East Asian country, the stage is set for a full-fledged battle between the two parties, with the lives of many innocent people on the line.

8. Hotel Transylvania: The Series (2017 – 2020)

‘Hotel Transylvania: The Series,’ developed by Mark Steinberg, is an animated comedic television show that serves as a prequel to the 2012 film of the same name. The plot revolves around Mavis, who has taken over as the official in command of the hotel in his father’s absence while he attends the Vampire Council. Mavis now wants to prove herself to her father with the help of her friends Hank N Stein, Pedro, and Wendy Blob. Unfortunately, all of her crazy plans are derailed by the arrival of Aunt Lydia, who refuses to let Mavis do as she pleases.

7. Van Helsing (2016)

From the original Dracula novels, we’ve all heard about Abraham Van Helsing, the scientist and Dracula hunter. The plot centres around his daughter, Vanessa Helsing, who is brought back to Earth only to discover that Vampires now govern the entire globe, and she may be our final hope for restoring peace in a world where savage creatures lurk in the shadows. If you like witnessing post-apocalyptic worlds, you’ll adore this one. Just don’t judge it based on the first few episodes; it gets lot better with time. The show has been running well since 2016 and, perhaps, will have even more to offer in the future.

6. Hemlock Grove (2013)

This show gets creepier with each episode, so start watching it right away if that’s your thing. It centers on a small hamlet called ‘Hemlock Grove,’ which is riddled with dark secrets and falsehoods. But then something happens that changes everything and begins to reveal a darker secret that the town has been keeping all along. Evils that were hidden in plain sight suddenly expose themselves as they emerge from behind closed curtains, exposing everyone to the falsehood they had been living in up until now. This show can be horrifyingly graphic and gory at times, but for some strange reason, that is what makes it so addictive. If you can handle some gore, you should absolutely give this one a shot. It’s a fantastic show once you get used to its oddness.

5. Castlevania (2017)

This anime is amazingly good and is based on a video game. This anime’s plot revolves around a war between vicious creatures and a man who is the sole survivor of the Belmont Clan, a clan famed for hunting vampires. When Dracula’s wife is burned alive for witchcraft, he goes insane and unleashes bloodsucking monsters to wipe all humanity. That is where Trevor Belmont comes in as humanity’s last hope, as he is the only one who can put an end to Dracula’s craziness. This show has the best representation of vampires, and others should watch and learn from it. However, because the program is a complete slaughterhouse, it may not be suitable for everyone.

4. From Dusk Till Dawn (2014)

This series aired for two years, from 2014 to 2016, and consists of 30 episodes. It depicts the story of a Ranger who, while hunting the Gecko brothers and their prisoners, becomes trapped in the middle of a vampire-infested desert bar. When they begin to absorb the truth of their surroundings, they discover they are in the midst of a vampire conspiracy. The show retells the plot of the classic film ‘Dusk Till Dawn,’ and does a fantastic job of staying true to the original. Overall, it’s a fantastic vampire show that you should not miss out on.

3. The Originals (2013)

‘The Originals,’ a ‘Vampire Diaries’ spin-off, is at times better than the original show. The plot centres around the Mikaelson siblings from ‘Vampire Diaries,’ who are referred to as the show’s Originals. The brothers relocate to New Orleans to combat a menace that threatens their strongest brother, Klaus, who is expecting a half-breed child with his werewolf wife. To keep the infant safe, “the Originals” will have to battle a slew of evil powers that will do all in their power to damage the child. This show is incredibly incredible, and it is by far the greatest on this list. For anyone looking for vampire TV series, this is a must-see.

2. Vampires (2020)

‘Vampires,’ a supernatural horror streaming television series created by Benjamin Dupas and Isaure Pisani-Ferry, stars Oulaya Amamra, Suzanne Clément, Aliocha Schneider, and Kate Moran. The plot revolves around a Parisian adolescent who is half-human and half-vampire. When she comes to realize her full talents, the oblivious teen is forced to confront her true identity while dealing with family strife. To make matters worse, the protagonist is approached by a secret vampire community while she is still unaware of the full range of her abilities.

1. The Vampire Diaries (2009)

‘The Vampire Diaries,’ one of the most popular vampire dramas on the air, recounts the narrative of a girl named Elena who meets a guy named Stefan. Something definitely sparks between the two, but she soon discovers that Stefan and his brother Damon are somewhat unusual. They’re both vampires, in fact. The show features eight seasons of teen drama as well as supernatural vampire action and rivalry. For good reason, the series is quite popular, and it will undoubtedly captivate you.