Best Movies About Drugs on Netflix Right Now

8 Best Movies About Drugs on Netflix Right Now: Too much of anything may be harmful, and we are all familiar with the dangers of drug abuse. In films like ‘The Basketball Diaries’ and ‘Requiem for a Dream’, we’ve seen the most gruesome and distressing pictures of drug addictions, and these are just a few examples. When it interferes with our basic day-to-day routines, addiction may devastate lives and shatter families like no other sickness.

Drugs, on the other hand, aren’t always depicted in a negative manner. There are times when watching a bunch of kids become wasted on drugs and booze can be entertaining, but only if it doesn’t have any negative consequences for the audience. For example, drug abuse is not confined to “medicated” or’stoned’. If you are “on medications” (prescribed drugs), it is possible that you are still a drug addict, as mentioned in the entry below.

We’ve got you covered, whether you’re looking for a light-hearted movie about a group of stoned kids or something instructive that will help you better understand the dangers of drug use. The following is a list of Netflix’s best drug movies, all of which are currently available for viewing. Drug trafficking, addiction, and dealing are all depicted in these films.

8. Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord (2021)

Best Movies About Drugs on Netflix Right Now

The documentary ‘Shiny Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord,’ directed by Eva Müller and Michael Schmitt, tells the story of Maximilian Schmidt, the man behind the web series ‘How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)’ Unable to leave his house, a young adult in 2015 sold 4.1 million euros worth of drugs. Maximilian’s international drug empire lasted just 14 months, but he used his website to alter the drug trade in ways that were previously unimaginable. An account of what happened when Maximilian Schmidt started his illicit enterprise is told in the film.

7. Heroin(e) (2017)

Best Movies About Drugs on Netflix Right Now

An epidemic of heroin addiction and overdose is depicted in this film, which follows the narrative of one West Virginia hamlet. The city of Huntington is on the verge of a calamity that could spread like wildfire down to the next generation because of its high rate of overdoses. Three women are on a quest to end the drug cycle once and for all, and filmmaker Elaine McMillion Sheldon portrays this side of the war on drugs. Three ladies who are making a difference without expecting anything in return are what makes this documentary noteworthy.

6. Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics (2020)

Best Movies About Drugs on Netflix Right Now

Documentary movie “Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psilocybin” is hosted by Nick Offerman. Hallucinogenic drug use experiences are the focus of the (Emmy Award-winning) Donick Cary film. Some of the stories are funny, and the reenactments, which were created using interactive animation, only serve to enhance the experience. What better way than to learn more about some of your favorite celebrities’ experiences with hallucinogenics than by watching “Have a good trip,” a documentary about psychedelic experiences?

5. The Drug King (2018)

Best Movies About Drugs on Netflix Right Now

Leo Doo-sam is known as “The Drug King” in Busan, South Korea, where he has developed an impeccably organized smuggling operation. His narcotics operation is rooted in the underworld’s deepest reaches. This does not mean he is impenetrable, however. Kim In-goo, a public prosecutor in South Korea, is on a mission to find him and find a way in through man’s insatiable desire for growth. There are a few more actors in the picture who do a good job as well, including the lead actor. This one’s sole flaw is that it sometimes feels like it’s been stretched out too far and thus loses focus.

4. Divines (2016)


‘Divines’ tells the story of a Parisian youngster who lives on the outskirts of the city and is fascinated by the supernatural. She agrees to work as a runner for a drug dealer because she has a strong desire to succeed and receive immediate fulfillment. Her life begins to change when she meets a young dancer who shows her a world of new and greater possibilities. The actors in this French film do a fantastic job, and the film itself is wonderful. As you watch the film, you will find yourself laughing and crying along with the film’s characters because the film’s depiction of life is so accurate. If you’re a fan of French cinema, this film is a must-see.

3. 6 Balloons (2018)

Best Movies About Drugs on Netflix Right Now

When Katie notices that her brother Seth (Dave Franco) has relapsed on his heroin addiction, she tries to help him get back on his feet. During the nighttime drive, Seth, Seth’s girlfriend, and her daughter, Katie, search for a rehab facility. Dave Franco’s portrayal of a heroin addict is so realistic that it might even frighten you at times. Apparently, he had to lose 20 pounds for this movie because he had to portray a heroin addict. Even Abbi Jacobson, the film’s lead female, demonstrates her acting prowess.

Most of the reviews for this picture are a little misleading and devalue it a lot more than it should. It’s worth a look, and it really gets you inside the head of a family suffering with a loved one’s drug addiction. For anyone looking for a film that depicts the reality of addiction rather than unnecessary drama, this indie flick is for you. It has a conscious narrative that can even be relatable to individuals who have experienced similar addictions themselves.

2. Hillbilly Elegy (2020)

Best Movies About Drugs on Netflix Right Now
Photo Credit: Lacey Terrell/NETFLIX © 2020

‘Hillbilly Elegy,’ based on the memoir of the same name by J. D. Vance, stars Amy Adams, Glenn Close, Gabriel Basso, Haley Bennett, and Freida Pinto. The story follows a Yale Law student who takes a semester off to visit his homeland in the Appalachian Mountains. It’s during his stay at this remote location that he contemplates the lives of three generations of his family members, as well as his own personal decisions and hopes for the future.

1. Take Your Pills (2018)

Best Movies About Drugs on Netflix Right Now

As with every generation, this one has a pill. In today’s hyper-competitive culture, the abuse of Adderall and Ritalin has skyrocketed in recent years. College students and Wall Street professionals alike are turning to attention-deficit medication like this previously reserved for children. However, no one is considering the long-term effects of these medications. The struggle to achieve “Limitlessness” is enslaving us.