Best Lesbian Anime of All Time

20 Best Lesbian Anime of All Time – For a long time, anime creators have included LGBT characters in their films and series. While the majority of these LGBT characters are overtly sexualized, many of them are engaging and important to the plot. We attempted to construct a list of anime that feature lesbian characters. The majority of the anime you’ll read about are from the Yuri genre. With that said, here is a list of the best anime featuring lesbian characters. Start watching these anime if you’re looking for gorgeous anime lesbians. Several of these yuri anime may be found on Crunchyroll, Netflix, and YouTube.

20. Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi (2008)

If you’re searching for normal shoujo anime, you should skip this one and look at the other options on this list. The show’s target demographic is individuals who don’t mind violence and enjoy a mystery story with a lot of fanservice. At first, the premise may appear to be a little perplexing and open-ended, but trust us when we say that your patience will be rewarded. ‘Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi’ follows Rin Asogi, a beautiful woman who owns a private detective agency with her colleague Mimi. Rin is immortal, and the reason for this is the ‘Time Fruit,’ which can only be found in the guardian tree, Yggdrasil. If a lady consumes it, she will become immortal. Mimi is also invincible.

The anime series chronicles Rin’s existence over the course of 65 years, during which she never alters her appearance while those around her age. Being a detective puts you in risky situations, and Rin has been in trouble before, but her immortality has always rescued her. But it doesn’t take long for Rin to understand she’s facing the greatest threat of her life as an unknown opponent relentlessly pursues her. Funimation is where you can see the action-packed series.

19. Citrus (2018)

‘Citrus,’ another excellent shoujo-ai anime set in a high school, is a must-see. If you are not a fan of the Yuri genre, you may experience some discomfort while watching this anime. But trust us when we say that ‘Citrus’ is a fantastic show for anyone looking for lesbian anime. Yuzu Aihara is a socialite and a fashionista. So, when her mother remarries and Yuzu is forced to transfer to a new school, she seizes the opportunity to meet new people. She, too, wishes to have that unforgettable first kiss and to fall in love. But she has no idea what her new school has in store for her. Yuzu soon finds that her peers only study and follow the rules until she arrives. This distinguishes her and draws the attention of Mei Aihara, the student council president, who attempts to seize the former’s phone.

Yuzu discovers her stepsister is none other than Mei after returning home. Yuzu tries to approach her, but Mei gives her a cold shoulder, forcing the former to torment the latter. Mei, on the other hand, does not let Yuzu finish her sentence before forcing her to the ground and kissing her. Yuzu does get her first kiss, but did she plan it that way? If you want to see how the tale progresses, you can watch the show here.

18. Yuru Yuri (2011 – 2015)

‘Yuru Yuri’ is a film based on the popular manga of the same name. The anime is set at a high school and revolves around the lives of a group of girls. Kyouko Toshinou, Yui Funami, Akari Akaza, and Chinatsu Yoshikawa are four average teenagers with typical adolescent problems who want to live a carefree life.

Yui and Kyouko, Akari Akaza’s friends, are a year her senior. This is why she needs to spend the last year of elementary school apart from her childhood buddies. Everything changes when she starts middle school. She establishes an Amusement Club with Yui and Kyouko with the sole aim of providing entertainment to its members. Soon later, Akari and another girl named Chinatsu join the group, and so begins a remarkable connection between these girls that will change their lives.

17. Strawberry Panic (2006)

If you’re new to the yuri or shoujo-ai genres, ‘Strawberry Panic’ might be just what you’re looking for. The anime is suitable for young teenagers and does not contain any sexually explicit elements. The plot stands up nicely for the majority of the series. The characters are intriguing, and you’ll be left wondering who will hook up with whom. St. Miator’s Girls’ Academy, an all-girls Catholic school in the Astraea Hill region, is the focus of the anime. The school is separated into three distinct groups, each with its own uniform. Aoi Nagisa enrolls in St. Miator’s Girls’ Academy and learns about the school’s hierarchical system. Shizuma Hanazono is encountered by the fourth-year transfer student after she falls down a hill. Shizuma is a lovely young lady who is willing to assist anyone in need. She kisses Nagisa on the forehead, causing her to pass unconscious. As her time at the academy passes, she becomes closer acquainted with Shizuma, and the two girls assist each other deal with their terrible history.

16. Mai-HiME (2004 – 2005)

Though it is a fine shoujo-ai anime with an innovative premise and amusing characters, few people are aware of the ‘Mai-HiME’ event. The tale may appear to be a little slow at first, but that will change after a few episodes. Furthermore, fans of magic shows are likely to fall in love with the series. Mai Tokiha appears to be an ordinary girl who has transferred to Fuuka Academy. Takumi Tokiha, her brother, has also joined her. Takumi is in critical condition and has a heart issue, which is why Mai is there to assist her brother. Mai pledged to take after Takumi as her mother was dying, and she has maintained her word ever since. However, soon after enrolling at Fuuka Academy, Mai discovers that she possesses the Hime mark, which allows her to call a half-spiritual, half-human child anywhere she wishes.

She is not alone, however, as there are 12 other girls with the Hime mark, and this power has been given onto them in order to safeguard Earth from hideous creatures known as Orphans. Mai, despite her reluctance at first, eventually joins the fight when the Orphans become too powerful. But, to their astonishment, Mai and his buddies soon discover that orphans aren’t the only thing they have to worry about. You can follow the drama as it develops by clicking here.

15. Yagate Kimi ni Naru (2018)

‘Yagate Kimi ni Naru’ is easily one of the best shoujo-ai anime available right now. Yuu is an avid reader and follower of the shoujo genre who has been patiently awaiting the commencement of her own romantic love story. So, she should have been overjoyed when a boy confessed his feelings for her and asked her out, right? But, curiously, she is deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly dea Yuu is at a loss for words as to how she should respond. But when she starts high school and watches the lovely Touko Nagami, the student council president, politely decline a male who expresses his feelings for her, she is rather impressed. She wishes to be taken under Nagami’s wing in order to learn how to respectfully decline someone’s request. So far, everything is OK, right? But what will Nagami do when the next person to profess her emotions for Yuu is Nagami herself? Is her long-awaited love tale finally starting? You’ll have to watch the anime, which you can see here, to find out.

14. Konohana Kitan (2017)

‘Konohana Kitan’ is a magical and fanciful shoujo-ai anime. For its imaginative world-building, the show is set in a fantastical universe that combines Japanese culture with mythical animals. There are different ethnicities in our globe, each with their unique culture and mannerism. The Konohanatei Hot Springs Inn is a hot springs inn. Yuzu is a fox girl from the spirits’ village who begins working as an attendant at Konohanatei. Kiri, another fox girl who works there, assists Yuzu in learning all of her responsibilities. Though Yuzu is eager to contribute, her excitement is the source of many errors. However, because she has a charming and welcoming personality, clients and coworkers frequently forgive her. Yuzu progressively improves at her job as other fox girls assist her, and she feels as if she has found a second family in the Konohanatei inn. The bonds that form there bring Yuzu closer to her first love, and she learns a lot about herself.

13. Asagao to Kase-san. (2018)

If you enjoy romantic anime, you might enjoy ‘Asagao to Kase-san,’ regardless of your preference for the shoujo-ai genre. ‘Asagao to Kase-san’ is an Original Video Animation that follows Yui Yamada, a high school student who is not strong at sports or singing. She, on the other hand, adores plants and has been assigned the task of planting saplings and caring for her school’s flora. She falls in love with the boyish-looking Tomoka Kase and battles her emotions. The two gradually come to terms with their sexuality as the story progresses. But will they be able to have the bravery to date each other?

12. Bleach (2004 – 2012)

Bleach is a well-known anime that need no introduction. It revolves around Ichigo’s life after he gets the power of a Shinigami. While the story is classified as shounen, Chizuru Honsho is a lesbian who is enamored with Orihime, particularly her large breasts. Her attempts to fondle Orihime are frequently thwarted by Tatsuki, Ichigo’s childhood buddy and Orihime’s classmate, but this does not deter her from making regular sexual advances. The sexual tension between the two is both amusing and intriguing to see.

11. Sailor Moon (1992 – 1997)

‘Sailor Moon’ follows Usagi Tsukino, a typical student who once saved a cat without realizing the far-reaching effects of her actions. The cat turns out to be Luna, who informs Usagi that she will become Sailor Moon, the Earth’s guardian and protector. Despite the fact that the series is dynamic and full of action, it is included on this list due of the romance between Haruka Tenou and Michiru Kaiou. Though the series was slightly edited for the American audience, the original version depicted the couple courting. Haruka can also be spotted striking Usagi on occasion. As a result, despite being a shoujo anime, the series has yuri aspects.

10. Maria†Holic (2009 – 2011)

Ame no Kisaki Catholic School is a girls-only school. Kanako Miyamae is a transfer student who comes to the prestigious educational institution hoping to find true love like her parents did. She is overjoyed when she sees the lovely and charming Mariya Shidou and knows she has met the one. Unfortunately, Mariya is a cross-dressing boy who threatens to reveal Kanako’s desire to enter the school unless she keeps his gender hidden. Interested in seeing how the narrative progresses?

9. El Cazador de la Bruja (2007)

The story of a bounty hunter named Nadie is told in ‘El Cazador de la Bruja.’ Ellis, an amnesiac girl suspected of murdering a famous scientist, is her most recent target. Even though Nadie finds Ellis, she gives her a chance to regain her memory by taking her to Wiay Marka, a site that allegedly has amnesia treatment. Their lone lead is an Inca Rose gemstone, which has some ties to Ellis, but will it be enough to solve all the mysteries?

8. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san (2014)

Yachiyo Inugami and Suzu Nekoyama, two high school females, are the subjects of the yuri comedy anime. While the former prefers dogs, the latter prefers cats. Despite their apparent differences, the girls begin to develop feelings for each other. Despite the fact that they both realize there is something between them, Yachiyo is the first to make amorous advances, while Suzu is more reserved. The anime follows the two girls as they come to terms with their feelings and fall in love.

7. Riddle Story of Devil (2014)

Tokaku Azuma, a high school student and assassin, is the protagonist of ‘Riddle Story of the Devil.’ She and 11 other assassins are entrusted with killing a girl named Haru Ichinose. As a trained assassin, Azuma swiftly gets to work, but she is unable to execute her objective and instead falls in love with the girl she is supposed to kill. Tokaku eventually succumbs to her emotions and ends up shielding Haru from the other assassins.

6. Kiniro Mosaic (2013 – 2015)

The anime follows the lives of five openly gay women and tells a wonderful story of acceptance and growth. Shinobu Oomiya meets Alice during her stay in England and rapidly becomes close friends with her. Shinobu was so close that it was difficult for him to return to Japan. Shinobu is now in high school, and many years have gone since then. She gets a letter one day from Alice, who is going to Shinobu’s High School and will be living with her again. When the two meet again, old feelings resurface, eventually teaching the duo and their friends life-changing lessons.

5. Sakura Trick (2014)

Haruka Takayama studies at Misato West High School alongside her close friend Yuu Sonado who gradually gets popular and starts making new acquaintances. It makes Haruka jealous. However, to protect Haruka from feeling horrible, Yuu proposes they should have something special between them and asks her for a kiss. Well, immediately after the romantic encounter, complex sentiments start building between the two, and they soon discover that they may be drawn to each other. You can watch the duo struggle with their feelings and learn to reconcile their emotions on HIDIVE.

4. Simoun (2007)

‘Simoun’ is set in the peaceful theocracy of Simulicram, where every inhabitant is born female. They can choose their sex by having a specific ceremony at the age of 17. Simoun is a special flying ship used to defend Simulicram, which can be flown by a pair of females who have not yet gone through the ritual. After a devastating strike by the enemy, Aer is recruited to pilot the Simoun with Neviril, who had recently lost her mate. After Aer is drawn to her fellow companion, she seeks to get closer to her. Unfortunately, Neviril is still battling to come to grips with her history. Will she be able to find the courage to welcome Aer?

3. Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997)

‘Revolutionary Girl Utena’ principally centres around the relationship between Utena and Anthy. After getting some emotional support from a prince, Utena Tanjou chooses to follow his example and become a royal herself. The sole relic that the prince left her was a rose crest ring. She does not realize the importance of the ring until years later when she enrolls in Ootori Academy. Here other students holding similar rings are pit against each other in a fight to win the rose bride Anthy. Curious to figure out how the narrative unfolds?

2. Whispered Words (2009)

‘Whispered Words’ is a romance anime. The show shows Sumika and Ushio openly in a lesbian relationship. Sumika is a bright and popular student who is secretly in love with one of her classmates, Ushio. Sumika has a hard time admitting her love towards her crush since she thinks that Ushio is fussy about her selections. But Ushio had not detected Sumika’s feelings towards her. She is hesitant as other girls have rejected her.

1. Sweet Blue Flowers (2009)

Fumi Manjoume is a first-year student in Matsuoka Girl’s High School. She has recently had a terrible breakup and is now suffering the after-effects. Akira Okudaira is a student at Fujigatani Girl’s Academy, and she is also the childhood friend of Fumi. When the buddies are united almost a decade later, they instantly grow close and help each other through terrible times. Fumi falls in love with Akira and confesses to her. Though Akira is a bit bewildered about her actions, she does not fully ignore Fumi’s feelings. You may rent the anime on YouTube.