Best Hallmark-Like Holiday Movies on Netflix Right Now

10 Best Hallmark-Like Holiday Movies on Netflix Right Now – Hallmark is the finest place to go for high-quality family programming. The channel is most known for producing family-friendly movies and shows with themes of celebration, love, and family. There are also Christmas and holiday movies that people like watching on Hallmark. One recurring inquiry is if Netflix has any Hallmark movies in its library. Unfortunately, the answer is no.

But don’t worry! There are a plethora of Hallmark-style holiday movies available on Netflix. From romantic romances to family adventures, there is something for everyone’s tastes in every genre. Netflix has a large collection of some of the best feel-good holiday movies available. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best feel-good holiday movies that you can watch on Netflix all year long.

10. Christmas Inheritance (2017)

‘Christmas Inheritance,’ an endearing Christmas comedy-drama film, follows Ellen, a spoiled heiress who is brought to the little hamlet of Snow Falls by her father to deliver a special Christmas letter to her Uncle Zeke. Daughter father hopes that by doing so, he can teach her the value of hard labor and self-sufficiency while also continuing the yearly practice with Zeke. Ellen conceals her true identity and is warmly welcomed by the people of the town. Soon after, she develops feelings for Jake, the manager of Zeke’s guest home, but their relationship is jeopardized when her fiancé Gray arrives.

Furthermore, after discovering who Ellen truly is, Jake becomes enraged and refuses to speak with her. As a result, she decides to raise funds for the community’s Christmas Eve event. In doing so, she demonstrates her ability to her father and Jake, and she discovers a new path in life. ‘Christmas Inheritance’ celebrates the holiday season and shows how love can be found in the most unexpected places, making it one of the best holiday movies.

9. A Castle for Christmas (2021)


‘A Castle for Christmas’ is a lovely Christmas romantic comedy film about Sophie, a successful American author who becomes embroiled in a scandal involving her current book. To get away from the chaos, she flies to Scotland during the holidays to see her roots and visits the Dun Dunbar castle, where her father worked as a groundskeeper.

Sophie is drawn to the castle and wishes to purchase it, but she is opposed by Myles, the cranky duke who owns it. Myles and Sophie fall in love after some amusing attempts at outdoing each other. However, their disagreement over who owns the castle puts a damper on their newfound happiness. The gorgeous Scottish castle, enchanting romance, and stunning Christmas graphics make the film the ideal holiday treat.

8. Holiday in the Wild (2019)


‘Holiday in the Wild,’ a poignant romantic comedy film, is an unusual addition to the holiday movie list. It’s about Kate, who travels on a solo journey to Zambia after splitting up with her husband. There, she meets a charming pilot named Derek, and the two embark on a crazy expedition to help protect an elephant sanctuary. They spend Christmas together and eventually fall in love with one other.

Despite the challenges, Kate has a new sense of purpose at the sanctuary and resolves to stay with Derek and help the voiceless creatures. The film exemplifies the genuine spirit of Christmas: to be kind and to use one’s ability to help those in need. Even while it lacks the typical Christmas snow and decorations found in other festive romances, it is an equally lovely love story.

7. Let It Snow (2019)


‘Let It Snow’ is a Christmas romantic comedy film based on the eponymous novel. It depicts a group of high school students who gather on Christmas Eve after their town is devastated by a snowfall. The unexpected turn of events pushes them to reconsider their sexual orientation, friendships, professional choices, and relationships. The choices they make on that fateful day alter their lives for the better and for the worse. The film explores the challenges that young adults encounter, as well as their aspirations and hopes for finding love. The snow and the backdrop of Christmas Eve, on the other hand, play an important part in emphasizing the bittersweet experience of youth.

6. Holidate (2020)


‘Holidate’ is a romantic comedy film about the loneliness experienced by single individuals during the holidays and how commercialized festivals have become in the modern era. It follows Sloane, who is ridiculed by her family for being unmarried after splitting up with her ex, and Jackson, whose Christmas date dumps him. They decide to be each other’s dates throughout the holidays without any commitment to avoid people’s retorts and to have some company.

However, Jackson and Sloane’s platonic relationship quickly becomes problematic as actual feelings develop between them. They must now choose between confronting their fear of emotional commitment and losing each other. The eccentricity of the protagonists, as well as the realistic representation of societal strain on relationships during the holidays, distinguishes ‘Holidate’ from other holiday films.

5. Single All the Way (2021)

‘Single All the Way’ is a romantic comedy film about Peter, a gay man who finds out his partner is married. In an attempt to evade his family’s queries over the holidays, he persuades his best buddy Nick to masquerade as his boyfriend and accompany him home. When Peter arrives, his mother attempts to link him up with her spinning teacher James, whilst his father believes that Nick is the perfect match for him.

Peter and Nick recognize their emotions for each other after repeated attempts by Peter’s family to bring them together. Their burgeoning romance, however, is jeopardized by Peter’s dread of losing Nick’s friendship. What could be better than falling in love with your closest friend around the holidays? ‘Single All the Way’ addresses this directly, as does its straightforward yet realistic representation of LGBTQ+ characters.

4. The Knight Before Christmas (2019)

‘The Knight Before Christmas,’ a delightful Christmas comedy film that tackles the subject of time travel, is a well-known holiday film. Cole, a medieval squire, is transferred from 1334 England to 2019 Ohio on a mission to become a knight before Christmas Eve. He arrives at the Christmas Castle festival and meets Brooke, a high school teacher. She is first amused by his strange behavior and dress, so she guesses he has amnesia and lets him remain in her guest house.

Cole tries to complete his mission by brave acts, but he finally succeeds after falling in love with Brooke and kissing her. He returns to his time, but when he sees he is unhappy, he returns to the present to be with Brooke. The film depicts a timeless Christmas romance, making it an ideal holiday treat. Furthermore, the holiday preparations depicted in it convey the impression that Christmas is approaching.

3. A California Christmas (2020)

‘A California Christmas’ is a Christmas romantic drama film about affluent womanizer Joseph Van Aston, whose mother sends him to Petaluma before Christmas for a land purchase in exchange for his extravagant lifestyle. Callie is the strong-willed dairy farm owner he must persuade to buy her land. To get to know her better, he pretends to be a ranch hand and begins assisting her on the property. Callie and Joseph eventually fall in love, and he learns a thing or two about living a life of honest hard work.

The grim truth of Joseph’s goal and Callie’s pain, however, continue to loom over their developing closeness. The story goes on to show how they overcome these obstacles and save their relationship. Though it is not a traditional Christmas film, it does highlight the festival’s principles of honesty and love. Because of the fans’ enthusiasm, a sequel depicting Joseph and Callie’s journey to the wedding altar has been created.

2. The Princess Switch (2018)

‘The Princess Switch,’ an enjoyable Christmas romantic comedy film, is based on the premise of identical people. Stacy, a Chicago-based baker, and Lady Margaret, Duchess of Montenaro, run into each other and realize they look exactly the same. Margaret aspires to escape royal duties and live a normal life, so Stacy assists her by consenting to trade places for a few days. Stacy falls in love with Margaret’s fiancé, Prince Edward, while pretending to be the duchess.

Margaret and Stacy’s best friend Kevin, on the other hand, are drawn to each other. The rest of the plot is around how the revelation of their ruses affects their relationships and lifestyles. Even though it is not specifically about the holidays, the film is set during the holiday season and has thus become a fan favorite. Furthermore, there are two additional films in the ‘The Princess Switch’ series that follow Stacy and Margaret on fresh holiday experiences.

1. A Christmas Prince (2017)

‘A Christmas Prince’ is a Christmas romance comedy film that follows New York journalist Amber on a journey to Aldovia, a faraway country. There, she is tasked with covering a press conference hosted by Prince Richard, the country’s soon-to-be successor. Soon after, she is mistaken for Richard’s sister Emily’s tutor, but she tries to capitalize on the uncertainty in order to obtain access to the prince.

Amber first views Richard as an arrogant playboy, but her perceptions shift and they fall in love. Richard and Amber’s relationship is jeopardized by her secret identity, as well as his cunning cousin Simon and ex-girlfriend Sophia. ‘A Christmas Prince,’ a romantic tale of royal romance set against the backdrop of a white Christmas, has topped the holiday movie list. Its success has spawned tw