Best Black and White Movies on Netflix Right Now

10 Best Black and White Movies on Netflix Right Now – Black-and-white films are never just black and white; there are hundreds of hues in between. Since the silent era, the gradations of grey in black and white have made it a favorite of filmmakers. Technicolor made everything in Hollywood look gorgeous in the 1930s and 1940s. Those filmmakers who wanted to examine the nuances of personalities, the variety of emotions, the depth of drama, and the ephemeral aspect of human personas chose black-and-white. At a time when color was king, films like Citizen Kane (1941), The Little Foxes (1941), and cinema noir made black-and-white a niche.

Black-and-white films have developed their own distinct look over time. In the digital age, black-and-white films are still in high demand among filmmakers for their aesthetic or political possibilities, as well as among moviegoers for their unique cinematic experience, because gradations of grey are almost infinite, as are human emotions. The distinctive grain and shadows of black and white films inspire nostalgia in viewers.

In the absence of color, black-and-white cinematography helps viewers to see the light more vividly from different perspectives. In other words, we have the right to witness the characters’ inner lives from a different perspective. As we grow to know the characters and their emotional spaces better, our whole cinematic experience improves. Netflix is eager to save and improve its extensive collection of black-and-white films. Here’s a list of 10 great black-and-white Netflix movies that you can watch right now.

10. Passing (2021)

Best Black and White Movies on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

‘Passing,’ set in 1920s New York, follows estranged childhood friends Irene Redfield (Tessa Thompson), a light-skinned black lady, and Clare Bellew (Ruth Negga), who tries to pass herself off as white. During their reunion, Irene discovers that Clare has married a white guy named John, who is a racist who denigrates black people. Clare’s life is threatened by the restored connection between the two women, as John is unaware of her racial heritage. The film is based on the 1929 novel of the same name by Nella Larsen.

9. Malcolm & Marie (2021)

Best Black and White Movies on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

The Sam Levinson-directed picture follows writer-director Malcolm Elliott (John David Washington) and his lover, Marie Jones (Zendaya), as they return from a film premiere. While Marie is initially disappointed that she was not mentioned in Malcolm’s speech, she quickly begins to question why she was not cast as the film’s female lead.

Malcolm then goes on to explain how the persona was based on all of the women he had previously dated, further causing a schism between the couple. With their personal problems surfacing, their partnership is put to the ultimate test as the night progresses.

8. Mank (2020)

Best Black and White Movies on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

David Fincher’s biographical drama film ‘Mank’ depicts Hollywood through the eyes of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman) as he works on the screenplay for the 1941 film ‘Citizen Kane.’ The film examines how significant events of the 1930s and 1940s, such as the advent of Nazi Germany, the 1934 gubernatorial elections, and Hollywood politics, influenced Herman’s work. This film is a must-see for fans of ‘Citizen Kane,’ as it depicts the difficulties Herman encountered when writing the script for Orson Welles’ magnum masterpiece.

7. Elisa & Marcela (2019)

Best Black and White Movies on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

The film is based on the true story of the “first same-sex marriage in Spain,” and it follows Elisa and Marcela, who meet and become friends while attending a Catholic school. The friendship quickly turns sexual, and the two even fantasize about marrying one day. Despite the fact that same-sex marriage is illegal, their love is too strong to give up on, so they plan to be together by any means necessary. Elisa devises a plot, dresses up as a boy, and marries Marcela in a life-threatening event. But, in the end, does love triumph?

6. Blue Jay (2016)

Best Black and White Movies on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

‘Blue Jay’ centres around Jim (Mark Duplass) and Amanda, who were high school sweethearts (Sarah Paulson). Despite the fact that they haven’t spoken in a long time, the two run into each other at a grocery shop in their hometown and are overjoyed to see each other. While the chat evokes a flood of nostalgia, some memories better kept concealed return to torment the former lovers. Lost in their memories, Jim and Amanda gradually come to terms with their history, leaving the audience pulling for the two to reconcile.

5. Curtiz (2018)

Best Black and White Movies on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

‘Curtiz,’ a film about director Michael Curtiz (Ferenc Lengye) and the making of ‘Casablanca,’ follows the events leading up to the film’s production. The film, set in 1942, soon after the attack of Pearl Harbor and before the United States entered World War II, depicts how the Hungarian state employed a political figure who kept pressing Curtiz to rewrite the script.

However, difficulties in his home, as well as his troubled connection with his daughter, add to his concerns while filming. Nonetheless, a determined Curtiz perseveres and crafts a work of art that is regarded as one of the best romance films in film history.

4. The Other Side Of The Wind (2018)

Best Black and White Movies on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

‘The Other Side Of The Wind’ follows director Jake Hannaford, who is desperately trying to resurrect his fledgling career. Jake, determined to gain fame through a spectacular film, appears to bite off more than he can chew, as the production appears to be heading for disaster. Furthermore, the constant media attention puts Jake’s personal life to the forefront, affecting his sanity and well-being. Things eventually take a dark turn as Jake becomes more desperate by the second, leading to terrible occurrences that are sure to leave an impression on the spectator.

3. The Forty-Year-Old Version (2020)

Best Black and White Movies on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

‘The Forty-Year-Old Version,’ loosely based on Radha Blank’s life, depicts how an unlucky playwright and teacher named Radha believes she has achieved the pinnacle of her abilities. Radha, not wanting to waste the rest of her life, discovers modern rap music and recalls how she abandoned that hobby in high school. Radha is determined to make it big in the rap industry, but she is greeted with one barrier after another, resulting in total humiliation. The 40-year-old, however, refuses to give up, and the rest of the film follows Radha’s redemption arc as she embraces her duties, explores her boundaries, and learns to accept color in her life.

2. What Did Jack Do? (2020)

Best Black and White Movies on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

‘What Did Jack Do?’ is a humorous and breathtaking short film about a detective (David Lynch) investigating a murder in a locked-down train station. When the detective comes upon a talking capuchin monkey, he suspects it of murder. As a result, discarding other leads, he interrogates the talking money, leading to a hilarious and slightly unnerving climax.

1. Roma (2018)

Best Black and White Movies on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

‘Roma,’ directed and written by Alfonso Cuaron, is the season’s festival darling, with many awards and broad critical acclaim. Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio), a domestic servant from Mexico City’s middle-class Roma neighborhood, is the protagonist of the film. Cuaron weaves a heartfelt story about the women who nurture a generation from his childhood recollections and experiences.

The film also gives insight on women’s social position in a male-dominated Mexican society in the 1970s. ‘Roma,’ set against the backdrop of the political revolt that shook the country in the 1970s, is one of the best black-and-white films of the modern era.