Best Adult Anime on Netflix Right Now

10 Best Adult Anime on Netflix Right Now – Netflix is, without a doubt, the most popular streaming service of our day. It has a large selection of the top TV shows and movies. Recognizing the enormous popularity of anime, Netflix has now gone into producing it. With that in mind, today we’ll take a look at the greatest anime for adults accessible on the streaming service. Please keep in mind that we have limited ourselves to only r-rated and mature anime. These aren’t Hentai at all. Let’s also be clear that just because some films on our list contain sexual content and sometimes explicit nudity doesn’t mean they’re bad. The following is a list of some of the best adult anime series available on Netflix.

10. Baki (2018)

Best Adult Anime on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

Look, I’ve seen the previous ‘Baki’ arcs, and they were enjoyable. It is a standard shounen manga about a youngster named Baki Hanma who aspires to be the finest fighter in the world. However, he must work extra hard to achieve that goal because his father, Yujiro Hanma, presently holds the title. Though I am not a fan of the most recent arc in the franchise, it is the only one available on Netflix. After seeing it, I believe it is enjoyable enough to be on this list, but if you are a fan of ‘Baki: The Grappler’ and other stuff from more than two decades ago, you will consider it a step back. However, the animation is superior to the preceding arcs.

This Original Net Animation has a total of 26 episodes (yes, it does not follow the manga), with each episode lasting 24 minutes. Baki works relentlessly in this series to become a better version of himself in order to become the strongest fighter in the world. However, his celebrity attracts some unexpected guests who want to put his skills to the test. These are five of the world’s most dangerous criminals, who are bored with their lives because no one can beat them. So they come to battle Baki. Prepare for an action-packed animation in which Baki and his comrades battle the world’s most dangerous criminals. You can watch it here.

9. Japan Sinks: 2020 (2020)

Best Adult Anime on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

Within a few hours of an earthquake jolting the whole Japanese archipelago, the entire Southeast Asian nation is on its knees. People flee for safety as the country slowly sinks, and among the enormous groups of survivors is the tranquil Mutou family. Unfortunately, the chances are stacked firmly against their survival as tragedy after tragedy befalls the desperate family. Can the Mutou’s endure the worst of natural calamity as people perish around them from hunger, tiredness, and accidents? As the anime is incredibly entertaining to watch, the series handles the subject in a very compelling and original manner. Despite the pandemonium, there are numerous episodes in which the characters feel a sense of normalcy. One of them contains an intense lovemaking scene that should only be seen by mature viewers. If you want to watch the science-fiction drama show, you may find all of the episodes here.

8. Kengan Ashura (2019)

Best Adult Anime on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

‘Kengan Ashura,’ set in a universe where commercial disagreements are settled through violent contests between expert martial artists, follows Ouma Tokita, a gladiator who aims to be the strongest fighter. Fortunately, Hideki Nogi has engaged him and he is ready to combat cruel conflicts staged by the Kengan Association. The anime depicts the emotional and inspiring journey of the determined fighter as he rises through the ranks and proves himself to the rest of the world. In some episodes, naked women jump on top of the top boxers in intimate situations. Apart from that, there are numerous sexually suggestive sequences in the series, making it an 18+ show that should only be watched by mature audiences.

7. B: The Beginning (2018)

Best Adult Anime on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

If you want to watch a crime mystery thriller, ‘B: The Beginning’ will be a good choice. Just don’t compare it to ‘Death Note,’ ‘Tokyo Ghoul,’ or, especially, ‘Psycho-Pass.’ The plot is highly entertaining and will keep you interested for the most part. It is also not overly long, with a total of 12 episodes each lasting 23 minutes. The art and animation are both excellent, and the character designs are particularly appealing. If you enjoy detective-styled anime, you’ll enjoy this one because one of the main characters is a brilliant investigator.

Cremona, an archipelagic nation, is the setting for the story. It takes place at a time when technology has evolved significantly. However, crime and disorder have been on the rise in Cremona, particularly with the danger of a serial killer known as Killer B. Koku is one of the anime’s key characters. He works at a violin store and, while he cannot play the instrument, he can construct one or repair a broken one. But he is hiding a deadly secret. Keith, the second main character, is a clever investigator whose nickname is a genie, which means genius in German. He is quite skilled at his job and soon finds himself on the trail of the serial killer. As the novel progresses, the paths of these three people cross.

6. Kakegurui (2017)

Best Adult Anime on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

If you’ve been looking for an anime about gambling, ‘Kakegurui’ might be the one. It is presently available on Netflix and consists of 12 episodes, each lasting approximately 24 minutes. Though the premise is adequate, the anime absolutely shines in terms of graphics. The animation is amazing, and the character designs and expressions during gambling are fairly good. But, yes, it could have been more intriguing if the creators given the viewers a lot greater opportunity to participate in the game rather than having the protagonist simply divulge everything once the game was over. A little tension would have been nice as well. Regardless, the anime is engaging enough to keep you watching till the finish.

If you’ve already seen the first season, the second season is now available and airing, so you might want to check it out. The story takes place in Hyakkaou Private Academy, a boarding school for wealthy children. The school is pretty unique in comparison to other schools. During the day, it is a regular school, but at night, it transforms into a full-fledged gambling den where rich youngsters bet and learn about the power of money and how to control people. Yumeko Jabami is the anime’s protagonist. She is a transfer student who gambles not for money but for the excitement of it, and man, is she excellent at it. But her winning games is upsetting the academy’s hierarchy, and some people would go to any length to bring her down.

5. Dragon’s Dogma (2020 -)

Best Adult Anime on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

A man is reborn as Arisen after his cruel death and seeks vengeance on the dragon that took his heart. But as he battles demon after demon on his long path of retribution, he risks losing his humanity in the process. The dark fantasy anime follows him as he emerges from the dead and seeks to reclaim his honor, but will he be able to achieve his seemingly impossible goals? While the story unfolds, there are a lot of implied lovemaking sequences, as well as other fanservice moments, that you may find interesting. If you want to see how the revenge plot progresses, you may watch all of the anime here.

4. Blood of Zeus (2020 -)

Best Adult Anime on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

Heron is a commoner in ancient Greece who has no idea of his ancestors until he is an adult. When he discovers that he is, in fact, the son of Zeus, he feels a feeling of responsibility toward the residents of his kingdom. So, when a demonic army threatens to burn the known world with their wrath and violence, Heron learns that the purpose of his life is to oppose oppressive powers and rescue the world from malice and conflict. Unfortunately, his path to heroism is fraught with unforeseen twists and turns, but it finally proves to be the path of self-discovery that he must take at whatever cost. With one of the major characters wearing revealing costumes virtually every episode and a totally naked scene, ‘Blood of Zeus’ is clearly not an anime for a young audience.

3. Devilman: Crybaby (2018)

Best Adult Anime on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

The Netflix original anime ‘Devilman: Crybaby’ Though there is an older edition of this franchise, the new one is far superior. It features improved animation and character design. This anime is full to the brim with violence, gore, and sex. This anime is easily bingeable. There are ten episodes in total, with each episode lasting 25 minutes. A Devilman is a person with a strong will and the ability to control the demon who has possessed them. As a result, they have taken on the devil’s power.

Akira Fudou is a good person who is always prepared to help those in need. So he doesn’t hesitate when his friend invites him to a party where he intends to gather evidence concerning devils. However, things quickly go awry when devils begin possessing humans and butchering them. To save his companion, Akira allows Amon, the devil, to possess him and then uses his strength to defeat the other devils. Akira is now a devilman, and he and his friend are on a mission to eliminate supernatural threats to humanity.

2. High-Rise Invasion (2021 – )

Best Adult Anime on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

Yuri Honjou is a young adult who has never seen death up close until a strange masked man murders someone right next to her. She flees for her life, terrified by the traumatic experience, and her search for safety eventually leads her to the rooftop, where she feels surrounded by high-rise structures. At that point, it occurs to her that her brother may require her assistance, so Yuri decides to locate him. Unfortunately, as the mystery murders seek their next victim to satisfy their twisted needs, she begins to understand the misery of her situation. But, resolved to do the right thing, she summons the fortitude to face her worries. The high-stakes drama that unfolds contains several sexually suggestive scenes that are only acceptable for an 18+ audience. If you are an adult and would like to see the anime, you can do so here.

1. Gantz: O (2016)

Best Adult Anime on Netflix Right Now - ThiruttuVCD

‘Gantz: O’ is a science fiction film that tells a gripping story of seconds, chances, and death. Masaru Katou gets stabbed to death on the street and wakes up the next day in a room, realizing he is now one of the participants in a high-stakes game of life and death. If he completes all of the chores entrusted to him, he will be reincarnated and will be reunited with his brother, who is waiting for him in their house. However, in order to accomplish so, he must complete a number of difficult tasks while also compromising his ideals. The thriller film shows Masaru’s desperate struggle for survival as he embarks on one difficult mission after another. While there are no explicit sex scenes in the film, there are a few sexually provocative moments that should only be seen by mature audiences.