Best Adult Anime on Crunchyroll Right Now

18 Best Adult Anime on Crunchyroll Right Now – Most of us understand what fan service entails. If you don’t, you should look it up first. When I say sexual anime, you generally think of hentai, but there is a distinction to be made. To put it simply, Hentai is just porn and nothing more, whereas Ecchi is more of an anime with bold sexual themes, though its main plot may not be about sex. So we’ve compiled a list of the hottest Ecchi shows available on Crunchyroll. You may be hesitant to admit that you enjoy these obscene shows for obvious reasons, but you simply cannot dispute that they are entertaining as heck. Here is a list of the best adult anime on Crunchyroll:

18. Recently, My Sister is Unusual (2014)

Incest is a sub-genre that has become fairly popular in the realm of Ecchi anime. Japanese anime animators have always been fascinated by the concept of “forbidden love” and have been able to depict it in the most twisted and indirect ways in order to comply with the regulations. When you realize this anime is about incestuous relationships, the phrase ‘Recently, My Sister is Unusual’ becomes self-explanatory. Most Ecchi fans will have a pleasant time viewing it, but others should avoid it because it lacks a well-written tale and features the most generic characters you’ll ever see.

17. High School DxD (2012-)

The words “high school” in the title alone should lead you to believe that ‘High School DxD’ is yet another of those classic teenage dilemma anime shows. While this is true to some extent, the reason it is so popular is because it is able to make the entire experience incredibly relatable. In most shows, fan service moments might be obnoxious and superfluous, but ‘High School DxD’ exploits them to its advantage by carefully timing them throughout its length. There are a plethora of adult anime shows available on Crunchyroll if you only want to watch them for their sexiness. However, if you want more from these anime, ‘High School DxD’ should be your go-to show.

16. Yosuga no Sora (2010)

‘Yosuga no Sora’ appears at first to be an anime that merely fulfills your guilty pleasures, but once the tale begins, it surprises you with the amount of depth it holds. The main protagonist of the show has sex with numerous girls, making this one borderline hentai anime. The backstories that lead up to each and every act of sex, however, keep it from being porn. Whether you’re a hentai or not, if you’re seeking for erotic anime with a dash of emotion and drama, ‘Yosuga no Sora’ might be the program for you. The feed may be seen here.

15. So, I Can’t Play H (2012-)

If you’re a die-hard ‘High School DxD’ fan seeking for an anime with unrivaled nudity, an incredibly perverted protagonist, and a freakishly beautiful goddess-like female lead, go no further. While ‘So, I May’t Play H’ isn’t a really good program, it can be very amusing if you focus just on its characters and story.

14. Majikoi: Oh! Samurai Girls (2011)

‘Majikoi: Oh! Samurai Girls’ is a harem anime set in Kawakami City, Japan, a region with a long history of samurai warriors. Yamato Naoe and his close pals live a peaceful existence based on the principles instilled in them through years of martial arts training. When their tiny group is joined by two new girls, things take an unexpected turn, putting Naoe and his friends’ willpower to the test in unforeseen ways. Interested in seeing how things play out?

13. To Love Ru Darkness (2012-)

‘To Love-Ru Darkness’ is deemed Ecchi not only because of its apparent fan service, but also because of how well it adapts its source material. Even if you’re not like steamy adult anime series, you should give this one a try because it contains a little bit of everything from shounen to romance to sci-fi. It’s humorous and uplifting at times, which gives it a distinct tone. Most importantly, it features some high-quality animation, which enhances the fan service moments.

10. Golden Boy (1995 – 1996)

Kintarou Ooe is an autodidact who believes in learning through experiences rather than remembering superfluous school subjects. He travels over Japan and works various jobs to make ends meet. His unpredictable escapades provide him with a wealth of encounters, many of which include women. ‘Golden Boy’ does not hold back in depicting semi-nude/nude sex scenes, which only mature 18+ should watch.

11. Highschool of the Dead (2010)


When a terrifying pandemic that turns humans into zombies sweeps Japan, the nation collapses in a matter of days. While the prospect of survival appears bleak, Takashi Kimuro and a few others band together to launch a last-ditch effort to save their other lives and loved ones. While the show has a strong premise, it also has a number of sexually explicit moments.

10. Tsugumomo (2017 – 2020)

When a restless spirit approaches Kazuya Kagami, his mother’s mature soul rushes to his help and saves him from the worst-case scenario. Kazuya discovers her name is Kiriha after she transforms into a gorgeous girl. His friendship with her introduces him to the world of gods and spirits. You may see how the tale progresses by clicking here.

9. Ikki Tousen (2003)

‘Ikki Tousen’ boasts a lot of fan service moments and the sexiest cast of characters, but it’s not your normal borderline hentai anime. This anime is heavily influenced by Chinese history and is partially based on a Chinese novel set in the early 200s. If you’re sick of watching the same old Ecchi anime that’s all about fan service, ‘Ikki Tousen’ features a bizarre yet interesting blend of history, romance, and hentai that makes it one hell of an anime.

6. Koihime†Musou (2008 – 2010)

Unchou Kan’u’s life is irrevocably altered when her family is brutally robbed by thieves. Rather than wallowing on the past, she resolves to fight back and take on any other bandit organization that attempts to harass innocent people. In one of her escapades, she meets Kan’u, a girl with a similar background to her, and the two set out on an amazing trip together. The show tells an action-packed vengeance story that you should absolutely watch. It also has a few 18+ sequences, and you may watch ‘KoihimeMusou’ online here.

7. Queen’s Blade (2009)

‘Queen’s Blade’ has been widely panned for its weird and unneeded fan service. Only those who watched it for the sole intention of indulging in excessive fanservice might enjoy it. However, if you can get past the show’s iconic first few episodes, it has a really great plot in my opinion. ‘Queen’s Blade’ has become a very successful brand over the years, with figures and art books to boot, so there must be something more to it than just fan service. Even if there isn’t, it easily qualifies as one of the sexiest adult anime shows of all time

6. Cat Planet Cuties (2010)

Kio notices a curvy cat-girl while attending a memorial service for his ancestors. He doesn’t think much about it, but the next day he discovers her butt-naked on his bed. Her name is Eris, and she is a representation of the planet Catian. She came to Earth to study the people, but with numerous unscrupulous groups on her tail, Eris’ life is in jeopardy. Kio intends to protect her at all costs, even if it means placing himself in danger. There are many heated scenes between the two in the show, which you can watch below.


5. Strike the Blood (2013 – 2014)

After a bizarre incident, Kojou Akatsuki’s life takes a dark turn when he becomes the fourth primogenitor, a legendary vampire. The Lion King Organization sends sword-shaman Yukina Himeragi to keep a check on him, fearing that he will endanger innocent people. If Kojou becomes dangerous, he will be executed immediately. When they meet, though, they join forces to begin a battle against evil. While the show has a supernatural concept and concentrates on the duo’s misfortunes, it also features a lot of sexy sequences.

2. Charger Girl Ju-den Chan (2009)

In a parallel dimension, females known as Jden-chan use electricity to help those suffering from mental illnesses cope with their grief. Although they are normally invisible to the human eye, one man can see one dubbed Plug Cryostat for some reason. As they get to know each other better, the pair sets out on a mission to assist each other become a better version of themselves.

3. School Days (2007-)

‘School Days’ is recognized for delving into dark issues centered on a high school love triangle. What begins as an intriguing psychological anime quickly devolves into a series of random incidents with nothing appealing about them other than the fan service. But, because we’re talking about the sexiest anime programs, this one merits a spot on this list because, as benign as it may appear at first, it includes some incredible Ecchi sequences that will have you wondering what you’re watching.

2. Kanokon (2008)

This is the closest thing to hentai you’ll ever get. If you want to watch the sexiest Ecchi show available, this is the one for you. But don’t expect it to be Hentai because it’s still a long way from becoming porn. ‘Kanokon’ is an example of how an anime may go to the extremes of eroticism and yet not coming off as anything that would be classified 18+. It also has a good storyline that compliments the adult themes.

1. Samurai Bride (2010-)

‘Samurai Bride,’ like practically every other Ecchi comedy, doesn’t have much of a plot. It does, however, feature some incredibly daring erotic sequences as well as some time-wasting harem relationships that should not be taken too seriously. If you’re searching for a samurai anime with significant plot development and sophisticated characters, this isn’t the one for you. However, if you simply want to watch a sensual anime that is quick and fun, this should be your first choice.