Best Adult Anime on Amazon Prime Right Now

10 Best Adult Anime on Amazon Prime Right Now – When it comes to anime, Amazon Prime has been a little late to the party when compared to other prominent streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu. Having said that, the platform has made significant growth and has been significantly bolstered with additional anime titles. If you’ve been a fan of anime for a while, you’re probably well aware that the genre is infamous for its unpredictable spurts of eccentricity and depravity. Speaking of perversion, if you’re seeking for the sexiest adult anime shows on Amazon Prime, you might not have many alternatives. However, the platform has a good quantity of fan service anime that will undoubtedly satisfy all of your guilty desires (please keep in mind that these are not hentai anime.) So, with that said, here’s a list of the greatest adult anime available on Amazon Prime right now:

10. Toradora! (2008 – 2009)

Ryuuji Takasu is a kind-hearted and sensitive young man who is frequently misinterpreted due to his appearance. He has feelings for Minori Kushieda, the best friend of Taiga Aisaka, a petite, doll-like girl known for her combative demeanor at school. When the two very different characters meet paths, they decide to help one other impress their individual crushes, but they soon develop affections for each other. Although there are no explicit sex scenes in the entire episode, characters are semi-naked on several occasions. There are other groping incidents that are depicted in a comic manner but are clearly not as benign.

9. Vinland Saga (2019 – )

Thorfinn was reared in a violent and politically unpredictable society where peace is considered a luxury. Following his father’s murder, he swears to track down the perpetrator and avenge his father’s terrible death. His trip through medieval Europe is full of surprising twists and turns, and the concept of retribution runs throughout the series. The creators have not shied away from nudity, and the show is full of sexually suggestive moments that should only be seen by adults.

8. Dropkick On My Devil (2018-)

‘Dropkick on My Devil!’ is a reverse Isekai anime in which a college student named Youtube Hanazono transports a devil to a human. Yurine is a cold-hearted man who lives alone in his ancient Jinbocho flat. When the demon, Jashin-chan, is transferred to the human realm, he is forced to keep her with him because he has no idea how he is supposed to send her back. Jashin-chan is convinced that she can return simply by killing Yurine, but will she do so? What follows is a comedy about roommates that will keep you guessing about what might happen next.

‘Dropkick on the Devil’ is more on the strange side of anime, where a spectator must have a desire for crazy over-the-top violence. And, for some reason, the animation style used in this 11-episode series fits the entire hysterically spooky setting perfectly. This slapstick comedy is appropriate for everyone who is familiar with the strangeness that exists in the anime world. Just keep reminding yourself that everything depicted is intended to be adorable and should not be taken seriously.

7. My Girlfriend is Shobitch (2017)

‘My Girlfriend is Shobitch’ is an Ecchi anime with a standard high-school setting. It’s about a boy named Haruka who is madly in love with his class representative, Akiho Kousaka. She is a model student in every way, and she is admired by everyone. Haruka goes ahead and professes his emotions for her, not expecting a positive reaction. However, much to his amazement, she agrees to date him. Soon after, he realizes that she has never been in a relationship before, and to compensate, she attempts to learn new sex positions and discover his fetishes in order to make him happy. While Haruka tries to reassure her that learning about such things will have no effect, she does her best to keep him happy. ‘My Girlfriend is a Shobitch’ is a never-ending library of nasty jokes, and if you watch it with low expectations, you’ll be astonished at how enjoyable it can be.

6. Elfen Lied (2004-2005)

‘Elfen Lied,’ out of all the anime on this list, is one that will satisfy more than just your guilty pleasures. Apart from a few hot fanservice situations, ‘Elfen Lied’ is not afraid to show gory violent scenes with really painful slaughter. While the series may not be for everyone, if you can stomach violence, you’ll like this dark anime. After you’ve finished watching it, you’ll know that the anime’s incredibly vivid representation of everything has been done to depict all the darkness in the world we live in. You may begin watching this show solely for the fan service, but it will most likely become one of your all-time favorites.

5. Land of the Lustrous (2017)

‘Land of the Lustrous’ is one of the most beautifully animated series that makes excellent use of CGI, thanks to its excellent world-building and well-thought-out character relationships. Even though it is based on a manga, the pacing is superior to other similar series such as ‘Children of the Whales.’ Almost everything about the anime appears to be fantastic, but its genderless characters have garnered a lot of criticism. It almost appears that the anime is attempting to convey a totally different type of fan service by creating characters who do not have a gender but are nevertheless beautiful due to their prominent female traits. Although ‘Land of the Lustrous’ may not contain anything particularly tempting for Ecchi fans, it’s still interesting to watch how it portrays fanservice in a novel way.

4. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (2016)

This original Wit Studio production is set in a society on the verge of a new industrial revolution. This is when the dreadful creatures known as Kabane appear out of nowhere and begin ripping through the flesh of any human in sight. The only way to kill these monsters is to hack through their steel-coated hearts. While many people are killed by these vicious animals, those who survive are able to build a vast wall that protects them. Meanwhile, a young man named Ikoma invents a weapon that allows him to puncture the Kabane’s hearts. His ambition of fighting them becomes a reality when the creatures re-emerge, considerably stronger this time.

From the synopsis alone, you can tell that this show is very similar to ‘Attack on Titan.’ While this is true to some extent, what distinguishes this one is its antique art style, which will undoubtedly remind you of famous 90s shows. When it comes to attractiveness, though, the anime contains only a few genuinely attractive characters.

3. Re: Creators (2017)

‘Re: Creators’ is based on a very original reverse Isekai premise in which an aspiring mangaka named Souta Mizushino is transferred to the realm of his favorite anime. When he returns to the actual world, he discovers that the female protagonist, Selesia Yupitilia, has joined him. Soon, all manner of bizarre imaginary creatures begin to appear in the real world, and some of them even threaten its very survival. Souta and Selesia must now work together to solve the secrets surrounding this bizarre occurrence. As the border between fiction and reality blurs, creators and their creations are reuniting in unexpected ways.

‘Re: Creators’ incorporates aspects from practically every genre into its plot. The key to enjoying it is to not take anything seriously and to simply embrace the plot as it unfolds. Aside from the traditional slapstick humor, it also contains a lot of adult jokes sprinkled around at random locations. Overall, it’s a rather decent animation that goes a little crazy with its strange but eclectic cast of characters. It’s still entertaining and has some steamy fanservice moments.

2. White Sugar Garden (2018)

Another anime that takes you on a guilt trip into the strange side of the anime world is ‘White Sugar Garden,’ also known as ‘Happy Sugar Life’ and ‘Black Salt Cage.’ Satou Matsuzaka is the primary character of the program, and she has a reputation for being liberal with boys because she switches from one person to another every three days. All of this changes when she meets Shio Koube, a young girl, and understands she is her true love. Satou begins sharing her apartment with Shio, and in order to protect her, she lies to everyone about living with her Aunt. Things grow more crazier when, in order to maintain her “Happy Sugar Life,” she resorts to desperate tactics.

The psychological thriller genre is approached in an unusual way in ‘White Sugar Garden.’ And, as mundane as it appears on the surface, it is actually more vulgar and weird than most other shows on the market. It will undoubtedly leave you with an uneasy sensation once you’ve finished watching it.

1. Psycho-Pass (2019 -)

Humanity has practically perfected law enforcement weapons in the near future, and offenders are now apprehended before they have even committed a crime. While the world appears to be great on the surface, the system that governs it is considerably more compromised than citizens realize. ‘Psycho Pass’ is without a doubt one of the best science fiction animes of all time, and it has a number of naked and implied sex scenes. So, if you like ecchi anime, you might enjoy the show as well, yet we encourage seeing the series for its deep idea.