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Aviyal (2022) Movie Review, Cast, Trailer, OTT, Release Date & Rating

Aviyal (2022) malayalam movie which is released in Malayalam language in theatre near you. Watch Thiruttuvcd Aviyal Malayalam Movie Review, Trailer Online, Teaser, OTT Release Date, First Look, Poster, Audio Songs, Movie Updates and Details, Wiki & IMDB, Aviyal Movie Release Date, lead Star cast and crew like Hero, Heroine, Movie director, photos & video gallery.

Aviyal Movie Details

Shanil, who previously co-directed Philips and the Monkey Pen with Rojin Thomas, wrote and directed Aviyal, a 2022 Indian Malayalam-language film. The film, directed by Sujith Surendran and featuring Joju George and Anaswara Rajan in the major roles of father and daughter, received mixed reviews.

Aviyal Movie Release Date

The film was released on 7 April 2022.

Aviyal Movie OTT Release Date

Not Yet Confirmed about OTT Release

Aviyal Movie Cast

  • Joju George – Krishnan
  • Anaswara Rajan
  • Sirajudeen Nazir
  • Ketaki Narayan
  • Anjali Nair
  • Dain Davis
  • Sanju Sanichen
  • Shravan Satya
  • Athmiya Rajan
  • Swathi
  • Prasanth Alexander
  • Shafeer Khan
  • Shivadas
  • Unni Shivapal
  • Vishnu Govindhan
  • Zinil Zainudeen
  • Subeesh Sudhi

Aviyal Movie Review

It may be incredibly uplifting to watch characters grow through life’s challenges to become who they are. Aviyal, starring Joju George and Anaswara Rajan, follows the life of a young Krishnan as he matures into a responsible ‘grown-up’ across a series of scenes from various phases of his life.

When his daughter phones to tell him two “secrets” about her life, musician Krishnan (Joju George) is amused, but he decides to keep her company and open up about his own life to teach her a thing or two. Aviyal demonstrates how the duo’s journey back home becomes a travelogue of his life.

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The film, directed by Philips and The Monkey Pen’s Shanil Muhammad, was shot over a few years to illustrate the transformation of Krishnan from a young schoolboy to the man he eventually becomes. The team should be commended for attempting this rarely done, undoubtedly patience-testing form of filmmaking to exhibit such a narration, which makes ordinary life appear a little more than that due to the sheer passage of time caught in a nutshell. I

n this time-lapse study of a boy’s life, actor Sirajuddin, who plays a young Krishnan, offers a continuously focused portrayal, and there are many moments in which one can empathize with his heartbreaks, rebellion, perplexity, and other hard emotions. The same can be said for the majority of the other actors who have performed admirably in their roles.

While the episodes depicting his school days and early days of motherhood are engaging, the presentation of the other two, as well as the overall tying together of his life narrative over the adventures performed by the key characters, do not hold one’s attention. And, at times, you can’t help but believe that the story, with its many predictable incidents and narrative dead ends, is hardly unusual, even if you don’t consider the difficulties that must have been taken to make such a picture. There are no particularly riveting events, either, other from the regularity of the events.

While Joju George is frequently terrific as an onscreen father, his father-daughter relationship with Anaswara was not as enthralling as his prior performances. It could possibly be because to their infrequent, brief appearances throughout the episodes, but it appeared to be a forced act, at least in portions.
Those interested in experiencing the kind of movie narration in which actors mature on camera without the use of special effects or make-up can check out Aviyal.


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