“World Qatar”: the coverage of LA NACION, a multiplatform bet

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It already vibrates to the World rhythm. The proximity of the premiere of Qatar 2022 puts the newsroom on alert: the time is approaching to go out on the field with the same enthusiasm that Messi and his teammates wake up in the country. And as always, the opportunity will serve to play in two areas: the scene, with five special envoys, and the newsroom, which will work non-stop since the ball starts rolling. Yes, so that no detail escapes, it will be a 24×7 coverage throughout the tournament. And the bet includes a series of multi-platform journalistic initiatives. It is a comprehensive offer with exclusive quality content in text, audio and video, alerts, newsletters and technological developments that range from entertainment to the visualization of statistical data. The axis, already from the previous weeks, is set on the interactive and real time. In Qatar we will also have the expert eye of Javier Zanettia glory of the national team, and with columnists of the stature of Daniel Arcucci and Ezequiel Fernandez Moores.

Since Monday, moreover, the paper supplement is dressed as a World Cup, with more pages, renewed design, exclusive interviews and the first reports from our special envoys to the Middle East with all the news from Argentina and the rest of the national teams.

QATAR CONNECTION: every day at the end of the match day lanacion.com will offer a streaming commanded from the newsroom and in contact with our special envoys, scattered throughout different parts of Doha. The delegation to the World Cup is made up of Juan Manuel Trenado, Federico Águila, Diego Morini, Matías Boela and Aníbal Greco. The most important of the day, the news of the Argentine team, the look at what is to come.

THE ANALYSIS IN REAL TIME: live video with the eyes of our specialists before, during and at the end of the duels in Argentina.

The writing, in full: the coverage of the World Cup will not have respites
The writing, in full: the coverage of the World Cup will not have respitesFABIAN MARELLI

“MUNDIALISTS”: We interviewed 18 former national team players with experience in World Cups to tell their anecdotes, forecasts, answer why we haven’t been champions for so long, who is the best player in history… and what are their wishes with name and surname for Lionel Messi. It opens next Thursday, on lanacion.com.

IN THE GROUND: the temperature of the World Cup in the eyes of our envoys from the video team. Special reports beyond what happens in the stadiums: life in Doha, the peculiarities of a World Cup played in a city, stories of fans from all over the world…

THE WORLD CUP BOT: a digital tool that allows us to offer percentages on who are the favorites to win the Cup, the most likely results and an interactive game for users to simulate how each game that interests them turns out. The development, the result of an alliance between LA NACION and the UBA Calculation Center, takes into account data from matches played in the last four years and millions of simulations of the tournament fixture. The prediction it is updated daily and is already “playing” on Twitter.

WORLD CUP FORECAST: an interactive development that invites you to bring out the “expert” that beats inside each fan. Who wins each match? How are the groups? A step by step to play until the final and aspire to the biggest prizes.

THE SCORE: the evaluation of the Argentine players made by the specialists of LA NACION. But with a novelty: the tool allows the reader of lanacion.com Also put your scores from the start of the match.

“MY FIRST WORLD CUP”: Great in-depth profiles of 10 figures destined to make history in Qatar. A powerful combination between the visual and life stories.

Cuti Romero, one of the protagonists of "my first world cup"
Cuti Romero, one of the protagonists of “My first World Cup”

INCREDIBLE STORIES FROM THE WORLD CUP: a series that reviews unusual situations that have occurred during these times when the world moves to the rhythm of a ball. By Pablo Lisotto.

“WORLD HANDLE”: from the previous and during the Cup, an incessant journey in video, infographics and photos of curiosities, phrases, goals, unforgettable moments. To throb and entertain.

QATARATA WORLD CUP: a daily podcast at the end of each World Cup day, with the curious, the highlights and the character of the day.

Lionel Messi shouts a goal of the selection
Lionel Messi shouts a goal of the selectionANDRES KUDACKI – AFP

QATAR JOURNAL: a newsletter by Claudio Cerviño, with a personal look at the World experience and the best of LA NACION’s content.

“ARGENTINA, YOU WOULD NOT UNDERSTAND”: the World Cup version of a classic, with the funny and ironic look of Joaquín Garau.

LIVE COVERAGE: LIVEBLOGGING: minute-by-minute coverage of each of the matches (separately) and a general follow-up of the World Cup with all the side news.

CONTINUED EDITING: 24-hour coverage with active teams from all sections involved.

A woman poses in front of the Khalifa Stadium in Doha, in advance of the World Cup
A woman poses in front of the Khalifa Stadium in Doha, in advance of the World CupKIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV – AFP


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