World Cup Qatar 2022: Rogelio Funes Mori, the movie story of an executioner with all the shirts, now against the Argentine team

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Weeks ago, the query arose on its own, spontaneously. These are the questions that chroniclers usually ask forwards who left their mark on an entity and which they must face, being on the other side of the counter. It is not easy: if there was affection, closing your eyes and shouting the goal of a lifetime can generate all kinds of reactions. Logically, soccer is an inexplicable passion. Even more so, if it is a country, a selection. Rogelio Funes Mori He perfectly understood what he had to say.

“First, it is a dream for me to go to the World Cup. As I say, they are feelings, dreams that I have proposed and everything will depend on me. I would celebrate the goal with all my heart. These are things that happen once in a lifetime, we got Argentina and it’s going to be a very nice game”, said the striker, always involved in criticism. Gerard Martinothe Argentine coach of the Mexico team, one of Argentina’s rivals (on the 26th, at 4:00 p.m.), included the striker in the final list of El Tri.

The list of the 26 footballers chosen by Tata Martino was published this Monday on the official social networks of the Mexican Football Federation. Former coach of the Argentina and Paraguay national teams, he chose Funes Mori, who has just overcome an injury in Monterrey and emerged from River’s minor divisions, and four other forwards: Raúl Jiménez, Hirving LozanoHenry Martin and Alexis Vega.

It was presented in Mexico in 2015: a lifetime in liquid times. Framework 139 goals in 284 games, in all competitions, a statement of principles. However, partly because of his unartistic movements and partly because of his origin, the truth is that the Twin always lives with a wall. A wall of challenging epithets. “He who knows football knows how I play, what I have demonstrated and what I have to continue demonstrating. I don’t keep what I’ve done If I’m in the National Team, it’s for somethingbecause I have earned it and without a doubt I want to continue growing ”, is the reflection of the attacker, 31 years old.

In the selected Aztec has written down 6 goals in 16 games. He showed up on July 3, 2021, with a shoutout and a 4-0 win over Nigeria. Long years before, in 2012 and with Alejandro Sabella, was part of a superclassic of the Americas with the Argentine shirt. Other times.

Other times, too: the Fiesta Group, a group of daring street music artists, created in 2013 a song with a suggestive title: Hymn to Funes Mori. It was not, precisely, a song to the power and the goal of a young Rogelio, number 9 of River. Quite the opposite. The chorus, he describes: “Suddenly the ball arrives without warning, he is positioned to shoot, all the fans are shouting the goool … and Funes Mori made a mistake and Funes Mori made a mistake”. The irony was due to some propitious opportunities wasted in the rival area.

The context did not help him: River had fallen off the map and, in the Primera B Nacional, the journey was an ordeal, which ended with the title. In first, it was not a goal feast either. Funes Mori… the Funes Mori who did not succeed in the Monumental, is another. Inspire with his overcoming story. Above all, with so many dark clouds in the sky. Ricardo Lavolpe He defends it… in his own way: “Speaking of who the starting 9 can be, you have to evaluate it. Funes Mori is coming off an injury, Henry Martín has been showing, but we’ll see what Martino wants, if he wants a 9 from area to area as I like, worry the central defenders. In that case, Funes Mori may be an option”.

Against Amir Al-Ammari, a defender from Iraq, in the recent 4-0
Against Amir Al-Ammari, a defender from Iraq, in the recent 4-0Joan Monfort – AP

Ramon Diaz he had left him aside, Benfica sheltered him in exchange for 2 million euros. Eskisehirspor, a team from Turkey, held him back for another season, where he scored 14 goals in 36 games, a figure that appealed to Monterrey. He appeared in 2015 at Rayados, at the same time as the French Andre Pierre Gignac he joined Tigres, the intimate enemy of the city. After a while, Tigres reached the Libertadores final with River. Very few bet on the other scorer. Quiet, away from the noise, he does not usually speak to the media and prefers to be the secondary actor.

“I would change the season in which I had to play. At that moment he felt that he played well, but that he couldn’t score goals. Now I feel that, with the experience I’ve gained, I’m scoring goals. I am more mature, I improved in some aspects. At that time he was young and wanted to play. For a young person, those pressures are felt. I would like to have revenge on the River, ”he told La Página Millionaria.

Criticism fortified him: his personality, today, is everything. He is a more complete striker, despite the fact that his world is still the box. Psychology banished old traumas. He has an average of 0.48 per match. History with Mexico had its dribbling. He had to make a formal presentation at FIFA. “I would love it, I am grateful to this country, to the Mexican people who follow me and who treat me with great affection. I have been here for almost four years and if they call me, I go headlong, ”he said, at the time.

Years ago, he had contact with the United States team. The Twin was followed by Jürgen Klinsmann. He has his story: in 2001 he left, along with his family, his native Mendoza to seek a better destiny. They settled in the city of Dallas. His mom was a cashier and his dad worked in a car shop. While playing basketball, he participated together with his brother Ramiro in a reality show “Sueño MLS”. Among the 2,000 entrants, two made it into the final five. The trophy went to Rogelio; the crossing in Dallas took a breath. Traveling and adventurous, a test in Chelsea was the perfect excuse for the meeting with River, passing through London. In February 2009, the brothers donned the red sash.

“He is a footballer who plays in the center forward position and we see in Monterrey how he participates a lot in the preparation and offensive plays; It’s not just a 9 that’s fit for the goalHe also participates a lot”, Tata usually pleases him. The Argentine formula, on the other side of the counter. And a scream of goal spinning in the air.


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