why Pawan did not come to Ali’s daughter’s wedding

Posted 2022/12/02 26 0

why Pawan did not come to Ali's daughter's wedding - ThiruttuVCD

It is known that the marriage of Ali’s eldest daughter, Fatima, took place in a scandalous manner. Along with movie celebrities, many political leaders were present and blessed the newly wed couple. Also, Chief Minister Jagan along with many other YSRCP leaders attended the wedding reception and made noise. But they came but when Pawan Kalyan did not come, various news started circulating virally. Ali clarified that Pawan did not attend because Ali was in the Vice-RCP.

Ali said that Pawan Kalyan was also given an invitation card for his daughter’s wedding. But he made it clear that he had missed his flight… otherwise he would have definitely come. They said that Pawan wanted to come to the wedding.. Their security had also come and had already seen how to come.. but they could not. After that, Pawan Kalyan called me and told me not to think that I couldn’t pick up the phone, Ali said. Pawan said, ‘Girl, call me when you have a boy… I will come to your house’. And with Ali’s clarity, fake news may come to a full stop.


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