Vinland Saga Chapter 193 Release Date, Recap & Spoiler’s

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The manga publication for this month, Vinland Saga Chapter 193, is delayed. On the 25th of each month, the chapters are normally released. However, Kodansha is taking longer to release the chapter. Thorfinn was taken on a path of painful revelation in the previous chapter. He made the decision to avoid weapons in order to avoid any form of bloodshed. However, after witnessing what occurred in Markland, he questions his own notions of peace.

The following chapter will look more closely at Thorfinn’s character development at this stage. Vinland had always been a place where firearms were not permitted. But, by doing so, is Thorfinn jeopardizing his people’s safety? Here’s all you need to know about the latest chapter.

Vinland Saga Chapter 193

What Will Happen Next in the Vinland Saga?

Fans may expect to see the mystery of Markland unfold inch by inch in the next episode of Vinland Saga. Vargar was quick to alert Thorfinn when he discovered the arrows in Markland. But their inquiry raised more questions than it answered. Thorfinn questions his own decision to ban firearms from his realm in the chapter’s closing panel.

Thorfinn’s psychological anguish will be the focus of Vinland Saga Chapter 193. He feels that if he had permitted his people to carry firearms, they would have been able to defend themselves in the event of an assault. So, what will Thorfinn do next in the chapter?

Vinland Saga Chapter 193

Previous Chapter Synopsis!

Thorfinn began his plans to build the city of his dreams in the 192nd chapter of Vinland Saga, titled “Thousand Year Voyage.” One of the first projects he decided to finish was the construction of a memorial to the dead. Later, Vargar approached him to explain the warning they had gotten over the port. He claimed that they received two arrows while sailing near Markland. He believes this was some type of warning from the other side of the island.

In the story’s conclusion, Thorfinn, Eivar, and Vargar are standing on the grounds of Markland, only to discover that the land is covered in arrows. They also notice that thirteen of the town’s settlers have gone missing. Thorfinn revised his decision to prohibit weapons from Vinland in the chapter’s last act.

Vinland Saga Chapter 193

Chapter 193 of the Vinland Saga: Release Date

The new chapters of Vinland Saga are released on the 25th of each month. However, it appears that the chapter is going behind schedule. For the time being, the release date is set for this week, April 28, 2022. Fans will be able to read all of the manga’s chapters in Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon magazine. The chapters are later published on Kodansha’s official website. As a result, stay tuned to The Anime Daily for additional information.


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