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Posted 2022/11/30 36 0

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The news that Bollywood’s hot beauty Malaika is going to be a mother once again is doing the rounds in the Bollywood media and it is believed to be true. It is known that she has been living with Arjun Kapoor for the past few years. Arjun Kapoor gave clarity to this couple who are doing everything except marriage.

There is no truth in this news. It was splashed all over the media like a very common thing. This is an unethical act. Bad news will be written for years to come. Journalists regularly write such stories. We are escaping from them. Because we don’t pay much attention to such things. But sometimes those who don’t know them risk believing them to be true. That’s why we have to talk. Please don’t come into our personal lives.’ Malaika Arora’s close friends also denied this news. This is just a push campaign. There is no truth in this.


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