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Hero Vijay Devarakonda was questioned by the ED officials for about 11 hours and released. It is known that a few months ago the film ‘Liger’ was released with Vijay as the hero. It is known that the ED officials questioned Vijay regarding the transactions of that film. Earlier, the film’s director Purijagannath and Charmi were present at the ED inquiry, today Vijay was present. It seems that the statement was recorded with the details of the money deposited in the accounts of both of them, mainly for the shooting of the film. The money invested in foreign for the shooting of the film was collected from where it came from and who made the investment. It is reported that the documents related to the shooting settings and the remuneration paid to the actors there have been examined.

Speaking after the investigation, Vijay Dewara Konda said that he came to the ED office in the morning. Vijay said that the ED wanted some clarification.. He answered all the questions asked by them. He said that you love so much… the popularity that comes with that love will have some difficulties and some side effects. He said that this is also a kind of experience for him.

The federal agency is investigating violations of the Foreign Exchange Management Act following a complaint filed by congressional leader Bacca Judson. In his complaint, Judson alleged that Liger’s investments came through illegal means. He complained that many politicians invested black money in Ligar movie. Some see it as an easy way to convert black money into white money and avoid paying taxes. Judson stated in his complaint that many foreign companies had invested in Ligar film through fraudulent means and the ED took up the investigation. A total of Rs 125 crore was spent on this film which was produced and released in 5 languages ​​Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. But with no profits, Liger failed miserably to even recover the investment.


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