Uttarakhand Employment Scheme 2022, Online Registration (Uttarakhand Rojgar Panjikaran)

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Uttarakhand Rojgar Yojana 2022 (Online Registration, Eligibility, Benefits, Beneficiaries, Basic Website, Purpose, Application, Documents, Helpline Number, Application Process) Eligibility Criteria)

Don’t know how many people’s source of employment has ended in this Corona period. Because of which even educated people are now living a life of unemployment. But now the youth will have no worries of any kind. Because now the Uttarakhand government has found a way to find employment for the unemployed youth. Through which now the people of Uttarakhand will be able to get good and better employment for themselves. For this you have to go to Uttarakhand employment and fill your registration. After which your information will be submitted to the government. Its special thing is that, in this you will get employment according to your skill.

Uttarakhand Employment Scheme 2022, Online Registration (Uttarakhand Rojgar Panjikaran) - ThiruttuVCD

Uttarakhand Employment Registration 2022 (Uttarakhand Employment Register)

Scheme Name Uttarakhand Employment Registration
who started Government of Uttarakhand
when was it started 2022
Beneficiary unemployed youth of the state
application Online

Purpose of Uttarakhand Employment Registration (Objective)

Everyone knows that there are many young men and women in the state who are unemployed even after being educated. They do not have any means of employment. To solve these problems, the state government has started this scheme. So that the youth there can get better employment. So that the unemployment rate in the state can be reduced and all people can live their lives in a better and better way. In this, people will be provided better opportunities keeping in mind the merit. According to the objective of the government, it wants to make the youth self-reliant and empowered.

Opportunities included in Uttarakhand Employment Registration (Job Opportunity)

  • In this, opportunities like poultry farming have been included by the government for the youth.
  • Holiday Kali game has also been added to this scheme. So that people can get employment.
  • Hotel management has also been made a part of it. So that those who are interested in it can get their employment opportunity in it.
  • Food craft has also been kept. If any person is expert in it, he can get employment in it.
  • You can also get the business opportunity of catering from here. Through which you can move forward in the field of food.

Uttarakhand Employment Registration Benefit

  • To register yourself in Uttarakhand employment, you have to register your name in government documents.
  • All the youth who will register their names in this registration will also have to register their educational qualification information.
  • ID card is issued in the name of all the people who enroll in the Employment Office, Uttarakhand. After which all those people are given an identification number.
  • The advantage of starting this scheme is that it will save a lot of people’s time. Due to which they will get more time to find employment for themselves.
  • When any vacancy will come out in any private or government department, its first information will be sent to the Employment Registration Office. From where these youth will be contacted directly.

Uttarakhand Employment Registration Eligibility

  • To be a part of it, you must be a native of Uttarakhand. Only after that you can apply for it.
  • For this you have to show your educational qualification also there. Because according to that you will get some employment.
  • While applying, you have to take special care that all this information will be deposited with the government.

Uttarakhand Employment Registration Documents

  • Aadhaar card is very important for this because your data will be stored with the government.
  • It is also mandatory to have a native certificate, because only those who are residents of Uttarakhand can apply for it.
  • If you have a ration card, then you can also add it to this document so that more information related to you can be stored.
  • Educational qualification certificate is also necessary so that you can get employment according to whatever your qualification is.
  • Mobile number is also necessary so that if there is any information related to this scheme, you get it in time.
  • Passport size photo is also necessary so that if the government has to identify you in time, it can do so easily.

How to Register Uttarakhand Employment (How to Register for Uttarakhand Rojgar)

  • issued by the government for official website You can apply by visiting
  • For this you have to go to the website. After which you have to login.
  • As soon as you login, after that you will come to the home page. Where you will get all the necessary information about this scheme.
  • There you will see the option of online registration. where you have to click.
  • When you click on it, the registration form will open in front of you. which you have to fill.
  • Now you have to fill this form. But before filling the form, make sure that all the information you have to fill is correct.
  • When you will fill all the information, then after that you will have to attach whatever necessary documents are asked in it.
  • Keep in mind that, attach all the documents that have been asked for, do not do anything else.
  • After this, when you finish the whole process, a submit button will appear in front of you. By pressing which you have to deposit it.

Uttarakhand Employment Registration based website (Official Website)

Uttarakhand government for this registration official website Has been issued, by visiting which you can apply sitting at home. You just have to search it on Google and submit it by filling the necessary things. After which your work will be done easily.

Uttarakhand Employment Registration Helpline Number

For this, only the website has been released by the government. No helpline number has been issued. That’s why you have to do all the work online.


Q: Who started the Uttarakhand Employment Scheme?

Ans: Started by Uttarakhand government.

Q: What is the objective of the government to start the Uttarakhand Employment Scheme?

Ans: To provide better employment to the youth through this scheme.

Q: How to get employment from Uttarakhand Employment Scheme?

Ans: This scheme will provide employment on the basis of their education.

Q: Can any other state person apply for Uttarakhand employment?

Ans: No, only residents of Uttarakhand can apply for this.

Q: Where to apply for Uttarakhand employment?

Ans: For this you have to apply by visiting the official website.

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