Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 will deal with one of the story’s most notable fight scenarios to date. When Mikey lost his cool for the first time in the manga, it was one of the most shocking flashback moments. This was back when Senju, Sanzu, and Mikey shared a house. Because of Senju, the men got into a brawl, which resulted in a serious event. And now the past had crept up her door once more. Will Mikey fight in the latest installment? Everything you need to know about the latest chapter is right here.

Senju’s history will come back to haunt her in the upcoming chapter. The worst kind of dispute is one between siblings. Senju, on the other hand, must confront her past for the sake of duty. Fans are excited to see what happens in the following chapter.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251

What Will Happen Next in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251?

The struggle between Senju and Sanzu will be resolved in the upcoming chapter of Tokyo Revengers. In the last episode, Sanzu was overheard claiming that what Senju did back then was just a trigger for her. Fans are now questioning what he meant by “trigger.” The previous narrative made it clear that what she did was not purposeful. Instead, damaging the plane was a mistake that caused Mikey to lose his cool.

Senju will stand up to Sanzu and start a battle in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251. This fight will, as in the past, set Mikey off. Hanagaki will be able to enter the fight at this point. Mikey’s death in the chapter will be the final chapter of the war. Can Takemichi complete this challenging task? The answer will be revealed in the following chapter.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251

Previous Chapter Synopsis!

Shion and Akkun’s fight kicked off the 250th chapter of Tokyo Revengers. As the chapter began, the war was almost over. On the other hand, Kakuchou was irritated because Takemichi refused to bow to him at all. It was as though he had made the decision not to back down from this fight. Meanwhile, Mitsuyo stated that because he was standing close to Hanagaki, he would never lose this conflict.

Sendou was able to overcome Madarame after another round of fistfighting. When the Tokyo Manji gang saw this, they were all taken aback by his might. And all of the Toman started cheering for their gang. Senju was standing in front of Harunii in the final act of the chapter, attempting to resolve an age-old feud. Sanzu pushed Senju to the ground and walked away at the end of the chapter.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251: When Will It Be Released?

There is no pre-announced pause for the latest chapter’s release. As a result, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 will be released on schedule this week. The chapter will be available on April 27, 2022. Fans will be able to read all of the manga’s chapters solely on Kodansha’s official website. As a result, stay tuned to The Anime Daily for additional information.


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