Tiger & Bunny Season 3: Renewed or Canceled?

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‘Tiger & Bunny’ is a mystery-action Japanese anime created by Bandai Namco Pictures that follows Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, a veteran hero from Stern Bild City, where a select few lucky people are born with exceptional abilities and are known as NEXT. People who utilize their powers for the greater good appear on Hero TV on a regular basis, fighting the bad guys and earning Hero Points while their sponsors get the appropriate advertisement. Unfortunately, after struggling for several months, Kotetsu is partnered up with Barnaby Brooks Jr., another hero whose nature is completely incompatible with his.

With a plethora of villains eager to bring down Stern Bild City, the trio decides to put their differences aside and work together. The action-packed narrative that develops has a massive global fan following, and the anime has also gained praise from reviewers for its production quality and representation of superheroes. Fans are naturally keen to learn when the show will return with new episodes after the conclusion of its second installment. Are you curious about the same? We’ve got your back.

Tiger & Bunny Season 3: Renewed or Canceled? - ThiruttuVCD

Release Date for Tiger & Bunny Season 3

Season 2 of ‘Tiger & Bunny’ premiered on Netflix in its entirety on April 8, 2022. The series consists of 13 episodes, each lasting exactly 25 minutes.

In terms of the upcoming chapter, Netflix, which is the global distributor for the current season, has similarly been tight-lipped regarding the series’ future possibilities. Fans, however, need not be dismayed because the anime is slated to return soon. Although the second segment was released independently on Netflix, the anime is being created as a split-cour production.

As a result, it has already been formally confirmed that seasons 2 and 3 will have a total of 25 episodes, of which only 13 have already launched, with the remainder likely to release in the near future. When a show is produced as a split cour, the production for the remaining episodes usually begins well in advance of or immediately following the publication of the first half. While the specific production dates are unknown, the two halves of a split cour are normally released between 3 to 6 months of one other. Season 3 of ‘Tiger & Bunny’ will be released sometime in Q4 2022, assuming this is also the case for the series.

Tiger and Bunny Season 3 Plot: What Could It Be About?

Tiger and Barnaby, as seniors, aim to set an example for the new heroes who have lately earned fame in the current edition. Unfortunately, black clouds are gathering over Stern Bild City as a couple of NEXT suspects, Hugan and Mugan, vow war against the city’s superheroes. Soon after, high-ranking heroes Sky High and Fire Emblem are attacked and discovered frozen.

Unfortunately, as the villain team comes to confront the heroes, the city’s protectors are forced to gather and devise a plot to defeat them. When the two sides clash, a brutal struggle unfolds, in which Mugan and Hugan are killed and others of the heroes are gravely injured. However, the heroes eventually recover completely.

The villains will launch a significantly more deadly attack on Stern Bild City in the coming season. Tiger and Barnaby will require the support of other talented new heroes who have constantly fought for the greater good. However, they may not be able to conquer the adversaries this time without suffering a tragic loss on their side as well. But one thing is certain: the battle between good and evil will bring out the best in Tiger and Barnaby, who will risk their lives to rescue the lives of others.


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