The Tutorial Tower’s Advanced Player Chapter 110 Release Date And More!

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The Tutorial Tower’s Advanced Player Chapter 110 will eventually transport the readers to a place they have only heard about. The Master and Noah ultimately devised a strategy to enlist Mediator’s assistance. She, on the other hand, is the one who has been able to maintain the tower’s balance. And with her assistance, they might be able to halt the growth of climbers. Finding Mediator, on the other hand, will be difficult.

The Master will go on a solo quest to find the Mediator in Chapter 110. He’ll utilize an agile nimbus and a teleportation device to locate the missing path that will allow him to reach the tower’s basement. Imoogi and the blue dragon may be able to assist him in his task. But things aren’t going to be simple for him on his quest to find Mediator.

The Tutorial Tower's Advanced Player Chapter 110
Bangguseok Gimssi

The Tutorial Tower’s Advanced Player Chapter 110 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

The Master ultimately uses the agile nimbus and transportation equipment to find the hidden passage in the previous chapter. There’s a chance he’ll get lost in an illusory space if the secret path is destroyed. As a result, he must remain concentrated and on all fours. He will now discover a stairway leading to the basement. He may have to use his form to prepare for the impending danger because it will be completely dark.

He’ll descend the stairwell and come across several chambers that may be perplexing to him. Because he can only use the transportation technology once, it will be difficult for him. Furthermore, no one knows what remains beneath the tower. As a result, we can expect the Master to engage in combat with the monsters defending those chambers very soon. Furthermore, how can we forget that the Master must pass through a room filled with corpses? There’s a chance the corpse will assault him and prevent him from falling down the tower. We shall also discover why the magical chaos god desired the nasty brook.

The Tutorial Tower's Advanced Player Chapter 110
Bangguseok Gimssi

A Quick Recap!

Noah and the Master discussed Vile Creek’s gauge and how to keep intruders from ascending the tower in the previous chapter. However, in order to do so, the Master and Noah must first locate a Mediator at the foot of the tower. But getting to her is dangerous because the climbers’ bodies have been placed in the basement level. As a result, they must work on an item in order to continue their objective.

Noah presented two possibilities during their conversation: utilizing an item or ascending the tower. Noah proposed a teleportation apparatus that may assist the Master in teleporting to any location. However, it has its own limitations. It can only be used once every day by the Master. So the young Master had to chose which path to take. However, if something went wrong, he could become disoriented and become lost in the dark vacuum. Meanwhile, the Master was needed by the mythical chaos god. So she went back to him to fetch a foul creek. She did not, however, explain why she want it.

The Tutorial Tower's Advanced Player Chapter 110
Bangguseok Gimssi

The Tutorial Tower’s Advanced Player Chapter 110: Release Date

Finally, readers will discover what the magical chaos god has to do with the heinous creek. In addition, The Tutorial Tower’s Advanced Player Chapter 110 will tell the Master’s fate. On April 12, 2022, Chapter 110 was supposed to be released. However, for various reasons, the manga series is on hold. We may now anticipate the release of Chapter 110 in early May. It will be available on Webtoon. So don’t pass it up. Anime Daily will keep you up to date.


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