The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 6 Ending Explained

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The sixth episode of season 2 of ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero,’ titled ‘Racing to Catch Up,’ shows Naofumi and his group as they combat Kyo Ethnina in order to finally slay the Spirit Tortoise. Meanwhile, Theyse, L’Arc, and Glass have joined them, refusing to work with the Book Hero. Here’s everything you need to know about the season 2 episode 6 ending of ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 6

Raphtalia and others struggle to accept the idea that Ost is not a Spirit Tortoise’s familiar after discovering the truth about her. Kyo Ethnina, on the other hand, claims that if she was just another familiar, he would have been able to control her like others. Meanwhile, the legendary monster has regrown its head and is preparing for its unrelenting attacks in order to capture more souls.

Ost informs Naofumi that if they want to kill the Spirit Tortoise, they must chop off its head and destroy his heart at the same time. They are still unsure how it managed to rebuild its head and neck so quickly. Kyo Ethnina reveals that they may believe it was accomplished by claiming a large number of souls, but he just employed the powers of Itsuki the Bow Hero, Ren the Sword Hero, and Motoyasu the Spear Hero.

Rishia is dismayed to see Itsuki in pain but appears powerless; in the meantime, Fitoria arrives on the battlefield to assist the shield hero by fighting the Spirit Tortoise. She informs Naofumi and his team via Filo that she will attack the brain while they must simultaneously destroy the heart in order to permanently eliminate their enemy. While searching for the heart, Therese, L’Arc, and Glass also come across Kyo.

While Ethnina insists that they should join them because their goals are identical, the three refuses to be of any help to the Book Hero, who is just interested in collecting more souls. The Spirit Tortoise attacks the army in front of him, but Fitoria utilizes her powers to build a protective shield, ensuring that no one is hurt. Mirelia recognizes that Fitoria will be unable to use all of her abilities until the army and others arrive, therefore they must leave quickly.

Kyo employs the anti-gravity attack on his opponents to keep them out of his way. However, Rishia, who has mastered some of the previously learned methods, manages to fight back and surprise the Book Hero. Ost bestows Spirit Tortoise abilities on Naofumi so that he, too, can assist Rishia. The shield hero neutralizes Kyo’s anti-gravity magic with the world’s most powerful magic, All Liberation Aura, freeing everyone else, including Therese, L’Arc, and Glass.

How Does Naofumi Iwatani and His Party Kill the Spirit Tortoise in The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 6?

While Rishia continues to fight Kyo and keep him busy, Filo, Therese, L’Arc, and Glass begin to search for the Spirit Tortoise’s heart. Fortunately, they discover it soon after. However, the legendary creature is preparing to launch a terrible strike using the souls it has accumulated. Fitoria recognizes that if she simply avoids the onslaught, the city behind her will be destroyed. Fortunately, she does not have to make the difficult decision because a shield of multi-caster ritual magic forms over the Spirit Tortoise.

As the battle between the legendary monster’s strong strike and the ritual magic begins, Fitoria finally gets the opportunity she has been yearning for. She attacks the neck right away, while Therese, L’Arc, and Glass, along with Filo, kill the heart. Unfortunately, that is not enough to destroy the monster because Kyo has already devised a countermeasure to protect the Spirit Tortoise’s core.

Despite his best efforts, the shield hero is unable to deliver a lethal blow to the center. However, Ost, who has gifted him the Spirit Tortoise’s powers, begs him to try again, and his shield transforms. It destroys the core before he can think, killing the Spirit Tortoise. Unfortunately, Ost, who has always been on Naofumi’s side, dies alongside its creator, just as she prophesied. However, Kyo has already planned for the worst-case situation and escapes with the spirits he has collected.


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