The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained

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The third episode of ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero’ season 2 is titled ‘Shaking Land,’ and it follows Naofumi as he prepares to launch his final assault against the Spirit Tortoise with the assistance of the allied forces. While his preparations appear to have adequate checks and balances, when the war begins on the ground, several unforeseen events occur. Here’s everything you need to know about the season 2 episode 3 ending of ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 3

According to estimates, the Spirit Tortoise will become active after a few days of repose. When it makes a move and appears to be traveling to another heavily populated town, Queen Mirelia is quickly informed. Meanwhile, Naofumi’s party, the army of dragon raiders, and the Melromarc cavalry have begun planning the ultimate assault. The Queen then directs that additional units take their positions as well.

To keep in touch with Naofumi throughout the conflict, she sends one of her bodyguards to act as the Shield Hero’s messenger. As he prepares to leave for the battlefield, Naofumi informs Eclair that they will follow the plan, and she will play an important role as an instructor. Later, the soldiers are cheered by the entrance of the Shield Hero, who marches directly to the location of the first attack.

Familiars arrive in the air and on the grounds just as Naofumi’s team approaches the Spirit Tortoise. The Shield Hero uses his abilities to avoid conflict as much as possible, but the party is eventually cornered by the adversaries and forced to combat. Meanwhile, the legendary monster is successfully led to the intended spot, where it is ambushed by an allied forces unit. Naofumi and his party fight bravely against the familiars, and everything appears to be going as planned.

That’s when Naofumi learns that the first surprise attack on the Spirit Tortoise failed to stop him, and the unit suffered significant fatalities as well. One of the commanders then decides to target one of the enemy’s legs in the intention of causing enough damage to prevent him from moving any farther. Unfortunately, this does not work as well, and the last unit is nearly destroyed as a result. The uproar causes panic among the allied forces, and soldiers abandon their positions.

Even in the face of death, the commander of the Spirit Tortoise Kingdom refuses to abandon his station and, with the fabled monster approaching, waits for the proper moment. He utilizes explosives to inflict massive damage on the Spirit Tortoise just before impact, sacrificing his own life in the process. Naofumi soon discovers that his scheme has finally succeeded, and the fabled creature has ceased to move. After defeating all of the familiars, he and his crew arrive at ground zero, where he begins stage two of his plan.

Is the Spirit Tortoise Dead or Alive? The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 3 Ending: Is the Spirit Tortoise Dead or Alive?

After the shield hero’s party and the allied forces have incapacitated the legendary monster, Naofumi knows that he must now carry out the most difficult element of his plan, which is to decapitate the opponent. He informs the Queen that the Mage unit must begin high-class multi-caster ritual magic immediately. Meanwhile, Elrasla observes that if she had more time, she could have trained someone in the Hengen Muso technique, and the entire operation could have been handled much more efficiently.

However, in light of the current scenario, Naofumi uses the lightning of God’s Judgement to harm the Spirit Tortoise’s neck with the help of the Mage unit. He then commands Raphtalia and Filo to strike him twice in the same location. While the impact is greater this time, the two are unable to decapitate the opponent. That’s when Naofumi uses his shield, together with the powers of Ost Horai, to launch another blow on the neck. Raphtalia and Filo strike another devastating blow directly at the same area, and the legendary monster’s head is finally severed from the rest of his body. The heroes appear to have finally triumphed, and the Spirit Tortoise appears to be dead.

However, this could be a grave error because Ost Horai, who was intended to die along with her creator, is still alive. Furthermore, she dispels any doubts by telling Naofumi that their fight with their adversary may not be ended yet. So, despite being severed by the Shield Hero and his companions, the Spirit Tortoise is still alive. As a result, you can expect Naofumi to continue fighting for the greater good, although it’s unclear what shape the legendary monster will take this time.


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