The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 10 Ending Explained

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Raphtalia, who was captured by Kyo, is carried to a prison where she meets Glass, Therese, and L’Arc in the eleventh episode of ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero’ season 2, titled ‘Katana Hero.’ The four of them devise and successfully carry out a plan to escape the prison together. When they get outdoors, they discover about the official search for the true owner of the Katana Vassal Weapon when something unusual occurs. Here’s everything you need to know about the season 2 episode 10 ending of ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 10

Raphtalia is apprehended by Kyo and transported to a prison cell while having awful flashbacks of her life before meeting Naofumi. She tries to use her powers as soon as she is imprisoned to see if she can liberate herself. However, a familiar voice from behind her warns Raphtalia not to waste her time. It turns out that she is being held in the same prison as Glass, Therese, and L’Arc, all of whom appear to have given up hope of ever escaping.

Glass is enraged as Raphtalia tells how she ended herself there since her buddy Kizuna had to spend so much time trapped in the Infinite Labyrinth before being rescued by the Shield Hero. The three heroes express their thanks to Raphtalia’s pals for saving Kizuna. Meanwhile, Raphtalia is frantic to go, but she quickly discovers that she, like the heroes, is imprisoned in the Prison of Exhaustion, where one’s powers are actively absorbed by the environment and cannot be fully accessible.

While her jail friends had given up, Raphtalia devises a method after understanding that one’s skills are not completely muted. She employs illusion magic to fool the prison guard into thinking she has escaped. When he opens the gate to check, the four of them manage to outnumber him, allowing them to flee. They have made it to the outside world, but survival is a challenge because they have no money.

As a result, Theresa is forced to sell valuable jewelry that she has been hiding all along. As they travel throughout the country, expecting to finally reach Sikul, the four of them learn that an official search for the holder of the Katana Vassal Weapon has begun. People are publicly given the opportunity to see if the formidable weapon chooses them as its true owner.

Kazuki appears to try his luck as Raphtalia, Glass, Therese, and L’Arc watch the drama unfold. However, as soon as he touches the Katana Vassal, it vanishes and ends up in Raphtalia’s hand, who panics and flees with it. While Kazuki’s guards are looking for her, she seeks a hiding place in the city. Raphtalia notices that her height has suddenly increased, and the enslavement crest around her neck has vanished.

Unfortunately, she does not appear to consider herself worthy of the strong weapon and continues to flee the soldiers until she arrives at a shrine. There, she finds a woman who claims to have been Katana Vassal’s bearer for ages and provides her a change of clothes. Unfortunately, guards led by Kazuki eventually track her down, leaving Raphtalia with little choice but to battle them. She easily dispatches the four replicas of Byakko, one of the Four Holy Beasts.

Raphtalia begs Kazuki to leave gently or she will have to harm him as well. When he refuses to listen to her, she delivers a fatal blow and warns him not to move since it could kill her. While attempting to flee and avoid all confrontation, she finds that another much stronger replica of the Four Holy Beasts awaits her. Unfortunately, she no longer has the strength to fight and believes she has reached the end of the road and will die now.

The Ending of The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 10: Does Raphtalia Reunite with Naofumi?

Raphtalia is about to be slain by the beast when she finds she is not alone after all. Filo, who has been let free by Naofumi, charges at the beast. When her powers appear to be ineffectual, Kizuna joins the conflict and employs her lethal weapons. The beast could scarcely endure the Hunting Hero’s ferocious attacks and died instantly.

Raphtalia is surprised to see her old friends again and thanks everyone for sparing her life. However, Naofumi and his team are unaware that their former comrade has obtained the Katana Vassal Weapon. When she explains that her enslavement crest has vanished, the Shield Hero tells her that she is now free. Raphtalia, however, hugs him just as he is ready to say something else.


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