The God Of Highschool Chapter 540 Release Date & Plot

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Heal Meyer was revealed to be Queen of Doom just seconds before her demise. The woman felt herself repenting as a penalty for patronizing Mubong. She apologized to everyone in the room and recounted her life narrative. In her final moments, she remembered her late son. And did everything she could to make apologies. Heal remarked in a heartfelt speech that everyone is created because they are required and that no one is pointless. This assisted Jin Mori in accepting his faulty history. Jin Mori will be seen outside the Central Control Tower in Chapter 540, hoping for a rematch. So, here’s everything you need to know.

The events that occur after Jin Mori enters the control tower are detailed in the next chapter. Mubong had been looking forward to seeing his adversary. A rematch between the two arch-rivals is unavoidable. Furthermore, reinforcements from Earth are on their way. As a result, the following chapter will focus on that aspect.

The God Of Highschool Chapter 540

What Will Happen Next in The God Of Highschool Chapter 540?

Jin Mori might have finally accepted his history. He was moved by Heal Meyer’s comments. He is now on his way to confront Park Mubong. Heal had been working on a Nano Machine for the past 17 years. Jin Mori will most likely utilize it during his duel with Mujin. But he will only use it when absolutely necessary. The God Of Highschool Chapter 540 will see the start of a long-awaited battle.

Furthermore, a destructive gang on Mujin’s planet may arrive to aid the protagonist. Earth, on the other hand, is continuously attempting to contact the other planet. They’ll shortly penetrate the facility. It will be fascinating to see if this occurs before or after Jin Mori’s fight. Finally, Jin must face Tathagatha. He has always been in the shadow of the supreme god. As a result, he will face him very soon and face his greatest fears.


The God Of Highschool Chapter 540

Previous Chapter Summary!

The God Of Highschool Chapter 539 began on an emotional note. Heal Meyer, also known as the Queen of Doom, breathed her last. But she had just finished a speech. Everyone in the room was moved by her words. She considered herself guilty of not treating her son properly. She had disregarded him because he did not use borrowed power. And it was only after his death that she discovered how much he meant to her. She further stated that this was her punishment for serving Park Mujin.

The scene shifts to Isaac delivering Jin Mori a nano machine created by Heal. He then attempted to speak with Earth’s inhabitants. The executives promised to come to their aid as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Jin Mori made the decision to confront Park Mujin and Tathagatha. The people promised to fight at his side in the final battle. The final panel found the gang facing Mr. Mujin near the Central Control tower. Simultaneously, the latter has detected Jin Mori’s presence.

The God Of Highschool Chapter 540

The God Of HighschoolChapter 540: Release Date

So, on May 13, 2022, The God Of Highschool Chapter 540 will be released. The chapter will be available on the Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage websites. As a result, return to our page for additional information.


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