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Every week, the plot of GOH takes a different turn. Unfortunately, pure hearts do not live long. The queen of doom may finally bid her companions farewell. She swore she’d save everyone, but she plainly didn’t include herself. The final panel discovered the medic bleeding to death. Her condition, however, has yet to be disclosed. It is possible that she can be saved. However, because the new planet has been utterly destroyed, there may be no reinforcements. There is a lot of uncertainty, and The God of Highschool Chapter 539 will undoubtedly provide some solace to many readers. So, will Jin Mori be able to halt Mubong? Here’s everything you need to know about the most recent chapter.

The situation of the medic will be highlighted in the following chapter. As her final task, the woman attempted to save everyone from Mubong’s annihilation. However, she was injured in the process. Will she survive, or will this be Jin’s last chance to see her? Find out in the next installment.

The God of Highschool Chapter 539

What Will Happen Next in The God of Highschool Chapter 539?

The High School God The previous chapter’s events will be continued in Chapter 539. Mubong has finally morphed into the god he despised. He annihilated his creation, dooming everyone on the world. Meanwhile, Jin Mori and the medic were making their way to the planet’s outskirts. The queen of doom was seriously injured and on the edge of losing consciousness when the final panel arrived. The future release will show if there is still hope or if the medic will appear once more.

On the other hand, it appears that humans on Earth are safe and are attempting to interact with one another. The following chapter will investigate how far the inhabitants of Earth will go to save humans from the other world. This, however, will undoubtedly occur. Finally, there has yet to be a final confrontation between Jin Mori and Park Mujin. However, it will not take long and will be noticed very soon.

The God of Highschool Chapter 539

Previous Chapter Recap on Webtoon!

Park Mujin began The God of Highschool Chapter 538 by desperately destroying his planet owing to a few unfixed defects. Meanwhile, Jin Mori and the physician transport Generation X to the planet’s apex. The people around started yelling at Jin Mori to stop Mubong. However, they quickly switched sides and pummeled them with stones. They started pleading with Mujin for mercy. But none of it was fruitful. Mujin kept killing anybody he could get his hands on.

In the following panel, the medic vowed to save everyone no matter what. When they heard this, everyone in the room adjusted their aims and switched sides once more. They began assisting Jin and the medic in their rescue. Finally, the physician saved many executives as well as Jin Mori. The group sought refuge in an unknown building. During the festivities, however, the queen of doom was seen all bloodied and unable to stand.

The God of Highschool Chapter 539

The God of Highschool Webtoon Chapter 539: Release Date

The following chapter could be one of the most emotional yet. So, on May 6, 2022, The God of Highschool Chapter 539 will be released. The chapter will be available for reading on Webtoon. As a result, keep checking back to The Anime Daily for further information.


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