The disappointment, the only redeemable Argentine player and who will have the greatest responsibility for the reaction

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Football is moments and the unforeseen are always within reach. Results are reversed, penalties are missed, unexpected goals are converted and received. The key is knowing how to emotionally manage each situation and the argentinian team failed In that aspect. She was never able to recover from the fatal start of the second half, she was numb when there was still a long way to go and she found no solutions or answers. The genius that untied the knot did not emerge either. But it wasn’t the only thing that didn’t work.

Playing poorly always brings you closer to defeat than victory, and Argentina played poorly, even before Saudi Arabia showed an unusual dose of accuracy (two goals from two shots on target). It is true that the team produced isolated actions but in the development of the game the rival disarmed it. He did not find reliable game circuits, he did not know how to decipher the shrinking of spaces and that pressure that the opponent implemented so well and with such coordination and physical rigor throughout the match, and consequently he was never able to impose his rhythm or his game. Also because several players were below his level.

Lionel Scaloni
Lionel Scaloni

The most recent history of Arabia could anticipate what his proposal would be and there was only doubt as to whether he would dare to apply them against Argentina. He did it and tactical nuances and a greater understanding of what he needed to counter the rival’s demand were missing. In the first half, and still in advantage, the start was very thick and it was missed that a midfielder or one of the wingers cut diagonally to appear behind the Arab central defenders from the second line, the most logical response against permanent bilge. It is true that the rival put pressure on the ball very well, boxing in Leandro Paredes and Rodrigo De Paul, but except in an action by Cristian Romero no one tried to break the opponent’s defensive line from behind. On the other hand, the pike of the most advanced player was sought almost exclusively, who always walked on the brink of offside.

ARGENTINE VS. SAUDI ARABIA: the analysis of the match from the writing of LA NACION

The (bad) performance is also explained because the team did not know how to develop variants to find favorable passing lanes. The players were isolated from each other, the receptions in three quarters of the field were not good and in this way the circulation of the ball was slower than what was needed to disrupt the framework of Arabia. Alejandro Gómez was in that sense one of the best in Argentina -unfortunately, almost the only redeemable thing-but even so, the collaboration in the possession of that third midfielder and the wings should have been more continuous and effective.

Argentina. The five lethal minutes, the song of the Saudis against Messi and a “dead” dressing room

The unexpected disappointment, due to the game and the defeat, had in any case an essential component. Soccer is a state of mind and Argentina was clearly entangled and without the mental capacity to get out of the shock that those terrible ten minutes meant in which they were surpassed. That is where the key is that must be touched until Saturday’s game against Mexico, a key that requires the alliance between the coach and the players. The coach is key to show naturalness in the way of handling the setback and boosting the reaction through words and firmness in convictionsbut footballers are also key to retuning and getting things flowing again.

Lionel Messi, without space for magic
Lionel Messi, without space for magicHannibal Greco – The Nation

In such situations, it is best to return to the sources. When in the pretense of wanting to change what went wrong, the compass is lost and the style is usually closer to collapse than to salvation. The most appropriate thing will be for the team to go back to its past, remember what it was, not revolutionize. Soccer is a fairly sensitive system of balances in which the psychic, the soccer, the strategic and the tactical intervene. All elements must be aligned, without colliding with each other. These players -some of them with a long history- know it, just as they know that starting a game desperately and without ease is detrimental to the health of a team.

In recent times we have experienced moments of almost existential crisis, of style, of extreme sorrow, and it was these same players who resurfaced and encouraged our hopes and expectations. They are the ones who have to put what happened behind them, turn the page and put their heads in each training session to face a match that will undoubtedly be delicate.

Arabia goal against Argentina

Mexico will be another rival, with other virtues and deficits. Scaloni may implement some change in the middle of the field but for that he lacks. Along the way, the players have to recover. These competitions do not give time for regrets and we have a new opportunity in which the team must show itself whole, serene and with that point of rebellion that it could not show against Arabia.

Argentina arrived at the World Cup well, confident and mentally strong, but in the debut there was a tremendous blow. It is up to the coach and the players to ensure that what happened was only an exception to the rule. Nobody forgets to play in three days.

Second goal for Arabia against Argentina


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