The Dawn Of The Witch Episode 5 Release Date, Plot, Recap & More

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The Dawn Of The Witch Episode 5 will ultimately reveal the enigma surrounding the village and why the people refuse to leave their homes. During the struggle with Arbiter in the last episode, Saybil elected to wield the Staff of Ludens, which seemed to have some type of link with him. He can utilize it in the fight against the witches.

But first, he must locate Hort. In Episode 5, he will be confined inside the chamber with Professor Los and a mysterious lady. So, first and foremost, he must find a way out of there. Meanwhile, Kudo will discover about Hort and become enraged. This will result in a big war. Continue reading to learn more.

The Dawn Of The Witch Episode 5
Kakeru Kobashiri

The Dawn Of The Witch Episode 5 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

Kudo encountered a bear monster who claimed to have slain and devoured Hort. It enraged Kudo, and we can see his rage flare up as he began changing the color of his scale. The monster wasn’t surprised, and he appreciated it since he wanted to see how far Kudo would go to protect his companion. Kudo, without a doubt, will employ his magical abilities and cast some spells to kill the monster. This was due to his great affinity with Hort.

Meanwhile, Professor Los and Saybil are continuing searching for Hort in the cave. They had no idea the father was behind all of this. Although it is unknown what he did to Hort, she appears to be alive and captive somewhere. Aside from that, in the last episode, the father pulled Saybil and Professor Los into a room and locked them there. So we should expect them to find the mystery witch, who will aid Saybil in remembering his history while also guiding them to Hort and learning about the Mage and Church troops.

The Dawn Of The Witch Episode 5
Kakeru Kobashiri

A Quick Recap!

In The Dawn Of The Witch Episode 4, Syabil, Kudo, and Hart saved a villager child from a monster. Their headmaster had assigned them to a field project in a mystery witch’s town. They met a father after saving the child’s life, who told them a narrative about witches and how they used to govern the hamlet. But they abruptly fled the location, and no one knows why. Professor Los emerged out of nowhere as he continued to tell the narrative. She appeared distrustful of the father at first, but she decided to disregard it.

Later, the father and his child show them a house where they can reside. Professor Los decided to go against the headmaster and murder the witch after leaving them alone. Saybil agreed with this notion because he believed they were on the verge of being ejected. He also mentioned utilizing the Staff of Ludens against the witch. However, Kudo looked to be terrified of death and argued with Saybil. Hort, on the other hand, didn’t want Saybil to die, so she went without saying anything.

The Dawn Of Witch Episode 5
Kakeru Kobashiri

Later, Kudo revealed to Saybil that Hort regarded him as a friend and did not want him to die. As a result, Saybil went to apologize to her but was unable to locate her. Meanwhile, Hort was sobbing in church when a young girl named Lily noticed her. The father appeared and told Lily to go while Hort was chatting to her. Hort was later apprehended by him. Hort, Saybil, and Professor Los afterwards went on a journey to find Hort. But it turned out to be a trap.

The Dawn Of Witch Episode 5: When Will It Be Released?

Hort’s destiny will be revealed in The Dawn Of Witch Episode 5. It will also investigate the mysteries surrounding the mysterious witch and who the father is working for. Episode 5 will be shown on May 8, 2022, at 2 a.m. JST. The upcoming episode will be available on Crunchyroll and Muse Asia’s YouTube channel. So keep an eye out. Anime Daily will keep you up to date.


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