Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 379 Release Date & Plot

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Tales of Demons and Gods is a Korean manhwa series that follows the adventures of Nie Li. The protagonist has been given a second shot at life and decides to become a sect leader. Nie Li has been expanding steadily, but his opponents have never left him alone. It appears that some want Nie Li dead, while others wish to use him, as shown with Venerable Flameless and now Long Shuyun. So, after such torture, will Nie Li agree to marry Long Yuyin, or will he be able to escape this mess? So, that’s all there is to Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 379.

Nie Li will look deeper into Long Shuyun’s role in the Dragonseal family in the following chapter. Long Yuyin’s ascension to the office of patriarch will not be easy. Will Nie Li, however, consent to marry for her sake? Continue reading to discover out.

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 379

What Will Happen Next in Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 379?

Demon and God Stories If Nie Li accepts to marry Long Shuyun, the story will continue in Chapter 379. He is determined not to end the master-disciple connection, but the latter’s mother has other plans. She insisted on Nie Li marrying her daughter, and now she has asked Long Shuyun to do the same. However, Nie Li has attempted to escape this circumstance, and the next episode will show him succeeding in his strategy.

After coming to grips with Long Shuyun’s motives, he is likely to agree to marry her during the following five years. Long Shuyun may not be pleased, but she may not have any other options. Long Yuyin, on the other hand, likes Nie Li but will not push him to do anything. She also holds him in great regard. As a result, the forthcoming chapter will finally put a stop to Nie Li’s unstable condition.

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 379

Previous Chapter Summary!

Demon and God Stories Xiao Yu interrupts Long Shuyun as she tortures Nie Li in Chapter 378. She, on the other hand, played it off quite well and pretended to be Nie Li’s sister. This prompted Xiao Yu to remark that Nie Li had recently left Long Yuyin. Long Shuyun was enraged because she thought Nie Li was playing with her daughter. Long Yuyin emerged from hiding as the talk progressed. She attempted to dissuade her mum.

Long Shuyun, on the other hand, persisted in tormenting Nie Li. She then requested that Yuyin bore his children. She, however, declined. Long Shuyun decided to leave Nie Li since he couldn’t persuade her otherwise. However, Nie Li stopped her and inquired about her title and authority. It became clear that Long Yuyin would have a difficult time becoming patriarch. The final panel discovered Nie Li claiming that the divine feathers cult will not survive more than 200 years.

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 379

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 379: Date of Release

As a result, Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 379 will be available on May 16, 2022. Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage will all carry the text. As a result, stay returning to The Anime Daily for additional updates.


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