Summer Time Rendering Episode 4 Release Date And More

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Summer Time Rendering Episode 4 will provide further details concerning Ushio’s demise. Shinpei went to Shiori’s house in the previous episode to look for information about her. However, he noticed body markings in the area, prompting him to investigate further. However, the farther Shinpei delves into this enigma, the more difficult it will be for him to help everyone.

Shinpei will have a difficult time unearthing stuff in the following episode. Shinpei will have a lead on this mystery after getting Ushio’s cell phone. In addition, Ushio will speak with him and share some facts about the shadows and the mystery surrounding her death. Meanwhile, Mio could be in danger. Continue reading to find out more.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 4
Yasuki Tanaka

Summer Time Rendering Episode 4 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

Shinpei noticed Ushio’s shadow and followed her to the shore. We noticed her face heading in the direction of the ocean just as the fireworks began. Ushio appears to have intended to contact with Shinpei and tell something to him that he was unaware of. She might be able to give him some information about Shiori’s whereabouts. There’s a chance something horrible has happened to Shiori. That’s why we observed her shadow at her location.

As a result, Ushio will make an attempt to inform Shinpei. She might disclose the next clue that will lead him to Shiori’s location. However, she could have died. That will take him to her body. Meanwhile, Ushio’s cellphone may have some hidden information that Shinpei has to discover. Sou, on the other hand, will spend time with Mio, and he may express his feelings for her. However, Mio may not be ready to enter the relationship at any point in time, which may crush Sou’s heart.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 4
Yasuki Tanaka

A Quick Recap!

Mio and Shinpei discussed how to rescue Shiori Kobayakawa and locate the family in Summer Time Rendering Episode 3. However, after Shinpei proposed that Mio stay at the location, Mio decided to go alone. He went to the Kobayakawa residence and realized that there was no one home, even in the morning. He noticed a shadowed body mark. Shinpei went upstairs and heard the sound of a camera, indicating that Shiori had left and her shadow was now present.

While her shadow was going to kill Shinpei, his neighbor appeared and saved his life. Later, a police officer named Tetsu handed Shinpei a mobile phone and told him that Ushio had ordered him to give it to Shinpei if anything happened to her. So Mio and Sou, together with Shinpei, decided to visit the shrine on the festival day. On the night, Sou revealed his affections for Mio and asked Shinpei about his thoughts for Mio. So he suggested that she was his family, and then he noticed Ushio’s shadow and went in her direction.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 4
Yasuki Tanaka

Summer Time Rendering Episode 4: Release Date

Summer Time Rendering Episode 4, dubbed “Jamais Vu,” will assist Shinpei in learning about the shadow and Ushio’s death. He will finally learn more about Ushio and how things came to be this way. Episode 4 will be released on May 6, 2022. It will be shown on local Japanese broadcasters such as Kansai TV, BS11, and Tokyo MX. However, individuals all over the world can watch it on Disney Plus.


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