SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 73 Release Date, Plot & More!

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After a lengthy wait, SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 73 has returned to the screen. And the plot has taken a fresh turn in the last few pages. The plot resumed in the previous chapter following Namgoong’s successful operation. Kim Gong-ja observed the entire incident and determined to test this man and his master to their utmost. This week’s chapter has a lot of action planned. So, here’s all you need to know about the latest episode.

The new Suicide Hunter chapter will begin with a struggle between Kim’s master and her master. Since the procedure, he had been studying everything. He threw these two into the ring solely for the purpose of protecting the world from Jiangshi. It will be interesting to watch how this develops in the next installment.

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 73

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 73: What Will Happen Next?

The following episode of Suicide Hunter will feature one of the story’s most interesting battle sequences. This is the battle between Namgoong and the Heavenly Demon, which no one expected from the story. Gong-ja was thought to have organized these events to take place following Namgoong’s surgery. His justification for this behavior had been straightforward.

The speaker claimed that if the demonic cult vanished from the globe, it would be due to the swords of the Orthodox sects. And if the orthodox sects are annihilated, it will be entirely at the hands of the demonic cult. As a result, the only method to identify the main leader was to battle. SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 73 will look at one of the manhwa’s most exciting bouts.

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 73

Previous Chapter Summary!

The 72nd chapter of Suicide Hunter began immediately following Namgoong’s surgery as the Heavenly Demon. Baekhyang was the first person to approach him after the surgery. Kim Gong-ja entered the room after a brief discussion regarding the consequences of the Surgery. He stated that he wished to leave the Guild. He needed to take care of some crucial matters.

He strolled, wondering what the world looked like before it ended. Preta appeared on the scene. She disclosed that she had brought the 439 Jiangshi known as Demonic Followers with her. The remaining 478 Orthodox disciples had also arrived. By the end of the chapter, Gong-ja had instructed Namgoong and Baekhyang to fight to determine who would be the new leader of Jiangshi.

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 73

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 73: Release Date

The saga of Suicide Hunter will continue with another round of power play. There is no pause in the publication of the next chapter. As a result, fans may expect to read the next installment this week. On May 10, 2022, SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 73 will be released. All episodes of the anime will be available only on the official sites of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. Finally, keep returning to The Anime Daily for additional information on the subject.


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