SSC Havildar Syllabus in Hindi: Complete information and important tips of SSC Havildar Syllabus

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SSC Havildar Syllabus is an important topic that you must understand thoroughly if you want to crack this exam. So, we will provide you the detailed information about SSC Havildar Syllabus in this article. We have described the syllabus arrangement, major sections of the syllabus, study material, preparation tips and other important details of SSC Havildar Syllabus in this article. This will give you a clear guideline to dedicate your preparation.

Details of SSC Havildar Syllabus

Before inaugurating the SSC Havildar Syllabus, we need to understand the details of this exam. This exam is conducted for the appointment of sergeants in the Indian Army. It is a prestigious exam in which lakhs of candidates take part. This exam requires high school qualification and is conducted to recruit various posts for the Indian Army.

Detail of SSC Havildar Syllabus

This syllabus covers various topics in detail which helps you in overall preparation. SSC Havildar Syllabus consists of the following main sections:


In this section you are made aware of the important concepts of geography, continents, rivers, mountain ranges, lakes and their important information. This will help you to solve various geographical questions.


In this section you will get information about important events, wars, movements, personalities and events of commercial importance in Indian history. This section will give you an idea about Indian History as well as World History.

Common Sense

In this section you will get information about major sections of General Knowledge like Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, Art, Literature, Sports, Economics, Computer, Social Science, National and International events. This will help you to prepare for general knowledge questions.

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aptitude test

In this section you will get the information about the Aptitude Test like Physical Efficiency, Mental Efficiency, Written Test, Interview and Physical Perception. This will help you in preparing for the Aptitude Test.


In this section you will get information about basic principles of psychology, psychological experiments, psychological diseases, psychological material, child psychology and useful techniques. This will help you to prepare for the psychology questions.

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There will be questions from Non-Verbal Series, Space Visualization, Visual Memory, Analysis, Judgment, Observation, Figure Classification, Arithmetic Computation, Arithmetic Number Series, Discriminated Observation, Relationship Concepts, Similarities and Differences, Space Visualization, Problem Solving, Decision Making .


English Grammar in English Topics (Parts of Speech, Tense, Voice Change, Narration, Subject-Verb Agreement, Articles, Singular-Plural, Degree of Comparison) Sentence Structure Active/Passive Voice Direct/Indirect Speech Phrases and Idioms Synonyms, Antonyms Basics of English Language includes questions on English Vocabulary, reading and understanding their correct usage.

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It includes Average Interest Profit and Loss Discount Time and Work etc Distance Ratio and Time Number System HCF / LCM Calculation of Whole Numbers Relationship between Decimal and Fraction Numbers Fundamental Arithmetic Operations Percentage Ratio and Proportion Use of Tables and Graphs Mensuration Time The question is included.

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preparation tips

ssc havildar syllabus There are some important tips that you should follow in order to prepare for the exam. The tips given below will help in making your preparation smooth and successful:

  1. Use good resources: It is important to use good resources for the preparation of SSC Havildar Syllabus. Use the Internet, the library, study materials, and other resources.
  2. Practice Regularly: Regular practice is very important in the preparation of SSC Havildar Syllabus. Divide your time daily into public and private study.
  3. Give Mock Tests: It is very important to give mock tests with a good routine. Apart from practicing, mock tests will also help you understand the exam pattern.
  4. Distribute Time: Organize your time properly. You need to allocate time for each section so that you can understand the entire syllabus thoroughly.
  5. Stay healthy: Eat well, get enough sleep, and exercise. Good health will improve your preparation.


In this article, we have provided detailed information about SSC Havildar Syllabus. Various sections of the course, course material, preparation tips and other important details have been described to you. If you want to get success in SSC Havildar Exam, read this syllabus carefully and strengthen your preparation.


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