SSC GD New Vacancy 2024: Complete details of SSC GD Syllabus in Hindi

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ssc gd syllabus : If you are looking for a career in a central police force or a government job, then you might have heard about SSC GD EXAM (General Duty). SSC GD (General Duty) exam is a major exam which prepares candidates for Government Jobs for Indian Citizens.

If you are preparing for this exam and want to know about SSC GD Syllabus, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will provide detailed information about SSC GD Syllabus which will help you in your exam preparation.

What is SSC GD Syllabus?

SSC GD Syllabus is prepared for the candidates who are preparing for SSC GD Exam. This exam is a recognized exam for government jobs for Indian citizens and is conducted every year. Syllabus has been prescribed for SSC GD Exam which provides a measure of knowledge, skill and ability of various subjects.

What are the topics included in SSC GD Syllabus?

SSC GD Syllabus covers various topics which are important for the candidates. Read all the below mentioned topics carefully and understand it thoroughly for your exam preparation:


It includes questions on analogies, similarities and differences, spatial visualization, spatial orientation, discrimination, observation, relationship concepts, arithmetical reasoning and figurative classification, arithmetical number series, nonverbal series, visual memory, coding and decoding, etc.

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Geography syllabus includes Indian Geography, World Geography, Geographical Processes and General Geography. This topic will provide you information about the Earth’s location, population, climate, rivers, mountain ranges, oceans, surface, land effects, weather and vegetation, etc.


History Syllabus includes Indian History, World History and General History. In this you will get knowledge about ancient history, medieval history, modern history, freedom struggle, Indian constitution, important events and great men of world history.

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geographical science

Geographical science syllabus includes climatology, climate change, ecology, plant-animal biology, plant flora, animal biology, natural resources and environmental concepts. In this subject, you will get information about various natural processes of the earth, environmental problems, effects of climate change, biodiversity, animal communities.

general Science

General Science Syllabus includes Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Science & Technology. This subject will give you knowledge about Natural Science, Radioactive Elements, Formation of Organisms and Plants, Diseases and Treatment, Energy Sources, Technical Equipments, Fundamentals of Engineering.

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general awareness

In General Awareness Syllabus, you will get information related to World and Indian Organizations, Awards and Important Days, Literature, Art, Religion, Computing, Technology, Business and Economy. In this, you will get information about world organizations, Indian leaders, writers, art-culture, literature, sports, politics, economic development and plans.

Even SSC GD Syllabus includes other topics like Quantitative Aptitude, Statistics, Human Rights, Constitution, Computer Knowledge, Economics, Psychology, Policy, Science and Literary Prose etc.


Mathematics Topics Mensuration, Time and Distance, Number System/Methods, Calculation of Whole Numbers, Percentage, Ratio and Proportion, Interest, Profit and Loss, Discount, Decimal and Fraction and Relationship between Number/Fraction, Fundamental Arithmetic, Average, Proportion and includes questions of time, time and work etc.

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Here we talk about Hindi subject, then it includes pure forms of impure sentences, synonyms, common errors of spelling and word forms of words, plural of words, change of a sentence to other gender, idioms and their meaning, antonyms, synonyms and for many words. The questions of creation and authorship of one word proverbs and proverbs are included to make meaningful nouns from verbs.

How to prepare for SSC GD Syllabus?

Follow the following steps to prepare for SSC GD Syllabus:

go through the syllabus carefully

ssc gd syllabus Read it carefully and understand its important topics. Study appropriate textbooks and related material for each subject. This will give you a well thought out understanding of the knowledge and you will be able to proceed with your preparation in a structured manner.

make study time table

Make a study time table to organize your studies. This will enable you to cover your syllabus regularly and improve time management. Note that you should also include small breaks in your time table so that your focus remains the same.

prepare notes

Prepare notes to remember important points while studying. Write information concisely and clearly so that you can easily understand and review it.

take mock test

After thorough preparation of the syllabus, be active in giving mock tests. It will prepare you mentally and physically for the exam preparation. By giving mock tests you will get an idea about the pattern of the exam and you will be able to evaluate your performance.

stay healthy

Take care of your health during the preparation. Exercise regularly, eat nutritious food and get enough rest. It will keep you stress free and uplift your mood.


SSC GD Syllabus is important for Indian Citizens to prepare for Government Jobs. You have to focus on different topics according to this syllabus. So, go through the syllabus carefully, check the study material, prepare notes and take mock tests. Also take care of your health so that you remain active and stress-free during your preparation. Just take this exam with a positive attitude and get success in your exam. Best wishes!


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