Spy x Family Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained

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Loid and Yor are about to kiss each other to convince Yuri that they are truly in love in the ninth episode of ‘Spy x Family,’ titled ‘Show Off How in Love You Are,’ when things take an unexpected turn. Because Yor’s brother works for the secret police, Loid begins to mistrust that his phony wife approached him to assist the Ostanian government. Here’s all you need to know about the episode 9 finale of ‘Spy x Family.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of Spy x Family Episode 9

When Yuri gets suspicious of Yor and Loid’s relationship, he challenges them to kiss each other to prove that they have been married for almost a year. Despite her natural astonishment and embarrassment, the covert assassin resolves to face the task front on by becoming inebriated. When Yuri grows uncomfortable and decides to intervene, the faux couple moves closer to ultimately share a kiss.

Yor can’t hold herself together and is going to slap Loid as she is centimeters away from kissing him. However, Yuri, who is already running towards them, receives the strike by accident. He collides with a nearby wall and begins to bleed from the head. Yuri believes his sister hit him because he tried to stop her from kissing Loid. So, in his eyes, there is no doubt that the pair has been together for a long time and that Yor genuinely loves Loid.

Meanwhile, Loid is taken aback by what has happened but attempts to remain cool. When Yor visits Yuri, he hugs both of them and assures his wife’s brother that he would always look after her and that he no longer needs to worry about her well-being. Despite the fact that the secret spy has done an excellent job as a brother-in-law, Yuri is still hesitant to embrace him. He is ready to threaten him with execution before leaving, but he stops himself mid-sentence.

Loid, who has been observing things quietly, begins to suspect Yor since Yuri works with the secret police. Although she looks to be naïve about his profession, he believes he can’t rule out the chance that she approached him to assist the Ostanian authorities in eventually catching him. As a result, the next day, Loid plans to install a hidden microphone in Yor’s shirt collar in order to spy on her. Meanwhile, the phony wife is humiliated by how Loid’s initial meeting with Yuri went down.

Yor consults her colleagues at work on how she can be a better wife to Loid, while her husband is actively listening on the other end of the phone. Despite his troublesome conduct, she believes Loid treated Yuri well and has looked after her to the best of his ability from the day they married. Yor is anxious that she is not doing enough as a wife while she is being tapped by her husband.

Spy x Family Episode 9: Does Loid Discover Yor Is an Assassin?

Loid pays close attention to every contact Yor makes with her coworkers. She appears to be a normal woman who is concerned about her marriage and family life. The secret spy, however, does not rule out the idea that she is putting on an act in order to appear to be a perfect wife. Loid is attempting to determine whether she has any ties to the secret police. But if he continues to investigate her, he will very certainly discover that she is an assassin.

Loid and Frankie dress up as secret police agents to find out if she has any links with the secret police. They approach Yor and question her in an empty alley. Both of them make her feel as if she may be tortured like other suspects accused of betraying their homeland. After increasing the pressure, Loid informs her that people with connections to the secret police frequently obtain preferential treatment. According to the secret spy’s study, Yor wouldn’t mind telling the secret police members that her brother works for them if she knew.

To Loid’s surprise, Yor attacks Frankie when he approaches her, trying to further terrify her. Yor has had enough and informs both of them that her brother and husband, like her, are law-abiding people. and she would not let anyone stand in the way of their happiness. Loid, who is still dressed as a covert police officer, lets her go after carefully listening to her.

Loid thinks that Yor is innocent and is unaware of her brother’s occupation because she did not indicate that her brother works for the secret police, which would have easily gotten her out of such a bind. Despite Frankie’s advice not to feel guilty or humiliated about what he had to do, the hidden spy looks to regret doubting his fictitious wife. To summarize, Loid does not discover that Yor is an assassin, but he could have if he had continued spying on her and had not ceased putting microphones on her clothes.


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