Spy x Family Episode 8 Ending Explained

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Loid is summoned by his Handler in the ninth episode of ‘Spy x Family,’ dubbed ‘The Counter-Secret Police Cover Operation,’ who reveals some crucial intel with him. Meanwhile, Yor’s younger brother discovers her marriage and is astounded that she has kept it hidden from him. He makes the decision to meet the Forgers in order to discover more about the man who swept his sister off her feet. Here’s everything you need to know about the episode 8 finale of ‘Spy x Family.’ WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of Spy x Family Episode 8

Anya is in a math lesson at school when the teacher asks the students a simple question. She believes she has the solution and proudly tells the teacher, only to discover that she is completely incorrect. Meanwhile, Loid runs up Sylvia, who gets an update on the assignment from the brilliant spy. She also informs him that other individuals watching the expedition anticipate Twilight to assist Anya in achieving eight Stellas in four months. Twilight is naturally apprehensive because of the unrealistically high expectations, but he tries to hide it.

As if assisting Anya in becoming a top student at school wasn’t difficult enough, Sylvia informs him that one of their informants in City Hall was recently apprehended. According to her, the country’s counter-intelligence agency is gradually becoming more strict, as they have apparently grasped what is at stake following the recent infiltration actions. Sylvia warns Twilight to be cautious because the adversaries will be everywhere now, and one mistake might cost her a lot of money.

Meanwhile, the Secret Security Service arrests a guy called Jim Hayward in City Hall on suspicion of being a spy. Yor, who works there, hears about the incident via her coworkers, who also inform her that the man has been leaking critical documents for money to some dubious group. Another colleague approaches the secret assassin, wondering why she hasn’t told her brother about her marriage. Yor panics and claims she forgot, which only makes her look awful because she married Loid approximately a year ago, according to their marriage license.

As if things weren’t horrible enough for her, the same colleague informs Yor that her boyfriend told her that her brother will call her shortly to discuss the situation. He later reveals that he intends to personally meet the Forgers at Yor’s residence. Yor becomes highly anxious upon learning this and quickly discusses it with Loid. The secret spy devises a plan to avoid being exposed as a phony family in front of Yor’s brother.

Spy x Family Season 8 Episode 8 Recap: Who Is Yuri Briar? What exactly does he do?

When Jim Hayward is transported to the Secret Security Service headquarters, he is questioned by the personnel there. The group is in charge of maintaining peace inside their country and is also known as the secret police, hence they will not hesitate to harm people in order to achieve their goals. When Jim refuses to admit to his misdeeds, the boss dispatches a special officer to question him about his involvement. It turns out that this officer is Yor’s younger brother, Yuri Briar. He poses as a diplomat to conceal his involvement with the secret police and has a stellar track record thus far.

While Jim has been reluctant to confess his crimes thus far, Yuri understands how to coax the facts from him. He includes a couple images of Jim selling crucial secrets captured by spies. Despite his admission that he did all of this for money and girls and not for political reasons, Yuri does not hesitate to beat him up for abandoning his country. He publicly expresses his determination to defend his home country against all adversaries, primarily to ensure the safety of his sister, who has made so many sacrifices for him.

Loid’s Method for Discovering the Truth About Yuri Briar

Following the interrogation, Yuri visits the Forgers, having already decided that if he is found to be dishonest, he will not hesitate to kill his sister’s marriage. Loid, on the other hand, leaves no stone untouched and succeeds to please him with his cookery. Yuri, on the other hand, is hesitant to give him any credit. Loid starts questioning him about his profession after he gives the pair a wine bottle from Hungary. The secret spy claims to have been a student in Hungary. When he starts questioning Yuri about the city’s restaurants, food, and locations, he sees something quite interesting.

All of his responses are identical to those created by the secret police for operatives posing as diplomats to avoid suspicion. A common error with the manuals issued to secret police agencies is that they have not been updated in a long time. Because precise facts such as the price of the beer and the names of the chefs supplied by Yuri are inaccurate and nearly identical to those made up by the secret police, there is little doubt that he is working for them.

Is Briar willing to accept Loid as his sister’s husband? Why does he have doubts about their relationship?

While Loid has deduced that Yuri is working with the secret police, Yuri is not only clueless but also extremely unstable at his first meeting with the Forgers. He’s already decided that he won’t accept Loid as Yuri’s husband before ever meeting him. As a result, Loid’s maturity and other traits don’t aid the pair much.

He is particularly suspicious of Yor’s failure to inform him of her marriage for nearly a year, which is unusual. Yor, on the other hand, manages to create ridiculous justifications that he appears to accept at first. When Loid and Yor respond strangely when they accidently touch each other’s hands, he becomes suspicious once more. He requests that they kiss each other in front of him to demonstrate that they have been married for one year.

While Yor feels mortified, Loid ignores him and leans in for the kiss. The episode ends there, but according to the manga, the pretend couple will never kiss. They will, however, persuade Yuri that they are a married couple who have been together for a long time.


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